How to Find Altcoins with Potential

by DonDiegoSanchez

For finding low cap gem that will score 5000% gain if you’re patient enough :

  • first check the actual market cap
  • the volume.
  • the circulating supplies

If volume isn’t shitty.

  • check total market cap and distribution.

If total supplies is justified or, bonus point, if circulating supplies equals total supplies. And if there is not an agressive VC or a shady distribution.

  • check website, purpose, competitors.
  • check team, roadmap (past and future)

If the Idea looks cool, the purpose realistic and no pre-existing first movers -> geek team on git hub and linked in, and check what kind of reputation they’ve got. Bonus point if they are on track with roadmap. Bonus point if the mainnet is yet to come.

Then ask yourself, do i understand what’s the point behind the project? what’s their solution is about? would i use it? Or, do i think people could use it?

If a project passes thoses tests. Then invite yourself and check the community behind a coin (Medium, discord, Telegram). Are they a shilling army (big NoNo), are they focus on tech(Big yes), are they friendly and welcoming (Big yes also). In the meantime you’ll analyse chart, how much % in last month, 3 month. And try to define a good entry point.

Then wait for good entry point while getting used to the community, the project, what’s coming and work your overall feeling.

And if good entry point comes, you buy and wait for 6-9 month for it to ‘explode’.

Never buy based on emotion. If a coin you didn’t buy pump, let it cool down, it will most likely Come back near your entry point in most case. If not, they are plenty of other opportunity.

Never buy Anonymous team. Or be aware you could get rekt. (Check sBREE or SushiSwap for more example of what could happen with Anonymous team).

Never sell if you’re at loss, we’re in a Bull market, everything will go up in the next month.

Don’t do that with more than 10% of your portfolio.

Stay safe.

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