Dungeons and Dragons Online Acronyms and Slang Guide

Dungeons and Dragons Online Acronyms and Slang Guide by Shal

AA – Arcane Archer, an undead archer skeleton
AC – Armor Class
ADQ Against the Demon Queen (quest)
AFAIK – As Far As I Know
AFK – Away From Keyboard
Aggro – Aggression, when you have “aggro,” then the enemy’s attacks are focused on you.
AHAuction House
AHAP – As Hard As Possible. Usually used in LFMs to say the quest will be done in the hardest difficulty that can by opened by the party.
Alt – Alternative, usually an alternative character on the same account
AOE – Area of Effect
Arcane – An Arcane would refer to arcane casters, such as the wizard or sorcerer classes, and would exclude other casters (ie cleric)
AS or ASB – Airship or Airship Buffs
ATM – At the Moment
Avatar – Term used to describe a users character, or the small pic beside your username on a forum post
Axer Package – A phase referring to a collection of buffs in DDO. Generally refers to every possible useful buff for the given quest.

BABBase Attack Bonus
Battle Cleric – A cleric who likes to and is built to fight in melee combat
BB Blade Barrier (spell)
BBL – Be Back Later
BIO – Bathroom Break
Bind or Binding – The process of setting a resurrection point in a tavern, usually by talking to a priest of the silver flame that presides there.
Bind, Bound, or BindingBinding an item to a character will make that item immune to permanent damage, but the item cannot be auctioned or traded
Body Pull – Technique of getting close enough to a MOB to get only its attention and not its friends, and pull them back to fight alone
Box of Rocks – A chest full of gemstones
BRB – Be Right Back
BRT – Be Right There
BTW – By The Way
BSBastard Sword (item), Bulls Strength (buff) at lower levels, or BarkSkin (buff) at higher levels
Buff, Buffs, or Buffed – Buffs are generally cast on characters at the beginning of quests and after shrining to give resistance to damaging effects
BYOH – Bring Your Own Heals, generally seen on the lfm to let people know that there isnt a healer in the group

Capped – The point in which a character has reached the maximum amount of experience they can get
Caster – Typically a wizard or sorcerer, but technically any class that casts spells. (ie cleric)
CC – Crowd Control
CECombat Expertise (feat)
Char – Character
Chew Toy – A Tank who’s main job is to acquire and maintain agro from a specific mob/mobs
Chump Block – A character that tanks, even though they are likely to die in the process
Clickie – An item that, upon double clicking the item icon, generates a spell or other effect. (ie haste clickie, grease clickie)
CO6Cult of Six (quest series)
Coyle – An infamous NPC you must protect in the Threnal East quests who dies quite easily
CR – Challenge Rating
Crawl – A dungeon crawl to show newbies the ropes, and/or to complete all side quests and objectives
Crit – Critical Hit, high attack rolls that occur naturally on the dice, give bonuses to damage
CSWCure Serious Wounds, also CMW and CLW for light and moderate
CYA – See You

DADwarven Axe (item) or Dungeon Alert
DBF – Delayed Blast Firewall (spell)
DC – Disconnect or lose internet connection, also stands for Difficulty Check for spells and saves.
DDDimension Door (spell)
Death Taxi – A technique of killing your toon, to quickly return to your bind point
Dev – Developers, as in “game developers”
DiploDiplomacy (skill), used to redirect aggro onto others
Disco InfernoFirewall & Otto’s Sphere of Dancing used together
Divine – Divine spell casters excel at curing ailments and healing allies (ie Cleric, Favored Soul, Paladin)
DM – Dungeon Master, the game referee
DoT – Damage over time
DPS – Damage Per Second
DR – Damage Reduction, formatted DR N/TYPE, where N = Absorbed Damage, and type = what ignores the DR
Dragonmark – (feat) A dragonmark looks like an elaboate tatoo and grants magical powers to the bearer.
DSDeepwood Sniper (path), the path a ranger follows to focus skills on ranged attacks, and scouting
Dump Stat – A starting attribute you put no build points into
DVDivine Vitality (enhancement), enhancement available to clerics to give spell points back to casters
DQ1Against the Demon Queen chapter 1(quest)
DQ2Against the Demon Queen chapter 2(raid)

End GameTerm used to refer to the activities or quests done by characters at the maximum level.
EULA – End User Licence Agreement
EZ – Easy

