Genshin Impact Domains Strategy Guide

by LayrionEleclores

Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern

Tips for Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern for anyone who doesn’t know: Once you start, run to the bottom right corner and look towards it. Stay about 1 square away from the bottom side with the entrance, and 2 from the right side of the area. The pyro and cryo mages will both teleport into the corner. The hydro will stand still and not agro at all. I generally try to break both shields rather than focusing on one, starting with the pyro, and then keep both enemies in one spot to kill them at once. Once the two are defeated, you can use any archer character’s charged shot from the corner you’re in to break the shield of the water abyss mage (provided it’s an element that can break the shield). It doesn’t agro at all while you break it’s shield. I always use Fischl, she’s useful for that. Once the shield is down, just go over and beat that mage up.

Domain of Guyun

Tips for Domain of Guyun: take a bow character and a character that can change your elevation (venti, zhongli, albedo. traveller). so, start the game doing something to change your elevation (ride bentos updraft, climb travellers e, etc). ruin hunters will immediately change to aerial mode when they notice a change in elevation. after that just shoot it in the eye to deactivate it

Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula

Tips for The Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula: Hydro can be very useful in it, and the freeze reaction can save lives. So I’d recommend Barbara if you need heals or Xingqiu if you have him. Just no pyro- as you want to avoid that Overloaded debug. So throw out the hydro , switch to Cryo and freeze, then pull out your dps and rinse and repeat.

Cecilia Garden

Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula

Taishan Mansion

Forsaken Rift

Valley of Remembrance

Peak of Vindagnyr

Midsummer Courtyard

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