Luna Online Plus Bow Rogue Guide

Luna Online Plus Bow Rogue Guide by xedge_

I just want you to know I’ve been looking for people who played the other versions of luna and spoke to many 100+ people (not 100 people, people that were LV100+) from the Thai server and have come up with this

(This is all going off of what they said, so I’m just putting this here if you are unsure of what to do, and cant decide since everyone always says different things)

Take this Job Path

Rogue /Ruffian / Archer / Treasure Hunter / Arch Ranger

It is basically the standard jobs except for Treasure Hunter, and the reason for that is to get stealth, and they all said that’s an essential skill if you want to be good at pvp.

Which also they said at high level Bow Rogues are the best at pvp.

They also said that Its best go to Human (although some of them said they went elf just because they thought humans were ugly, lol) and 100% need to go FULL STR.

They say that when they implement the Guild Sieges that Bow Rogues (with stealth, so 75+) will be essential to winning.

Now thats most of the important stuff I learned from the Thai players. Now you dont HAVE to follow this, and dont post here saying ‘BUT THIS WOULD BE BETTER LAWL’ im only saying this because I know a lot of people are undecided and unsure and maybe all they needed was this info to make there decision.


Okay, I respect peoples opinions and such but when someone tries to tell me that Full Dex is better, I cant let myself have them think that, I’m sorry. Do you think its a coincidence that all the high level Bow rogues in the thai server are Full STR? Its already a fact that full str is better, or else they would be full DEX instead, there should be NO DEBATE. For example, say another company release there version of flyff, but the level cap was really low for OB, and no one could decide if a BJ should go bull dex or str, well its ALREADY proven that full DEX for a BJ on flyff is better, so WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK OTHERWISE? Now I understand that DEX is better for rogues on other games but do you not realize that DEX on other games give WAY more? usually it increases attack speed along with attack power, that is NOT THE CASE WITH LUNA. Please for the love of god, the facts are already there. Talk to ONE single thai player they will laugh in your face if you tell then DEX Bow Rogues are better then STR ones.

EDIT: Mathematical proof.

larsxd wrote:SIMPLE SPEAK:Allocate your points in STR, it is better. Following is every conceivable scenario that shows going Str build as Rogue is clearly the right choice (until lvl 200 or so)


I’m ending the str or dex is better debate for rogue right now. (not considering accuracy or equipment bonuses) I never want to see a rogue str or dex thread AGAIN!

lvl 121 Str build: 45.28% more damage on avg
(compared to a generic lvl 121 rogue with no allocated stat point)
lvl 121 Dex build: 30% more damage on avg (if 10 dex = 1% crit, only 20% if 15 dex = 1% crit, I’d like someone verify, I’ve been hearing rumors it’s the 15 dex = 1% crit for our luna)
a 50/50 hybrid nets you 32.6% more damage (10 dex = 1 crit or 37.6% more damage than generic if 15 dex = 1 crit)
Comparing 145.28% vs 130%, we see that str build is 11.75% avg damage stronger than dex build at lvl 121 (21% stronger if 15 crit = 1% crit rate) (Stipulations include: always hit, no eq stats in consideration, any str equip (given to both dex/str builds) will close the gap of 11.75%)

After several number crunches at several intervals I discovered that:

The difference in % avg damage dealt between str and dex builds widens in favour of strength and continues to do so endgame (even when i’m heavily favoring dex). (the only thing that is reduced appears to be the speed in which the % damage difference is increased)

Well I can tell you right now the offensive difference between str and dex @ lvl 121 (120 stat points)

P.Atk = (y+3) * (x+200)/100
favorable Extra damage from dex = .1(dex)*(crit damage)
I needed to scale str build to generic rogue while it isn’t necessary for dex build. (Output for dex is in form of +xx% damage bonus while output for str build is in xxx% stronger than generic. So to compare these 2 stats, I added 100 to +xx% dex build damage bonus)

STR (with 65 starting str @ lvl 121): Str build will have have a 45.28% attack damage over Dex builds. using P.Atk = (y+3) * (x+200)/100 where x = strength, since it’s multiplied… blah blah blah.. just take my word for it. (If both dex and str build wear the same strength equips, then the 45.28% gap will be less) % damage comparison of str vs dex is correctly conducted in the xxx%str/xxx%dex format.

Dex (with 65 starting dex @ lvl 121) (2 assumptions: pre-rebirth 10 crit = 1% critical rate, post-rebirth 15 crit = 1% critical, probably the 2nd one, but i’m going with best case senario of 10 crit = 1% to see what bonus damage from crit rate will be (in order to compare build options))

str build= 65+80(zephyr), while dex adds another 120 from stat
DEX = 145(str build) to 265(dex build)= 12% crit ratedifference
Consider blade taker skillset to crit damage%: predator 4 adds 20%, diabolic instinct 8 adds 25%, so at most 250% damage from criticals.

