Reddit Moons How to Get, Use and Sell Guide

by AvidasOfficial

The moon token has been created as reddits very own crypto and can be used to pay for reddit upgrades, sent as payments to other users or simply sold for FIAT or other cryptos.

How to get moons – Moons are earned through upvotes on this subreddit. The more upvotes you get on a post or comment the more moons you will earn. They are distrubted every 4 weeks automatically.

How to access moons – to access your moons you must activate your vault! The vault can be activated easily in the left side panel on the Reddit mobile app. Even better if you have posted previously and accumulated any moons with your past memes etc they will be there waiting for you!

How to send moons – you can send moons to other reddits users by opening the vault and clicking the paper airplane logo in the top right corner – simply enter the user name of a user, type in the amount and then click send!

How to sell moons – First of all lets just take a moment to appreciate the fact that you can sell moons in the first place … we are literally being given the opportunity to make money off of memes and reddit comments … what an age to live in am I right?

So selling moons can get pretty complicated if using xDai or Honeyswap – there are plenty of detailed posts on this but it can be a pain in the ass.

The easiest way to sell moons is via (be aware of a high fee)

This site allows you to convert moons into nano by providing a nano address such as a wallet or exchange wallet (binance is probably your best bet). You put the nano address into the website. The website then gives you and ETH address. You enter this ETH address into your vault send button and send however many moons you wish to sell (make sure you dont exceed the maximum stated on the website). Once you have sent the moons go back to the moon.nano website and click submit. Within seconds the nano will appear in your wallet ready to be sold for FIAT!

That is all their is to it. I hope this guide helps you all and that you make some decent money from some magic internet money!

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