The Cycle: Frontier Dead Drops Locations Guide

by GamerFumesCo

I hope this guide is helpful in finding the locations of all the dead drops. I may not have found all of the dead drops, and as I find more I will post them. If there is a dead drop you are aware of that is not posted here, please let me know and I will add it here. The dead drops will be sorted by map.

Bright Sands:

Satellite Dish Dead Drop: Located in the northern part of the Comms Tower PoI. Just north of the elevated extract platform behind a metal pipe.

Comms Tower Dead Drop: Located in the south western part of the Comms Tower PoI. It is up on the backside of the large comm tower. You have to jump on a rock, then onto the concrete base of the tower, and go to the backside.

Deep Underground Elevator Dead Drop: This is located in mine under the East Collection Point, at the end of the rail.

Gate A Dead Drop: This is located on the western side of the base camp.

Gate C Dead Drop: Found on the eastern side of the Base Camp. It is inside, up some stairs, tucked into a corner behind a metal bulkhead.

Main Office Dead Drop: Located inside the main office of the Base Camp, overlooking the middle courtyard with the evac. It is in the corner on the racks, right next to the outlooking windows to the evac.

Swamp Camp Root: Located on the eastern side of the Swamp, in the large rib cage. It is down in the water, under a wooden root.

Waterfall Labs Dead Drop: Located under and behind a desk in the middle of the labs.

Crescent Falls:

Nutrion Office Dead Drop: Located inside the main Nutrition Farms Processing PoI, upstairs in the cubicle.

Storage Room Dead Drop: This is located outside, but in the Nutrition Farms Processing PoI. Kind of a deceptive name imo.

Stockpile Dead Drop: Located in the Stockpile shop in Prospector’s Green, in the back of the shop, ground floor, behind the racks. There is a fallen billboard type sign and it is tucked behind this.

Cafeteria Dead Drop: Top floor

Fulfilment Center Dead Drop: On the racks, out front.

Garage Office Dead Drop: Top floor where the wall is broken and it leads outside, behind a desk.

Server Room Dead Drop: Second Floor, in the back of the server room with PC racks.

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