Facebook Urban Rivals One Hit KO Guide

Facebook Urban Rivals One Hit KO (1HKO) Guide by Alumni

1 hit ko is probably one of the most annoying yet best ability that a card can have. 1 hit ko means that a card can dealt a mixn of 12 damage to the other player in one round which is most likely a ko if theres no extra life or blockers. ive seen alot of players use cards like Kolos (R) to make 1hko but there is ALOT more cards than that can 1hit too with the help from many others. i created this guild to explain and show you all of the 1hko possibility cards hope it helps you in your future gaming.

Standard 1hkos:

three most common 1hko cards are Kinjo (U), Lost Hog (C), and Kolos (R). Kinjo (U) and Lost Hog (C) needs clan bonus to make a 1hko while Kolos (R) is the only one who can 1hko along without the clan bonus. Lost Hog (C) is the only one who can 1hko even against soa. most skilled players can avoid 1hko from these cards so theres no need for me to say more.

Alternative 1hkos:

alternative 1hkos is based on a more strategic deck building which needs the help from other clans cards. its a very unusual stratege but most players will not be expected it to happen and thats where you will get them.

the first one is No Nam (C). he seems to be a 7/7 even with clan bonus and fury he can still only deal 11 damag. this is where the helpers come in. Timber (R) from the leaders with a ablilty of team damag +1 which makes every card on his team gets one extra damag. and when partnered with No Nam (C) BOO theres another 1hko killer. only a few people will manage to avoid it but most will just be stunned.

Python (R) (R) from the la juntas can become another 1hko card along with No Nam (C) (C). its basically the samething. with the help from Timber (R) (R), Python (R) (R) can dealt a mixn of 12 damag(clan bonus+fury) only sob can stop him. although he is just as unpredictable as No Nam (C) (C) but his ability might get him into some trouble.a 3/7 card with a power=opp power.soa greatly weakens him makes him so easy to beat when you try to 1hko somebody. i preferr No Nam (C) (C) but Python (R) (R) is an option so just keep it in mind.

Sai San (U) (U) from the Fang Pi Clang. same as No Nam (C) (C) and Python (R) (R)(all the cards with a based 7 damage and damage+2 as a clan bonus can make 1hko w Timber (R) (R)) he is not an good option. power is too low just like Python (R) (R) with no ability.VERY UNPREDICTABLE save pillz for the later round and you might just gonna get though with him.

Hammer (U) (U) from the All Stars!!! a 6/7 card with an ability courage damg+2 makes him a 6/9 card when played first in the round.add Timber (R) (R) and a fury theres the 1hko wrold boxing champion! by far my favorit e 1hko card although its kinda easy to stop him since he must be played first in a round and soa is another problem he bonus makes his opp look much smaller and theres a higher chance of winning the round once again one of my favorite.

i think i have showed you guys all of the alternative 1hko cards so im gonna move on to the collectors.
if you were lucky enough to have any of the collector cards im gonna show you below then you are going to have some of the best 1hko killers in the entire game!

Collector 1hkos:

start off with the Fang Pi Clang. the powerful Lao Cr (Cr) (Cr) a 5/8 card with sob. when uses clan b+ and fury it become a 5/12. a lack of powerful but im not dont yet. team up with Ambre (R) (R) and played first in the round then its a 8/12! really hard to shut down ony the cards with both soa and sob can stop him like Glorg (U) (U). a really strong card one of the best 1hko along with General Cr (Cr) (Cr).

from the la juntas, the sneaky 1hko card Flavio Cr (Cr) (Cr). the only lvl 3 card that can 1hko although he was rarel used because of his power…even with Ambre (R) (R) its still only 4…good for bluff but dont waste more than 1 pill on him.

the last but the most powerful 1hko card in the game: the great General Cr (Cr) (Cr)…i think you all know what to do…team up with Ambre (R) (R) then theres the greatest 1hko ever…10/12…ONLY nightmares can stop him…other than that. the best 1hko of all time…GO General Cr (Cr) (Cr)!XD.
ok i think thats all the card that has the 1hko possibilities


The Bane of 1HKOs, especially Kinjo and Kolos is Stop Ability, and Damage Reducers. Fang Pi Clang (and by extension La Junta) also get beaten up by Stop Bonus. The final problem with 1HKOs is they tend (save for General who beats this vulnerability outright) to have low Power (Yes Kolos has 7 but still falls prey to this too.) And characters like Mona, Prince Jr., and Zatman can exploit that.


theres a lot of ways to win a game. 1hko is the most brutal and quickest way of all. dont always think about 1hko when you got the right card. play with a good stratege and use the right card at the right time then you will be a winner at the end. if you havent noiced when you 1hko someone on the first turn in a tourney, you can only get like 9-14 points. but when you play smart and actived abilities like posin, life drain…and last all 4 rounds you will get like 24-30 points(depends) and that makes a huge differnt, when you see somebody scored 400 somethig in a tourney, thats how they did it. 1hko is the last thing you wanna do for a win. a real game master needs to be all well-rounded and can handle all kinds of situations and turn it into a win

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