Gods Unchained Tips for Becoming a Top 10 Player

by Nackarub

I will try to give you all the tips I can think of. I am hoping you’d find this post useful.

So first off, the most obvious factor is, you have to have a competitive deck. You can abuse OP cards god powers whatever is available to you. Have a look at what top players are playing. Try to visualise what they are trying to achieve with the cards in it. If you have the cards try them. Or you can be very creative build a unique deck and break the meta but that is very rare and requires a lot of cards and talent. I have seen a few bad decks getting 22-23 wins but I am 100% sure it was pure luck. I will get to that.

Secondly, checking your opponent’s deck. I hate to give you this advice , I wish we were not allowed to see other player’s deck but it is what it is. Especially gods playing different type of decks. You want to know what they are playing so you can mulligan cards accordingly . For example you’d want maybe buff cards or anti-sleep cards against sleep deception and AOE spells against hidden deception. Plus you can play around their cards. lets say you are against nature and they dont have the hunt. So you know you can flood the board. Or maybe they have relic removal so you watch out for it.

Always check if you are first or second. If you are first. You only have one extra mana ball to utilise. So you will have limited options when you are playing your cards. If you are second you’d start behind but with more mana balls. So you’d most likely try to get the board back so you’d need reactionary cards(this is a general approach, there are no certain rules , things might change depending on your deck)

I think the most crucial , key part is picking the right time to do your 25 games run. You wont get the same level of opponents whenever you jump on the game. I have been experimenting to find out what time is the best to match up against weaker opponents. I could not find a spesific time. Generally i would say right when the weekend event starts or late sunday or monday. I normally play a few games and see how my opponents are. For example this week Is played 6 games on sunday morning and half of the players I matched against had around 20 wins and grinding for more. I have not lost a match but games were very close and I knew I could not make it top 10 if i keep facing players like these. I came back few hours later and players were weaker. So you have to test it out and see what time works for you

And Lastly, you need to know how to play your deck and be familiar with it. Test it on the weekdays polish it as much as you can, know what your strategies are. There is no way you can copy someone’s deck jump in the game and wreck everyone.

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