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Facebook WarFlow Skill Attack Guide by profit

You’ve fought battles where you’ve seen your opponent’s troops suddenly light up with a flame-like glow and then, WHAM!!! – you get hit with a devastating attack that was way higher or hit more troops than their previous attacks, right? Well, this was a skill attack – one of the more useful features of battle.

This guide will explain how to maximize it for your heroes and how to protect yourself from others using it against you.

*Note – I will not be explaining each of the individual skill attacks and what they do. You can find that information in the guide here:Warflow Hero Skill Guide

Upgrading: How to increase your skill attack
The higher that you can increase your skill attack rating, the less likely it is that they will fail, and the more damage they will do. Here are the ways to increase your Skill Attack Rating:

2 ways to increase skill attack for a single hero

  • Horse – This is the big one. Equipping and upgrading a good horse will maximize your skill attack for a single hero significantly.
  • Dexterity Attribute – You can view this in the Heroes > Improve tab. This is a very direct way to increase your hero’s skill attack. I suggest at minimum using the 2 Gold option twice to get all attributes to +10, or using the honor option until you get a particularly high number in the dex attribute.

2 ways to increase your skill attack throughout all of your heroes

  • Charging Tech – Directly increases your Skill Attack by 25 for each upgrade.
  • T Formation – Using the T-FRMN increases your Skill ATK. As you upgrade this formation, your Skill Attack will raise with each level.

Morale: How to use your skill attack
Once you’ve gotten your Skill Attack upgraded, you’ll want to use it, often! This is where morale comes in. Your hero starts with 0 morale at the beginning of a battle. Once it reaches 100, your hero will light up and as long as nothing prevents it, will use their skill attack on their next turn.

Here are the ways that you units’ morale will increase during battle:

  • Attack– Each time that your hero successfully attacks an opponent (normal attack),your morale will increase by 25.
  • Defend -Each time that an opponent successfully attacks you (normal attack), you will also receive 25 morale. If you’ve reached 100 and are attacked again, your morale will reach up to 125, giving a boost to the attack.
  • Dance Troupe – uses a strategy “attack” against one of your heroes, which has a chance of increasing that hero’s morale to 100.
  • Drummers – use a strategy attack against all of your opponents armies to steal their morale and transfer it to your heroes.
  • Skill Attacks – (Outbreak, Spur…) have a chance to simultaneously attack and re-raise the attacker’s morale back to 100, allowing a chance for a follow-up skill attack during their next turn.
  • Vigor – This skill attack acts similarly to dance troupe’s strategy, raising your units morale to 120. Unlike dance troupe, however, you’ll need to charge up 100 morale each time to use this skill.

Defense: How to prevent being wiped out by skill attacks
So, now you’re at the point that your attacks are hitting your opponents hard and consistently. But now, you come across an opponent who’s skill attacks are hitting back just as hard or harder. You’ll need to increase your skill defense in order to survive. Increasing your skill defense is a lot like increasing your skill attack.

Here are the ways you can do it:

2 ways to increase the skill defense of a single hero

  • Cloak– Equipping and upgrading a cloak will directly raise the skill defense for one of your heroes.
  • Dexterity Attribute– The DEX attribute works both ways, increasing skill attack and defense.

2 Ways to increase the skill defense for all of your heroes

  • Ranking Tech – Directly raises your skill defense 18 for each upgrade.
  • BU2 Formation – Using the BU2-FRMN increases your DEF. Upgrading it boosts it even more.

Using Skills and Strategies

  • Karma – This skill steals morale from your opponent. If timed properly, it will prevent the skill attack during charge up.
  • Daunt – Attacks and resets the opponents morale to 0. Also shuts down the attack.
  • Taunt – Attacks all units with higher than 0 morale and decreases morale
  • Disorder – Several skill attacks cause disorder. This will cause the opponent to skip their next turn and will prevent the skill attack.
  • Dodge & Parry – It is possible to dodge or parry a skill attack. This negates the attack completely. Multiple unit attacks will not hit other units when dodged or parried by the target.

*Note – after extensive testing and several days worth of MCUs, I decided to adapt this guide. Though items like weapons and armor may have an effect on skill attacks, I’ve decided that if they do, the effects are too little to prove in testing, so I’ve removed them completely.

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