Farming – Running a quest, or explorer area, multiple times for loot.
Favor – Points given for completing quests. Special benefits are made available to users who obtain enough favor with certain patrons
FFFeather Fall
FingerFinger of Death (spell)
FirewallWall of Fire (spell) the terminology used often misleads people to search for the spell in the F’s, as opposed to the W’s
Flagged – having completed the required quests, or gathered the required items, to move onto the next chapter of a story line. usually a raid.
Fleshy – is the term used for denoting a “flesh and bone” race (ie human)
FO – Finish Out, recall out of a finished quest
FOD – Finger of Death (spell)
FOMFreedom of Movement (buff)
Fred – Fred The Mind Flayer can respec feats, and is found under the garden in House J
FTW – For The Win
FVS Favored Soul (class)
F2P – Free to Play, new to mod 9. users can now play DDO without paying, but suffer some drawbacks (ie limited chars)

GG – Good Game
GHGreater Heroism (buff), can also reference the Gianthold Area or Good Hope (spell)
Ghost Run – When players intentionally die to have someone carries their soul stone through the quest
Gimped – Typically a character or item with sub standard abilities or a character that lacks sufficient equipment, armor and/or weapons
GIMPO – God In My Personal Opinion, typically used to describe a good character build.
GISH – A magician, or character, that is skilled in both physical combat and the use of magic.
GJ – Good Job
GLOER – Good Luck On End Reward
GM – Game Master, employees of Turbine that help with unusual problems, like characters getting stuck, or monsters not spawning, ect.
GMWGray Moon Waining (quest series), quest series following the Cult of Six series
Gold Farmers or Spammer – People who try to sell gold or platinum in game
Grind or Grinding – Repetitious questing for a specific goal, also called farming
GSGreen Steel (item), could also mean Great Sword (item)
GTG – “Got to Go” or “Good to Go”, sometimes creating confusion, especially at the beginning of quests
GTWFGreater Two Weapon Fighting (feat)
Guild Group – A group comprised mostly or entirely of members of a guild. Usually a very different experiance than that found in a PUG.
G2G – Got To Go, players often use G2G as opposed to GTG which has two different meanings.

Haggro – Husband has aggro on your game playing and you have to log out to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for example. Also see Waggro
Healbot – A character dedicated to healing and who does little else in a quest
HIPSHiding In Plain Sight (quest)
HoundHound of Xoriat (raid)
House P, D, J or K – House Phiarlan, Deneith, Jorasco, and Kundarak are areas accessed through the Marketplace, or patrons of favor.
HoXHound of Xoriat (raid)
HP – Hit Points

IC – In Character, an RP Term, or “I See,” or Improved Critical (feat)
IDK – I Don’t Know
IIRC – If I Remember Correctly
IK – InstaKill, or more specifically, spells where the effect is instant death such as Finger of Death
IMO – In My Opinion
INC – Incoming, term used to warn users that mobs are coming
Incapped – Incapacitated is the term to describe a character who has fallen but is not yet dead
Intimitank – Usually a high AC and/or DR character who uses intimidate to draw agro
IP – In Progress, usually found in the LFM when a quest is underway but more members are desired.
IRL – In Real Life
ISO – In Seek Of or In Search Of
ITWFImproved Two Weapon Fighting (feat)

JK – Just Kidding
JMO – Just My Opinion

KEK – Another version of LOL, KEK was commonly used in World of Warcraft
Kite or Kiting – Strategy of pulling an enemy, or group of enemies, to a strategic point where the party will then engage in combat.

Lag – Delayed or slowed gaming experience due to, but not limited to; internet connection or pc problems. usually results in a frozen frame in-game.
LD – Link Dead, an alternate description of a disconnection.
Leet – Elite
LFG – Looking For Group
LFH – Looking For Ham (outdated terminology) consuming ham was the way to regenerate hp & sp before the induction of the rest shrine.
LFM – Looking For Members, this is the add you will see in the social panel when people are looking for players to fill a group.
LMAO – Laughing My Ass Off. Other variations exist, such as Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off, or ROTFLMAO
Log or Logging – Process of exiting the DDO software completely, or to change characters
LOH – Lay On Hands (enhancement), the ability of paladins to heal with divine powers
LOL – Laughing Out Loud or Laughing On-Line
LotDLitany of the Dead (quest)
Lowbie – Reference of low level characters between lvl 1-4
LSLong Sword
LSP – Low Spell Points
LVL – Level, typically referring to a characters experience level
L8ter – Later

