Heroes of the Storm Blacklisting Specific Servers Guide

Heroes of the Storm Blacklisting Specific Servers Guide by SexualRhino

Battle.net always tries to connect to servers with the lowest latency, but in some cases the choice may not be the best route.

You should create a copy of the file you will modify in case you should want to return to the previous settings quickly.

Background Information

Changing any settings won’t affect your ability to continue playing with your friends as all servers in the America region are interconnected. The main purpose of this change is to get lower latency and greater stability with the servers.

By simultaneously pressing the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F] keys within a game of Heroes you will see information on the upper left hand corner of the screen. GPU Temperature , frames per second (FPS), ping to servers , and what server you’re connected to that game (SITE).

Steps for changing servers:

1. Close the Battle.net application.

2. Navigate to the ProgramData folder by entering either “C:\ProgramData” or “%ProgramData%” in the Windows Explorer toolbar.

3. Navigate to the “Blizzard Entertainment” folder and then to the “Battle.net” subfolder.

4. Create a copy of the file called “sites” so that any modifications can be reverted.

5. Right Click the file called “sites” and open it up in Notepad.

6. Inside the file are lines representing servers (AU1, US8, ORD1, US3, SG1, SA1) and their corresponding latencies.


The values before each “@” represent latency to the server, so if you want to connect to a certain server, you have to exaggerate (+) the values of the other servers.For example, if you want to connect with the US8 (Los Angeles, United States) server you have to exaggerate the values of the other servers to be greater than SA1 test , as follows :

The lines for ORD1 upon opening would look like this:


Simply change it to look like this:


If the line “IN_GAME_XXX” has no data, you can copy the data of the top line to simulate that the tests were performed.

Repeat this in the other lines of each server making sure that the server you want to connect to (US8 as I put in the example) has the lowest values.

You may need to make changes after opening the game a few times until it works.


This change improved the experiences of some players who were connecting to remote servers, but does not mean that it will help everyone and become a miracle solution. If the problem you have is caused by your ISP, these changes will have no effect.

To return to the default settings, you can restore the file to the backup you made before making any changes, or you can delete the file and the game will regenerate the file with new results.

Do not hesitate to comment on your experiences making these changes.

Server Locations

AU1 Australia
ORD1 East Coast , United States
SA1 Brazil
SG1 Singapore
US8 Los Angeles , United States

Download ready “sites” files

Since many are afraid to make changes or may have doubts, I decided to leave files that are set up to connect to specific servers. Files were edited and uploaded by TiRaCo.

AU1 https://goo.gl/amXgOQ
ORD1 https://goo.gl/XJAvEC
SA1 https://goo.gl/H5p8Tp
SG1 https://goo.gl/gSnOK9
US8 https://goo.gl/hiF0rR

SOURCE :http://goo.gl/ZQK7L2

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