Mortal Online 2 Character Creation Attributes Guide

by Kaemik


So you’ve made the leap and decided to try out MO2. You arrive at the character creation screen and are deciding what you need to make the ideal character for your playstyle. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is there are right choices and wrong choices. Making a character without knowing anything about the choices you are making could lead to a very weak and underwhelming build. The good news is that this guide is entirely about arming you with the information you need to make an educated decision for yourself.


Attribute Points

Attribute points are in themselves an attribute. Some builds have exceptionally high totals while some have exceptionally low totals. Generally, a build with a low attribute total is well-tailored to a specialist build. Builds with very high attribute totals are better suited for generalist builds such as battlemage AKA hybrid.


Size is generally a good stat for foot fighters and a bad stat for builds without melee or mounted builds.

Size is perhaps the most interesting attribute. Each race has a minimum and maximum size. It takes about 20 points to maximize size on an average build yielding a roughly five percent damage bonus. Size also yields 1 health per 5 points and 1-2 carry weight from minimum to maximum.

There are a couple of downsides to raising size though. Firstly, doing so increases the hitbox size of the character making them easier to target with most attacks. This has the alternative effect of making them an easier target for allied buffs and heals as well. Secondly, raising size increases character weight which can be a disadvantage for mounted combat. For some large mounts, you may need to be a certain height to control them though.


Strength is the primary stat of melee characters and archers. The benefit to builds without physical damage is quite limited, however.

This stat is required to wield weapons. Each weapon has a strength requirement with insanely high stamina drain if you use a weapon that requires more strength than you have and decreased stamina drain the higher your strength is over the weapon requirement. This applies to both bows and melee weapons.

There is also a stat called “damage bonus” for melee damage. This stat increases the overall damage done with melee weapons. Putting 90 points into strength yields roughly 30% total damage bonus.

Strength also affects carry weight and maximum armor weight. It is the best stat for raising carry weight yielding roughly twice the gains as constitution, while for armor weight this is reversed with constitution giving roughly twice what strength does.

Finally, strength gives stamina. It does so at the same rate as dexterity and about half the rate of constitution.

Strength caps at stout fatness and 30 years of age.


Dexterity should be maxed on all foot-based builds, though some mounted builds may opt not to.

This is the movement speed stat. A no dexterity character moves at a speed of 345 in combat sprint mode while the highest possible dex build moves at 442 without other bonuses (Which are capable of bringing it up to 447). Jump also increases from 397 to 509. It’s worth noting with these values that a minimum dexterity build is incredibly rare, and almost exclusively found among dedicated mounted builds. It would be very rare to face a build slower than 415 speed that is intended to fight on foot.

Dexterity also grants stamina at the same value as strength.

Finally, dexterity increases weak spot chances, or the ability to bypass armor on a physical attack. I have not tested this satisfactorily yet. I can summarize my current findings by saying that it increases it from a very low chance to a higher but still low chance. Weak spots are too infrequent to be relied on, and are currently more a bonus for high dex than a reason to take it.

Dexterity caps at 23 years old and skinny.


Constitution is the maximum health stat giving one point of health per point of constitution. It also raises stamina about twice as fast as strength or dex. Similarly, it gives twice as much armor weight as strength. If raises carry weight as well but at half the rate of strength.

Most characters of all types maximize their constitution.

Constitution caps at 23 years old and either fit or stout.


Intelligence is the stat governing damage with spells. Currently, it works on a curve as shown in the graph below, meaning between 50 and 100 it gives little value beyond max mana:

The above values are something the devs said they desire to change, however. I will graph these values again when that happens. So do keep in mind 50-100 intelligence is likely to be of more value in the future.

Intelligence also gives one point of mana for each point. Maximum mana determines base regeneration with mana regenerating at a speed of 1 per 30 seconds for every 5 points of total mana. Thus raising int means both an increase in mana pool, and mana regeneration.

Intelligence caps at 60 years old and obese.


Psyche is the other mana stat. Like intelligence, it gives mana at a 1:1 ratio. Unlike intelligence, it is the magic resist stat as opposed to a magic damage stat. This graph illustrates the rough relationship between psyche and magic resistance:

Psyche caps at 81 years old and obese.

Clades and Races


Humans are characterized stat-wise by a generally high total attribute pool with two of their sub-races being tied for the highest attribute total in the game. Their subraces are exceptionally varied in terms of what their attribute maxes help with. Some are very strong with poor intelligence and psyche while others have great intelligence and psyche and strength. Overall though humans tend to make the strongest battlemages AKA hybrids (Builds that do both melee and magic) and psy-fighters (fighter builds with high magic resistance). But humans can be adapted to be good any build with the right sub-race choices.

Notable clade gifts include a gift that reduces armor weight by two for the purposes of mana regen penalties, a gift that decreases the damage of friendly fire to and from guildies by fifty percent (This does not stack, so damage from a human to a human in the same guild is still fifty percent). And a gift that allows a human to instantly purge and gain ten seconds of immunity from debuff effects.


Kallards are a race of Viking-like humans. They have the highest strength, constitution, and size of any human. They pay for this with the second-lowest attribute total and lowest intelligence of the human races. They also are not particularly fast though as previously stated, the speed differences between viable foot builds aren’t huge. They are excellent as both foot fighters and heavy cavalry.