M/A – Mature Audience
Main – Main character on a persons account
Mana – Spell Points
Meat Shield – A front line character in a group, typically a tank
ML – Minimum Level requirements, referring to items
MMMagic Missile (spell)
MMO or MMOG – Massive Multi-player On-line Game
MOB or MOBS – Mobile Object(s), attackable non playing objects. Typically monsters, but anything that moves and attacks or anything you can attack
MoBB Maladroit of Bone Breaking, special weapon attributes that saps dexterity from its victims
Mod – Module or Modification (ie DDO Mod 9)
MTMental Toughness (feat), could also mean MisTell or Main Tank
MU – Magic User, a character class that casts spells.
Mule – Character utilized to carry equipment and items for all the toons on an account

Necro/Necro 1,2,3Necropolis/Necropolis crypt series (quest)
Nerf – To make less effective
Newb or Newbie – New player not used to the game mechanics yet
NHE or N/H/E – Normal/Hard/Elite (quest difficulty levels) sometimes used individually
NM or Nvm – Nevermind
NooB, N00b or Nub – (Often Misused) Derogatory term used to describe someone who lacks concern for the group
NP – No Problem
NPC – Non Player Character
NT or NTY – No Thanks or No Thank You

OIC – Oh, I See
OMG – Oh My God
OMW – On My Way
OOC – Out Of Character, an RP term
OOM – Out Of Mana
OP – Original Poster
ORLY – Oh Really?
OSP – Out Of Spell Points
Owned – This term denotes complete domination, usually in a (virtual) physical sense.

PAPower Attack (feat)
PC – Player Character
PD – Perma-Death, a play style that retires a toon after they die for the first time. Strict rules regarding PD groups vary between groups and/or guilds.
PG – Pure Good
Piking – A term used to describe someone that is leaching XP from the activity, without contributing anything to the party.
PKPhantasmal Killer (spell)
PnP – Pen and Paper, the original D&D; format
POPPrison of the Planes (quest)
POP? – Pearl Of Power (item), an item used to increase a casters mana. The question mark would be replaced with a number designating its power
PotsPotions (item)
Power 5 – +5 equivalent weapon effects, most of which can instantly kill monsters on a good roll. (Vorpal, Paralyzing, Banashing, Smiting, Disrupting)
Power Leveling – Getting more powerful characters to run quests while you tag along. There are limits in DDO to how far you can take this tactic
PPL – People
PrC – Prestige Class, a path a class will take to gain special benifits (ie Rangers’ Tempest, Bards’ Warchanter)
PrE – Prestige Enhancement, like PrC’s but slightly altered and more limited-scope as Enhancements
PST – Please Send Tell, the player is requesting that you talk to him/her using the in game ‘Tell’ feature.
PUG – Pick Up Group, a group of characters usually with little knowledge of each other, unlike a group of guildies or personal friends
PvE – Player Vs Environment, running missions, exploring encounter areas and the like.
PvPPerson vs Person, some taverns have PvP areas where users can fight other users with their toons
PWN – pronounced ‘own,’ this means to greatly overpower or defeat an adversary.
P2P – Pay to Play, a subscriber to the game, or in reference to areas that have to be purchased for f2p users.

QFE – Quoted for Emphasis
QFT – Quoted For Truth
QQ – Emoticon for crying eyes. Often used as a noun or verb to mean whine/whining
Quest Chain – A series of quests in a storyline
QwijyMart – Khyber’s exclusive vendor/entrepreneur. Gtar, or other toons in his guild, will sell items listed in their biography for the listed price.

