Genshin Impact Fischl DPS Support In-Depth Guide

by Not-Casuals

Fischl is probably the strongest and most versatile archer character in Genshin Impact right now. She can act as both your main dps, your secondary dps, and a support, and should be considered S tier in every single category, because yeah, she’s THAT good!

One copy of Fischl will be available for Free in the upcoming 1.1 events, which means that most players will finally be able to experience her awesomeness, and for those who already have her, the possibility to unlock her first constellation is going to be incredibly powerful.

In this guide, I will explain in detail how to turn Oz, the bird that Fischl can summon, into a literal god of thunder in order to assist your carries and eliminate almost every enemy in this game with ease! He not only scales very well, but with the proper gear, your Oz is going to be on the field with a very high uptime, and he will hit almost as hard as your carry, which will make your burst damage completely nuts! I will also talk about how to make Fischl your #1 main DPS carry by focusing on Physical Damage and her normal attacks which can be insanely deadly with the correct weapon and gear.

Supporting with a DPS build. I believe Fischl supports best by focusing on high Damage Stats, which translates into a monster Oz who hits like a truck. Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge build can also work, but from what I have seen, it results in a much weaker support. The only downside is that it is going to take more work and time to make Fischl very strong as opposed to just giving her off gear with support stats, so you can use that strategy until you reach the later stages of the game!

  • With this build, you Focus on activating Oz, then switching to your carry and let Oz support them. Once Oz has expired, and your Ult is up, you go back on Fischl, activate the ult and deal the initial burst damage, and switch back to your carry with Oz out on the field again. You should not be auto attacking much with this build, but, in cases where you need an archer (when kiting or trying to survive) your normal attack damage will still be incredibly powerful and can be used!
  • Oz can be summoned by pressing the Elemental Skill ability. If you hold it, you can decide where he will be placed. He will cause a huge amount of AOE burst damage when he first arrives, and then continually attack the nearest enemy with Electro Damage. He lasts 10 seconds with 25 sec cooldown.
  • Fischl’s ult will turn herself into a big Oz that will move around quickly striking any enemies in range once, for a huge burst amount of damage. This ability is very important as it will also reset Oz’s cooldown on the field, so it is VERY IMPORTANT that you only use this once Oz has expired or is just about to expire, and that way you can have him be on the field for much longer. Since his cooldown is 25 sec, you can have him up 20 seconds at a time by alternating Elemental Skill and Burst.
  • All of Oz’s damage scales off Fischl ATK statistic, which can then be enhanced expodentially by the Electro Damage stat as well as Critical Hit Chance and Damage. This is why the order of priority for her is as follows: Electro Damage / Critical Damage / Critical Chance / ATK (Note that it is important to keep a ratio of 2:1 CritDMG:CritChance for optimal damage)
  • At Ascension Level 4, she unlocks the Lightning Smite talent, which is one of the most insane talents in the game. When Oz is on the field, any enemies hit by an Electro Related Elemental Reaction (such as overload, electrocharge ect.) will also be hit for an additional attack that will deal 80% of Fischl’s ATK as Electro Damage.
  • Fischl can cast a Fully Charged Aimed Shot at Oz to trigger a big burst damage, but it usually is tricky to land properly and not get hit while charging the shot in the middle of combat, so not used very often.


  • Her first constellation is the best constellation for a Main DPS Fischl, and will simply add tons of white damage to her normal attacks when Oz is not on the field. It is not as important for a support Fischl though
  • Her Fourth Constellation boost her Ult Electro Burst Damage by huge amounts, as well as provides her with 20% healing everytime she casts it. It’s a godly ult for this build.
  • Her Sixth Constellation is by far the best thing in the game. It makes Oz last 2 seconds longer (which can give Oz an uptime of 24 seconds out of a 25 second cooldown) and it makes Oz do additional attacks with whatever character is out in the field, causing even more Electro Damage hits scaling on Fischl’s Stats. This will turn any dps attacking with Oz out on the field into a complete god and allow for crazy amounts of Electro-ability combos

Weapons (Crit or ATK are priorities)

  1. Skyward Harp is the best late game Bow for Fischl, as once your main stats get high enough from levels, Crit and Crit Damage both scale exponentially and cause a lot more damage than the ATK stat.
  2. Amos Bow is the second best choice simply because it is a 5 star with much better stat scaling as well as an incredible effect and high ATK stat which Fischl scales off of very well.
  3. Stringless can also be an option for a support Fischl as it will boost the initial burst damage of her Elemental Skill and Burst as well as the damage of Oz and also provides Elemental Mastery, only downside being that it has lower base damage than other weapons and EM is not always that valuable.
  4. For 4 Stars, the Starglitter Bows as well as the Battlepass Bow are all good options as well since they provide Crit Chance, Crit Damage and ATK buffs. Alley Hunter can also be an option, but it will simply depend on which one you are able to get
  5. Prototype Cresent will be the other option for 4 star, as it is craftable, and provides ATK as a substat
  6. For Main DPS Fischl, the Rust Bow is by far the best option, it provides Physical DMG bonus as well as an insanely powerful Passive for Normal Attacks, but because it is only available through Gacha, the other option will be Compound Bow, which provides similar stats, and is also a great choice for F2P since it can be crafted.


  1. For this build, the best set option would be 2 piece Thundering Fury, for 15% Electro Damage, and 2 Piece Gladiator, for 18% ATK, which are 2 of the most Beneficial Stats for Oz’s damage.
  2. A full set of Martial Artist, as well as Gambler and Berserker, can also all be used together in the earlier stages of the game, but because these items do not have 5 star versions, they get outclassed in the late game.
  3. It is possible to use 4 Set Thundering Fury as well, but this would require Fischl to be out in the field as the main DPS for the 4 piece bonus to activate, and will make it so Oz has basically 100% Uptime while Fischl is out doing normal attacks. This can also be a viable option to make Fischl the main dps of your team, and could result in even more dmg than a full physical dmg build in the late game (but has to be tested more)
  4. Otherwise, for Main DPS Fischl with Physical DMG Build, 2 Pieces Bloodstained Chivalry mixed with either 2 pieces Gladiator, or 2 pieces Martial Artist will provide her with insanely powerful normal attacks!

Team comps

  • Due to the nature of Oz being out in the field for a long time assisting other Characters, Fischl is probably one of the most valuable Support DPS in the game. She will enable tons of Electro Related Elemental Combos as Oz is going to be constantly activating Electricity on enemies he attacks.
  • There is almost no character that doesn’t pair well with Fischl and she can fit in literally every team.
  • Being an Archer that still does incredible damage with normal attack, she can be very useful to kite mobs and survive while abilities recharge, and her Oz gives her insane movement speed to get out of trouble!
  • If going for a Physical DPS build, it is important to include an Ice Character with her to reduce enemies Physical Resistance with SuperConduct
  • She is also a great candidate to create Electricity Resonance for carries such as Keqing, Beidou or Razor.
  • Her Electricity DMG counters the water shield from Fatui agents, and does decently well against Fire shield as well

I hope you enjoyed this Guide! Fischl is of course one of the most versatile Characters in Genshin Impact and can be played in many different ways, this is mostly the result of my own experience and testing, which seems to yield the best result so far! Feel free to let me know about your experience with Fischl and how you build her in the comments!

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