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Facebook Indomitus Frequently Asked Questions
The BasicsQ1. What is the difference between a manor and a city?
A: Manors are built inside cities and controlled by individual players. Cities are owned by your entire tribe. Hundreds or even thousands of players can build manors in each city. Manors can’t be attacked, only cities. Work together with your Tribe to defend cities!

Q2. What is the point of this game?
A: Help your Tribe capture cities. Capture all the cities on the world map to win!

Q3. How do I get more manors?
A: Go to “Research” and upgrade the “Expansive Fiefdom” research. Once you’ve done that, go to the world map and find a city with a blue border. Deploy a squad there, so they can fight the bandits guarding the manor. Once your squad arrives, click on the city, “Enter” it, and find the “Bandit Blowout” button on the right side city information panel. You can eventually own up to 11 manors.

Q4. How do I recruit more heroes?
A: Go to “Research” and upgrade the “Cingulum Militare” research. Once you’ve done that, go to any city and find the “Altar of Heroes.” You can view the list of available heroes at the altar of heroes and chant an incantation to refresh it. Refresh everyday to raise your chances of finding a legendary hero!

Q5. How do I increase my hero’s level?
Defending or attacking cities on the world map both give experience. Training at the amphitheatre will give a large lump of experience at the end of each session, or immediately whenever you use an “Inspiration.” Inspirations can be found by defeating bosses in the Historical Campaign arena battles. Additionally, some missions give item rewards that can be used to grant experience to a hero of your choice.

Q6. How do I recruit soldiers? How can I use soldiers?
A: Military Units must be recruited and rallied from your manors. Build some military buildings in a manor and recruit units there. Your units will appear in front of the moot hall in your manor; when you see them there, click “Rally Squad” to place them under command of a hero. Only squads of units rallied under the command of a hero can be used in Indomitus.

Q7. How do I attack?
A: There are many ways to attack. To attack a city, you need to deploy a squad to an enemy city. They will enter battle automatically when arriving. Also, if you have a squad in a city belonging to your tribe, click “Bandit Blowout” to attack the bandits. You can also go to the Arena to get your fill of battle, hassle free.

Q8. What are Gold Heroes? How do I get them?
A: Gold heroes are the most powerful historical heroes. They have powerful stats, skills, and formations and are a force to be reckoned with in battle. You can occasionally find Gold heroes at the altar of heroes, but you’ll need to use gold to refresh the list if you want a real chance at finding one.

Q9. How do I get Gold?
A: Gold can ONLY be added by official Koramgame employees. You can get gold added for free by participating in some events, or you can add some from the koramgame website with a variety of official payment options. You can’t get gold anywhere else, so don’t be tricked by scammers!
You can use Coupons instead of Gold for many features, so remember to keep completing missions and achievements to get Coupons.

Q10. Can I get a Gold Hero by refreshing with just silver in the Altar of Heroes?
A: The chances are pretty low. You might end up waiting forever without seeing a Gold Hero, so if you really want one you’ll need to spend some Gold.

Cities and Manors
Q1. What does a Governor do? How do they get the job?
A: Governors are appointed to manage a city by the guild that controls the city. They can change rank requirements, or initiate stimulus tasks when the commander is not online. They can also view squads in the city and change their position before battle.
Q2. How can I move resources between manors?
A: You should build Porters and Pack Mules at the Stable. They can carry huge amounts of resources, and travel fast, so they’re perfect for transporting resources between manors quickly and easily. Alternatively, you can go to the Post House and use a little gold to have resources delivered instantly.
Q3. Can I destroy manors?
A: Yes! Just find the “Manage Manor” button while viewing the manor. Click that, and then click Abandon to abandon the manor immediately. All resources and idle units will be lost, so proceed cautiously!
Q4. What does the Food Reserves building in the city do?
A: The Food Reserves will be distributed automatically to defending squads with 0 food provisions while a city is under siege. This allows defenders to hold out longer than attackers when a battle drags on for many rounds.
Q5. If the city in which my manor is located is taken by another tribe, do I lose that manor?
A: Indeed! You will be able to rebuild the manor in another city for a small price, but some of the buildings may lose levels.
Q1. Can a squad have more than one unit type?
A: No, each squad can only have one unit type. You can rally up to 13 squads though, so you can still command a diverse army of many unit types!
Q2. When do my squads consume food?
A: Squads consume food only when marching between cities or attacking and defending in battle. If a squad moves during battle, but is does not attack, and is not attacked, the squad will consume no food for that round of battle.
Q3. Can I control my squads during battle?
A: No, your squads will fight automatically. You can change your formation and combat settings between rounds by rallying during combat, however.
Q4. Can I make my squad retreat from a battle after it already started?
A: Sorry, but even if you could, your barbarian soldiers wouldn’t listen to you once they got in the heat of battle.
Q5. What determines march speed? Why do some squads take longer than others?
A: Formation and unit type are the most important factors. Some heroes have gear (horses) or abilities that will further increase march speed. Remember to Improve Roads at your kingdoms cities and donate to the Path of Nine Kingdoms landmark to further increase march speed!
Q6. Can you recall a squad that has already been deployed?
A: We plan to add this function in a future version.
Q7. How are counterattacks calculated? Why does it seem that the counterattack is always pretty weak?
A: The strength of a counterattack is 10% of a normal attack.
Q1. How long does it take to completely recover a Hero’s stamina?
A: A hero’s stamina will recover by 200 points per hour, so it will take 10 hours to recover 2000 stamina points.Q2. What happens to my Hero when injured in battle?
A: Your Hero will recover from injury in battle after a certain period of time.

