Luna Online Plus Tank Guide

Luna Online Plus Tank Guide by riot124

Like you, I was Clueless on how a tank was made, what skills, what job changes, and what armor, Well good news :D, its easy

Now if you made a tank, and you have a difference is opinion :D its all good, please post a reply so other can read it, cause each person tanks different and has different opinions :D

But, please while replying, remember the golden rule, treat other as you want to be treated, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, then please, don’t say it, as it makes both parties look bad and Please still while replying General Rules still apply, as you may expect :D

I also like to say that there is no right or wrong build, only opinions on whats right or wrong, if you like to do as my guide suggests, be my guest, thats what I made it for, to help others, please do not reply if all your gonna say is that this guide is wrong, or I’m wrong, as I made this guide from my experiences, and my understanding of the game, please only reply if you have a question, or you have input that would benefit players reading this guide

First thing is that you want a elf, cause it gives better defense :D

Second thing you should know is that most tanks go all vitality or all strength. Now there is a difference between the two. All strength is nice, you can do more damage, but lose defense cause of it. All vitality is best for tanks, vitality gives more HP, higher HP regeneration, and more defense :D.

As suggested I will discuss hybrids, now when I started my tank, I was hybrid, with vitality and strength, it was nice on attack, but I gave defense up for it, and I couldn’t tank at a high level, but if you like to do a hybrid, I say 2 to 1, for every 2 points used in vitality, 1 point goes into strength, the best way to do a hybrid :D. This is all your choice to make a hybrid :D

Third thing is skills :D, also as suggested, I will discuss optional skills, not the thing really is, there are alot of options in making any character, but the skills I have provided here, are the basic skills used in making a tank. these skills use most of your skill points, so if you want different options for other skills, you’ll be giving up upgrading one or more of these provided skills, I personally wont use any other skills that I see i can learn, because they really are worthless for a tank

Between level 1 and 19

Enhanced HP (This adds hp :D guess the name explains it)
ImageOne-Handed Training (this is for more attack)
Sword Training (if using a sword)
Mace Training (If using a mace)
Mace Protection (If using a mace, adds more defense)
Attract (this can be trained to 10, but after level 40 don’t up it)
Fighter’s Heart (Buff for more attack)
Strike Attack (you need an attack for 1-20, this has a chance to poison)

Between level 20 – 39 – Job Change to Guard

Bloody Sky (This is your first AoE, I Maxed It at 5 :D)
Blunt Shield (This has a change to Stun, Nice in PvP and vs Bosses)
Shield Training (This is for better blocking, and better def :D)
Heavy-Armor Expertise (This is for adding defense while using heavy armor)
Blood Leak (When your HP falls below 30% your HP regeneration rate increases)
Blessing Guard (A buff that increase your Defense)

Between level 40 – 74 – Job Change to Infantryman

ImageAttract Circle (This is an aoe attract, it attracts all mobs withing 8m)
ImageSolid Shield (This is a Buff, This is for better shield blocking rate :D)
Shield Barrier (This is really nice in PvP and vs bosses, and in extreme situations)
Heal (This is easy to figure out :D)
Holy Avenger (This is another AoE, this sacrifices hp for damage to mobs)
Troopership (This give more defense when soloing or as a party of a group)
Magic Barrier (Increases Magic Defense)

Between level 75 – 104 – Job Change to Phalanx
To be Updated Soon…. :D

Between level 105 – 144 – Job Change to Paladin
To be Updated Soon…. :D

Now we will move on to equipment, this is all my recommendations, so please, feel free to follow it, or make your own path with equipment :D
1- 20 use basic equips :D

Level 20 – 26

      Brave Warrior’s Set

Symbol of the BraveComponents:Brave Warrior Armor

            Defense: 26

HP +25Drop: Goblin GuardBrave Warrior Gauntlet

            Defense: 8

STR +3Drop: GoblinBrave Warrior Boots

            Defense: 9

DEX +3 HP +12Drop: Goblin WarriorBrave Warrior Helmet

            Defense: 6

Drop: GoblinBrave Warrior Shield

            Defense: 16

Drop: Klymuris (Boss)Brave Warrior Sword

            Attack Power 34 / Magic Attack 23

STR +10 VIT +5 HP +12Drop: Klymuris (Boss)