Raid – Raid quests are typically epic in scope and intended for 12 players to enter at one time.
Ransack – When you have opened a chest so many times in one day, its level of treasure starts to degrade and eventually offers no treasure
Reroll – To delete a character and create a new one, often used jokingly to suggest someone’s character is gimped.
Respec – to change out feats or enhancements. You can respec feats with Fred The Mind Flayer, or respec enhancements at a trainer.
RL – Real Life
ROFL – Rolling On Floor Laughing, other variations exist
RP – Role-Play (RPing, RPer, etc)
RR – Race Required, refering to items, also ReRoll or Reavers Refuge (Quest)
Run – Running through a quest in a fairly methodical way for a specific purpose. (ie Loot Run, or Delera’s Run)

SCStormCleave (quest)
SFSolid Fog (spell)
Shield Wall – Characters line up in close proximity between obstacles to form a line monsters can’t cross
Shinies – The sparkling collectible nodes in dungeons or the collectable items you get from them
SoSStealer of Souls (quest), or Sword of Shadows (item)
Soul Train – Using the command “/death” to take you to your bind point. Commonly used for those out of the way areas like Meridia or the Refuge.
SPSpell Penetration (feat)
Spamming – Doing the same attack/spell over and over again, or sending unsolicited in game mail
Splash – When you take just a few levels of another class to complement your primary class
Squishy – Typically refers to a character with low AC and HP’s, or a character that cannot defend themselves effectively in normal situations
SRSpell Resistance (buff)
SS Short Sword (item), or StoneSkin (buff)
Stealth Humping – Pushing jump while in stealth mode
Steam Tunnels – The steam tunnels is an explorer area before STK
STKShan-to-Kor (quest)
Stone(s) – Soul Stones that are left over after you die where your ghost is bound. They can be picked up and carried
Sub or SubT – Subterrain (area) The explore area before titan and hound raids. also used as a place to launch Greater Teleports from

Tank – A high DPS and/or AC toon, thats purpose is to pull aggro and absorb/deal damage. Multiple tanks may be present, even within small groups.
Tap or Tap Runs – Tapestry, or Tapestry farming in the orchard area outside of Necropolis
TBFTrial By Fire (quest)
THAC0 – To Hit Armour Class Zero
THFTwo Handed Fighting (feat)
Tome – An item consumed by a character to increase base attribute scores
Toon – Another term for a users character
TP – Turbine Points, the currency used in the DDO Store added with the release of Module 9.
TPK – Total Party Kill
TRTangle Root (quest), or True Resurrection (start a character over at level 1 with a few perks).
Trap Monkey – A rogue specializing in disabling traps and opening locks, or any other class with those skills
Troll – A socially retarded individual that intentially causes grief and distress upon others, while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.
TSTempest Spine (quest), could also be True Seeing (buff)
TT – Table Top, also refered to as PnP, the original D&D; format.
TTS – Trap The Soul (Spell/Weapon Effect)
TTYL – Talk To You Later
TWFTwo Weapon Fighting (feat)
Twink – The process of giving items obtained by one of your characters, to another character
Twitchy – refers to a type of game that relies on quick reflexes to play, like a first-person-shooter, or a reference to a THF tactic described here
TY or TYVM – Thank You Very Much

Uber – Decked Out, typically used to describe a toon equipped with the best of weapons and items, and stats that are buffed with tomes
UMDUse Magic Device (skill)
UWA or UA – Under-Water Action

VoDVision of Destruction (quest)
Voice(s)Voice of the Master (item), usually used at the end of a quest to remind users to “make sure your voices are on”
VoNVault of Night (quest)
Vorp – Vorpal, a potent weapon with the ability to sever the heads of those it strikes

Waggro – Wife has aggro on your game playing and you have to log out to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for example. Also see Waggro
WFWarForged (Race) or Weapon Finesse (feat)
Wilderness Adventure Area – An open area with many mobs and usually with extra quests for exploration and rare encounters.
WoEWeakening of Enfeebling, special weapon attributes that saps strength from their victims.
Woot or W00t – Commonly used to express excitment (Whoohoo!!!), history suggests that it may have stood for “We Owned The Other Team”
WOP – Wounding of Puncturing. A popular weapon effect combination
Working As Intended – Typically used to express that even if it’s broke, it’s not getting fixed
WTB – Want to buy
WTS – Want to sell
WTT – Want to trade
WWWaterWorks (quest)

XCXorian Cipher (quest)

YW – Your Welcome

Zerg or Zerging – Running a quest as fast as possible without regards to side quests or other non-essential objectives.
Z??? – Adding Z to the beginning of a term can sometimes put emphasizes the term. (ie ZOMG = OMG!!!)

1337 – Leet, or Elite
3BCThree Barrel Cove (quest)
28 or 32 Point Build – Number of points used for stat allocation when building new characters

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