Khurites are the fastest race of humans while also having good strength and constitution. That being said, Kallards are better in every physical stat except speed. On top of this, they have an abysmally low attribute total. Given the only minor differences in speed currently present, it is my personal opinion Khurites are bad at literally everything, and should never be played for any purpose but flavor. Some will argue this point with me, but I feel those people have an antiquated view of how good movement speed is, that doesn’t hold up to the realities of Mortal Online 2 where it was nerfed compared to the previous title.


Sarduccans are tied for the highest attribute total in the game. Their strength is bad and they are very small-sized but they have moderate to good totals in every other stat and are particularly good at psyche. This makes them excellent in many magic-based builds.


Sidoians are mainly notable for their exceptionally high intelligence, falling only slightly short of Ohgmir which are the most intelligent clade in the game. They also have very high strength though their dexterity is low for a human. Sidonians make both good mages and have potential as mounted hybrids/battlemages.


Tied with Sarduccans as the build with the highest attribute total, Tindremenes are stronger and larger, though with less constitution. A pure Tindremene makes an excellent hybrid/battlemage, and is also good for mixing into physical damage-oriented builds that need more attribute points.


Alvarin are an exceptionally high dex race that also boasts good total attribute points and psyche. They pay for this with very low strength and only moderate intelligence compared to some humans and all ohgmir.

Their clade gifts set them up for supreme movement with things like no jump penalty in combat mode, 50% less damage from falling, less stamina use and more total breath while swimming, and the ability to regain stamina faster while standing still. They also get straight buffs to movement speed. This is also complemented by two bonuses that effectively increase their strength by 20 when using bows.


Veela are the faster and stronger of the two alvarin races. They are excellent archers as well as good for picking off fleeing targets or flanking opponents in melee.


Sheevra are slightly slower with more intelligence and a slightly higher attribute cap. They are excellent dex mage, mages that focus on a kite-and-harass playstyle.


Ohgmir are the strongest, most intelligent, and highest constitution clade. They suffer from low dex and the lowest attribute totals in the game though. This makes them very good fighters, and very good mages, but not very good hybrids as they simply don’t have the points to pull off such a build.

Notable clade gifts include the ability to smoke ichor for a powerful self-heal that temporarily reduces maximum health, multiple bonuses for decreases the drawbacks of heavy armor, and damage reduction while standing still.


Blainn are slightly larger with a higher constitution cap. They’re considered very good tanks/foot-fighters.


Huergar are stronger and have more intelligence. This makes them better at archery and magic though Blainn are still generally considered the better melee combatants.


Thursars are half-risar, half human. Their risar half maxes them larger, stronger, more dexterous (in most cases), and higher constitution while lowering their intelligence, psyche, and attribute totals. Thursars are hulking titans of melee damage that also hit hard with a bow. They do little else well. All Thursars should be played as foot-fighters or heavy cavalry.

Notable clade gifts include health steal, passive regeneration at the cost of less magical healing, passively reduced physical damage at the cost of more magic damage that can be reversed with the use of an active, and multiple damage buffs.


Kallards are the most foot-fighter-oriented human race. Thursar only makes this stronger. Thur/Khals have just enough attribute points to max every physical attribute if they take the right clade gifts. This leaves them very vulnerable to magic having nothing left over to put in psyche and being huge targets.


Tindremenes lose a little of the pure physical prowess of Thur-Khals but have a higher attribute total. Adding Tindremene to a thursar build allows you more points of psyche, decreasing your weakness to magic. Otherwise they play prettymuch the same as a Thur-Khal.

Other Thursars

All other Thursars are objectively bad. Thur-Khur for the same reasons I started Khurites themselves are bad. Thur-Sard and Thur-Sid are bad because they are mage oriented races mixed into a physical-damage-oriented build.


Fatness is the final element of a character build. It adds and subtracts points to certain attributes as well as giving more flat health and character weight as it increases. It is worth noting that while weight benefits increase the maximum of a build’s stats, weight penalties do not take effect on a stat that is already minimized. For instance, an obese build with 10 Dexeritiy would not suffer an additional -40 Dex ontop of that.

Fatness can be decreased by eating foods with low stamina nourishment or resting away greybars, while increased by eating high stamina nourishment foods.

Here is a complete list of fatness effects:

Skeletal: -40 STR, -40 CON, -10 PSY (-18 to -19 Health)
Bony: -30 STR, +5 DEX, -30 CON, +10 INT, -5PSY (-13 to -18 Health)
Skinny: -20 STR, +10 DEX, -15 CON, +5 INT (-10 to -13 Health)
Underweight: -10 STR, +5 DEX. -5 CON, +5 PSY (-7 to -9 Health)
Lean : -5 STR, +5 DEX (-3 to -7 Health)
Fit : Default Weight, No Positive or Negative Effects (-3 to +3 Health)
Stout: +5 STR, -5 DEX (+4 to +11 Health)
Overweight: -10 DEX (+11 to +18 Health)
Fat: STR -5, DEX -15, CON -5, INT +5 PSY+5 (+18 to +25 Health)
Bulging: -15 STR, -20 DEX, -15 CON, +10 INT, +10 PSY (+26 to +34 Health)
Obese: -30 STR, -40 DEX, -30 CON, +20 INT, +20 PSY (+35 to +36 Health)

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