How to Buy Reddit Moons on Honeyswap Guide

by LargeSnorlax

As a heads up, swapping moons outside of Reddit carries risks – However, I understand there are people willing to accept these risks who are looking for a way to purchase moons off the Honeyswap exchange, and hopefully this will help some of you out.

Hey everyone. If you’ve wanted to buy Reddit moons off Honeyswap instead of using but haven’t had any idea how or didn’t keep up with the steps involved since the steps changed since the early days, I thought I’d write up a guide on how to do it safely, easily, and without falling into any of the pitfalls I just went through.

From scratch – Follow in order:

– Download Metamask – if you don’t have an account already. Back up your seed somewhere safe.

– Click where it says “Ethereum Mainnet” at the top, and switch to where it says “Custom RPC”.

– Set up the settings as this screenshot:

– You are now set up on the xDai network, which Honeyswap runs on.

– Get some Rinkeby eth from faucets. – You will need this eventually. It’s for the rinkeby network, which moons are on.

– Buy, trade, or transfer for some DAI on whatever exchange you prefer. Transfer this DAI to your Metamask wallet, pay appropriate fees.

– Connect your Metamask wallet to – Make sure ETH Mainnet is selected.

– Select the amount of DAI you wish to transfer to XDAI (What honeyswap uses). Send with appropriate fees.

– Change the network you are using on Metamask from Ethereum Mainnet to your custom xDai network.

– Open up the Honeyswap trade contract- . Select XDAI to XMOON. Swap tokens. Leave a little bit for fees, though they are tiny.

– Open – Connect your wallet. You may have to click the x at the top right for it to show. You should see your moon balance as well as xmoon balance.

– Swap your xmoons to moons. Try a dummy transaction as always. When the dummy transaction goes through, submit the full balance.

That’s it. You now have more moons than you started with.

Hopefully you enjoy.

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