FFXIV Accuracy Caps List

FFXIV Accuracy Caps List by timeboundary

– Accuracy isn’t based on class, but on attack position for physical dps and fixed for magic dps.

– Summoners themselves use the “blm” acc cap, BUT pets (Garuda-Egi, etc.) require the “flank” acc cap.

– Healing skills never miss. Healers only need to consider accuracy for skills that damage enemies.

I got tired of googling or asking FC mates for acc caps whenever I wanted to put a new gearset together, so here’s a chart with acc caps and links/resources to back them up.

If you have any corrections to the numbers below, please reply!

cap who?
front PLD WAR
turn front flank blm
t1 472 460 432
t2 475 460 432
t4 472+ 460 432
t5 482/486 472 432
t6 489+ 471 451
t7 491/495 481 451
t8 513+ 491 471
t9 515 491 470
  • Levi and Moogle EX have an accuracy cap near the T5 cap.
  • Ifrit, Garuda, Titan HM/EX have a negligible accuracy cap.
  • Dungeons as of 2.2 have a negligible accuracy cap.

  • For T6, you may consider using the “front” acc cap, in order to hit the bees/bulbs from the front.
  • For T9, you may consider using the “front” acc cap, in order to hit the boss from the front–especially in the last phase.
  • I added multiple sources because info was sometimes varying/conflicting. Thought it would be more helpful to have more info and links, as far as discussion/resources go.
  • See this post for info about the BLM accuracy anomaly between T8 and T9.
  • Shadow Flare supposedly has a 100% hit rate.
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