Facebook Clash of Kingdoms General Tips

Facebook Clash of Kingdoms General Tips by Faith

1. Early on, focus on Silver production, that is the single most important resource for the first few days of starting the game (it continues to be important throughout the game for landmark donation, research, doing tasks at the city interface, etc so keep that silver production going!) Silver production is generally a lot slower than resource production, so you might want to keep that in mind.

2. Generally, it is a bad idea to have empty lots in your manor. Even if you plan to do something with it later in the game (space for barracks etc), you should still fill it up in the meantime with another resource producing building. In the early game, the resource you generally get lowest on is stone, so you might want to put down an extra quarry there. The first 5-6 levels of any resource structure is quite cheap and you’ll get back the resource you invested into it back quickly.

3. This may seem obvious to a lot of veterans, but Empire of One research is critical. More manors = more production = more everything. Stunting your Empire of One research to donate to landmarks, level heroes etc may be tempting, especially when your kingdom mates are egging everyone to donate, but you’ll be able to contribute more faster eventually if you focused on getting that 11 manors up and running first.

4. Do not be afraid to abandon manors. Sure, you invested a lot of time building that sweet 3/3/3/3 manor outside your capital. But you know what? As the server progresses, it’ll take you HOURS to get anything to the front line if your kingdom pushes out aggressively (even with wagons). Do not be afraid to drop a manor and place a better one elsewhere (either better location or better resource boost).

5. City tasks are GOOD. Use them to level your heroes fast and contribute to your kingdom. They take a lot of silver though, but luckily you’ve been keeping that silver production up (I hope). Patrolling at the watchtower gives the most exp, transit allows everyone to move around faster, market boosts silver production to all manors in that city (which is always good) and city walls increase defense of all defending troops. Plus, again, GREAT WAY TO GAIN EXP. Don’t be afraid to sink silver into this, it really helps. Boosting commerce on a city that is already 100k/100k is not optimal though, so sometimes you might want to consider moving to cities that have yet to be fully built up and help out there.

6. Know what you want and stick to it. A person with 2k cavs will beat the guy with 400 infantry, 500 archers and 1k cavs and 100 siege units. This is important especially early in the game. Having a troop with 1k+ – 2k really knocks out enemies in a good hit or two. Having a few 500 troops? Not so much. Plus, rallying them into separate armies means you wasted heroes which could have been decoys.

7. Kingdoms don’t run on armies alone. You might have a huge army running around waving swords everywhere, but it is useless if you have no food to keep you supplied. You can either DIY and get your own food or have people who focus on city building (a well built city benefits everyone who has a manor there) and they can double up as food providers and send food to aid everyone. Rely on your kingdom mates, if you want to do everything alone/solo, you’re going to have a really really hard time playing this game.

8. Communicate. The key to planning a good attack on those big bases is communication. Sending an attack in early can be disastrous. Sending troops late can cause your entire attack to fail. Plan ahead, talk to everyone involved. Find out if there are enough siege units to take out walls/structures. A well coordinated attack really strikes hard and fast and knocks out the enemy with minimal losses, and leaves you in a good position to strike out onwards.

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