Set Bonuses:

      [2 Items]

        STR -5 VIT +15

[4 Items]

    Physical Defense +10%

[Full Set]

    HP Recovery +4 Skill: [Shield Protection Rate +5%] +1
Or if you can’t afford or get the brave warrior’s set just use the basic set

Level 27 – 33

Guardsman’s Protective Armor SetComponents:Guardsman’s Heavy Armor

          Defense: 40

Drop: MimicGuardsman’s Gauntlets

          Defense: 7

Drop: Stone GolemGuardsman’s Boots

          Defense: 11

Drop: Stone Golem

Set Bonuses:

    Physical Defense +7% Skill [Shield Protection Rate +8%] +1

Level 34 – 45

Guardian’s Combat Outfit (Level 34)Components:Guardian’s Combat Heavy Armor

          Defense: 46

Drop: Lava GolemGuardian’s Combat Gauntlets

          Defense: 10

Drop: GargoyleGuardian’s Combat Boots

          Defense: 13

Drop: Orc

Set Bonuses:

    Physical Defense +5% Skill [Shield Protection Rate +10%] +1

Level 46 – 54

Commander’s FortComponents:Commander’s Protective Heavy Armor

          Defense: 64

Drop: GiantCommander’s Protective Gauntlets

          Defense: 14

Drop: ChimeraCommander’s Protective Boots

          Defense: 17

Drop: Orc Warrior

Set Bonuses:

    STR +5 Physical Defense +5% Skill: [Shield Protection Rate +8%] +1

Level 55 – 59

Battle Mid-Armor Crafted, and ReinforcedComponents:Combat Armor

          – Reinforced with Durlin Defense: 83

Combat Gauntlet

          – Reinforced with Rubys Defense: 18

Combat Plate Boots

          – Reinforced with Opals Defense: 21

Strengthened Mithril Helmet

Don’t Use This

          Defense: 9

Buy from Armor Merchant in Zankadia

Set Bonuses:

      [3 Items]

        Physical Attack +5%

[Full Set] – Stats with Helm don’t use helm

    DEX +9 Physical Defense -5%

Now From Level 60 On, its up to you, after playing a tank to level 60, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it :D


Always try to get earring with mp regen, so its reinforced with mind stones :D
and you can do rings with MP added, so mana stones, or if you like hp regen rins Health stones :D

a hp necklace or hp regen or mp regen necklace this is up to you, but i suggest a hp mp regen necklace, as you use alot of mp, but this is completely up to you, as you are making your tank :D

Also, now that I’ve discussed Equipment, lets talk a little about weapons, these are all up to you, If using swords I say that from 1 – 20 use standard swords, but crafted :D at level 21 used the brave warrior’s blade you can use this til like 25 or maybe 30, after that us crafted or green weapons :D, then once you hit 42 you can use the Point Of Sword, this is nice til about 53, then it gets weak, but the money invested in it, isn’t worth it, the blizzard is nice, but not really worth the money invested, you may think otherwise :D its all good, after that use crafted swords, at 55 you can try for the Skeleton Knight’s Bone Blade, but the money invested isn’t the best, you may also just use crafted level 55 sword :D From there on, this is were you continue on your own, you can shoot for the level 60 sword, but yet again, money invested in that is more then the rest of the swords, last i saw 45 mil for the sword

If you like to know what drops the Point Of Sword, and you want to farm for it the Furious Lizardman and Striped Lizardman in Moon Blind Swamp drops it

and the Skeleton Knight’s Bone Blade is dropped by Saika (skeleton boss) in Mont Blac Port

If your going mace, this I have little knowledge about, but I say crafted and rare when u can :D

Well thats it, I hope after reading this you get the grasp of setting up and playing a tank :D

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