12% crit rate at 250% (wiggle room for 6th tier + jobpassive (i still think 10% more crit damage for jobpath passive is horrible)) crit damage ~= 30% avg damage output (looking at it favorably)

unfavorably it will mean a 8% crit rate at 250% crit damage = 20% avg damage output

So here you are, at lvl 121, str builds will have an avg of 45.28% damage bonus, while Dex has an avg of 30% damage bonus (at best) over a lvl 121 rogue with no stats allocated to anything. PVP wise the str fighter will need to allocate some eq to get more accuracy though, from the omg i pwn i’ve been hearing from dex rogues. But here’s the direct damage shakedown if all the hits land.

@ lvl 60 (using 217% crit damage (diabolic lvl 4)): str vs. dex = 8.35% improvement

@ lvl 75 (assassin): str vs. dex = 9.1% avg damage improvement

str: 27.92% damage bonus
dex (23% diabolic + 10% predator): 7.4% * 233%= 17.24% avg damage improvement
str vs dex=127.92/117.24 = 9.1% improvment
@lvl 121 (bladetaker): str vs. dex = 145.28/130=11.75% avg damage improvement

So contrary to all previous unverified bs claimed by a few (who i promptly forgot, so i can’t taunt them T.T – that dex outdamges str endgame etc), in an avg damage perspective where no equipment is taken into account, where no hits miss: It is obvious from my number crunches that the difference in avg damage dealt between str and dex widens in favour of strength and continues to do so. (the only thing that decreases is the exponential growth in which the gap widens… follow me so far? xD)

Now let’s assume it’s character lvl 201, and crit damage = 300%, a very favorable estimate in favor of dex (of str build vs dex) will yield: 175.5/160= 9.6%

Now let us consider based on 300% crit damage and 10 crit = 1% crit rate; when will str vs dex % damage gap reach 0% difference?

[(x+265)(100)/(265)]/[(3*.1x)+100]=1 (x+265)/2.65=3.1x+100
Ends up with x=0, simply because 300% crit isn’t enough to negate attack damage % from strength

let’s try it at lvl 101 @ 500% critical damage
(100+265)/265=1.378 or 137.8% damage
10*5=50% more or 150% damage

let’s try it at lvl 101 @ 400% critical damage
137.8% damage
10%*400%=40% more or 140%

lets try it at lvl 101 350% critical damage
137.8% damage
10%*350%=35% more or 135%

Let’s see how much a 60/60 hybrid will land us at lvl 121 (using 1% critrate per 15 dex)
(265+60)/265=1.226 or 122.6% over generic on str
4% crit rate * 250% critical damage = 10% extra avg damage on critical = 110% more damage
Since they are not mutually exclusive, you would normally multiply them and get 134.86% power, however since I already scaled str build to generic, this would be redundant, so it’s actually 132.6%
(137.6% power if 10 dex = 1 crit)

Since crit damage % bonus will not reach anywhere near 300% and 15 crit = 1% crit rate, we can see that dex build will not beat a strength build in terms of raw damage. So lets end the choose dex choose str threads k?

**** End Wall of Text ****
If you’ve read this far I applaud you, if you’ve skipped this far, shame on j00.

So here’s the difference between STR and DEX build Rogues, You’re basically trading around 21% avg attack damage (str build, using 15 dex = 1% crit rate no the 10 one…) for [60 accuracy and 12 dodge] (dex build) at lvl 121.

However Hybrid Rogues is probably the most beneficial to have lvl 121(however, how much of a hybrid will probably scare you). If you are able to get 200+ str from equipment, spend the rest of the 120 stat point on dex will net you about -4% attack damage result if you wear 200+ str eq and allocated120 stat point on str. But you get 120 dex point worth of accuracy and evade in the bargain.

having 400 str total you will gain the same % atk damage if you pumped 120 point of dex or str if your crit damage is 250% or higher. (e.g. you’ve only allocated lvl stat point into dex, then you need 335 points from eq to make up for it (you get 65 str from race))

Anyhow, having 265 total str will only cost you 4% in attack damage if you spend 120 more status points in dex rather than 120 point more in str.
In return you get 60 accuracy and 12 evade, in return for 4% attack 0.0.


Allocate your points in STR, you can use your uber equip to tinker with your hybrid stats later if you want.

Str build outdamages and continues to outdamage dex build more as you level up (only if you hit, and strength build helps punch through high defense mobs better

Once you reach 250 total str as rogue, it’s more productive to pump a large amount of dex rather than str, ie 120 further point of dex will give you 60 more accuracy and 12 evade for about -5% attack damage compared to putting these points in str. (this is for raw damage only, your damage will be considerably less if your enemy has high defense (i hope, or else defense would be pretty pointless wouldn’t it?), choosing this will mean considerably less damage in pvp I would think as you might lack the raw power to severely dent their defense to let your skill work (especially for 1h dagger), as i currently lack concrete defense formula to tinker with, I’d say get a bit higher than 250 total str to be safe, say 300 str?)

Lesson from all this?
It would be simpler to just make a stat calc than the regurgitate all the [I Have a Potty Mouth] I just wrote.

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