Teamfight Tactics Sivir Carry Guide

by Alet404

Hi, I’m Aletheides, currently rank 15 EUNE, and this is my guide to Sivir carry. I hit 1000 LP for the first time thanks to this comp, going 221341412 by hard-forcing it.

My lolchess:

Your lvl 7 comp should look something like this. If you don’t get spirit chosen, you can either play 4 spirits over mystics, or drop Kindred for cultists.

Opening carousel priority is bow>glove>sword. Your ideal Sivir items are RFC/LW/QSS, but since bows are highly contested, you are not going to get 3 bows in most games, so your items will look like LW/QSS/some offensive item. Good 3rd items include IE/GS/Rageblade/GA/Deathblade/Runaans.

At Stage 2, try to win-streak if you highrolled early, and try to loss streak until carousel if you feel like you can’t win against at least 5/7 people in the lobby. By loss streaking you also give yourself the chance to first pick a bow, or a Sivir with another good component. Your item holders can be Yasuo if you have duelists, Trist if you have sharpshooters, TF if you have cultists, etc. You should always look to slam LW from your first bow and glove, because that item is the most important for Sivir. As for your defensive components, aura items (Locket, Chalice, Zeke) are really good slams, but you can also slam Bramble, Sunfire, etc.

At Stage 3, you want to maintain your win-streak. If you didn’t manage to streak, just play strongest board, and try to get maximum econ, and prepare for your rolldown at 4-1. If you were loss streaking on stage 2, level to 6 at 3-2, and try to stabilize. Good chosens to take are spirit chosens that are not Diana, any Sivir chosen, sharpshooter Teemo, just generally good chosens like Janna, or if you are really low HP, and can’t be picky just take the first decent 3-cost chosen and either pivot (ew) or try to stabilize until you roll down at 4-1. Try to complete your Sivir items from carousel, but getting aura items or taking Sej/Aatrox can be good too.

At Stage 4, level to 7 at 4-1, and roll until you are stable. If you are high hp, and you have most of your 2-stars, then it is better to wait until 4-5 where you can level to 8 and then roll down. Once you are stable, econ up, level to 8, and slowroll for Sivir 3, which is going to be your win condition alongside a strong frontline. You should also start to pay more attention to positioning starting at stage 4, this means that you want your Sivir on the same side as the enemy Asols, but the opposite side of the enemy assassins. Don’t forget to also reposition your Yuumi, you want her to be on the opposite side of your Sivir, because then she can give attack speed to her with her first spell cast.


Kayle – You win against lowroll Kayle and lose against highroll Kayle. If the Kayle has no QSS, you can position your Aatrox accordingly, and you want to be on the opposite side of Sej/Irelia. Otherwise not much you can do to outposition the Kayle player.

Olaf (slayer or ds) – You want your Sivir on the opposite side of Olaf, because you don’t want her to die from Runaan’s procs. You can also position your Morello/Sunfire in front of the Olaf to reduce the healing. You should generally win the matchup, unless the Olaf player highrolls hard.

Asol (elder, mage or ds) – You want Sivir on the same side as Asol, because then she won’t get targeted by his ult for the first time. Be careful though, Aatrox might pull the Asol to an unexpected position.

Fabled – Try to Aatrox pull Neeko into your Sej ult. If you have LW, this matchup is free. If you don’t, it’s unwinnable. Try to position on the side of his Cho’gath, so his ult comes off before your QSS wears off.

Talon – He’s bugged, it’s free. Once he gets bugfixed, you can backline a vanguard and win, but you might win without that too as long as you don’t let Talon directly jump on your Sivir.

Warlords – Try to dodge the Katarina. It can be a good play to Vel’koz spot the Sivir, and leave other units in the backline, that way your Sivir won’t get hit by the Katarina ult.

This concludes the guide! TLDR: start bow, play strongest board, play spirits, Sivir, and Sej Aatrox frontline, roll at 3-2/4-1 if you need to, go 8, and roll for Sivir 3*. Items are RFC/LW/QSS. LW is most important, QSS can be substituted for another defensive item, but it can be left out altogether if you want to spend the entire game scouting and repositioning.

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