Q3. Why don’t my heroes level automatically? Why do I have to click “Level Up”?
A: Because some functions like Augment and Ability upgrade require you to spend experience, players will be more concerned about managing their experience well. This system allows you to control when you want to level, and when you want to spend your experience on Augmenting or upgrading abilities.

Q4. What are Inspirations? How can I get them?
A: Inspirations add large amounts of experience instantly for heroes in training. You can get them from doing City Improvements and defeating Bosses in historical campaigns.

Q5. I have an ability scroll, why can’t I learn the ability?
A: There is a chance that you’re trying to use an ability training scroll. Training scrolls can only be used to upgrade skills that your hero already knows. If you’re sure it’s not a training scroll, check that you have available ability slots and that your hero doesn’t already know the skill.

Q6. What does the Augment button on the hero screen do?
A: Once your hero reaches level 30, you can augment your hero. This requires a large amount of experience, but gives your hero a permanent +5% boost to attack and defense. The hero will also receive 5 additional stat points and unlock the next 10 levels.

Guild & Tribe
Q1. What are Guild Credits? How can I use them?
A: Guild Credits are currency used by your guild to upgrade guild research, initiate guild missions, or gain control of tribe cities. You donate Guild Credits to your Guild automatically whenever you collect taxes. Only your Guild Commander can spend these, so let him know how you want them to be spent!Q2. Our Guild has a lot of Guild Credits, but the Commander is never online to use them! What should we do?
A: If the Guild commander goes 3 days without logging on, a Deputy Commander can choose to become the temporary Commander automatically. Once this happens, the Deputy Commander will be promoted and gain all commander powers.

Q3. Why is everyone always telling me to donate to kingdom landmarks?
A: Kingdom landmarks give permanent bonuses to ALL kingdom members, but each player can only donate a limited amount each day. Because of this, the kingdom can only enjoy the benefits if all members donate every day.

Q1. How much will it cost to upgrade Expansive Fiefdom to max level?
Q2. How much does it cost to upgrade unit attack/defense research to the max level?
Q3. How does the reconnaissance research work?
Reconnaissance is a special function that can be used when deploying troops. It can only be used periodically, because there is a cool down time. The ability will allow you to deploy to any city on the map, regardless of roads or enemy cities. Range, march time, stamina, and food requirements will improve as the level increases.
Q1. Will I lose units when doing Bandit Blowouts?
A: Lv. 1 Bandits will not cause you to lose any troops. Higher level bandits will cause a percentage of casualties. For example, if you lose 100 units while fighting level 2 bandits, the casualty rate is 10%, so you will lose 10 real units (10% of 100).Q2. Can I use my real units in the Arena? Will I lose them if they die?
A: Yes! Click “Load my Troops” while rallying in the arena to add your real units. You don’t have to worry about losing these, any casualties will be restored automatically at the end of the battle. The arena is just for fun, you won’t lose any of your units there!

Q3. How can I increase my title?
A: Donate Signet Rings to increase your title.

Q4. Is there any way of getting Signet Rings other than spending Gold?
A: You can get Signet Rings by completing Missions and Achievements or participating in events.

Q5. What are the three lanes for in Historical Campaigns and Last Man Standing?
You have to defeat all the enemies in 2 out of 3 lanes to win. This adds to strategic depth and allows for some clever strategists to beat players who have more soldiers or stronger heroes.

Q6. How do I delete a character and create a new one?
A: As of this time you cannot delete characters.

Q7. How do I increase my rank?
A: Your rank will increase automatically as your level increases.

Q8. Why can’t I upgrade my gear?
A: You can only upgrade gear that has reached enhance level 10.

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