Genshin Impact Energy Recharge Mechanism Guide

by Harushizu

In Genshin Impact, there are two ways to regenerate Energy:

1.1 Affected by Energy Recharge

  1. When mob’s HP is reduced to certain level, it will drop a fixed amount of Elemental Particles/Orbs.Slimes, Hilichurls, Whopperflowers, Abyss Mages and etc that HAVE element will drop Elemental Particles/Orbs correspond to their element. (For mobs that DO NOT HAVE element will drop non-Elemental Particles/Orbs.)
  2. When a character’s Elemental Skill hits enemy, it will produce certain amount of Elemental Particles. The element of the Elemental Particles depends on element of the Elemental Skill.
  3. Elemental Particles generated from weapon effect, example: Favonius-series weapons.Favonius-series weapons will drop 3 non-elemental Elemental Particles. Please refer to the table below later for Energy regenerated by the characters on/off-field.
r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism
r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism

Left: Energy Particle. Right: Energy Orb. Both are Electro Element.

Energy regenerated by obtaining Elemental Particles/Orbs will be affected by Energy Recharge (in Character details) of the character that obtains Elemental Particles/Orbs. (Base Energy Recharge is at 100%)

1.2 Not affected by Energy Recharge

  1. When Normal or Charged Attack hits enemy, the character will obtain 1 Energy at rate.
  2. Certain weapons/artifacts effects or character’s Talent/Constellation will directly regenerate the character certain amount of Energy. Character who has his/her Energy obtained this way will have particle effect on him/her.
r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism

Artifact/Weapon/Talent/Constellation that regenerate Energy directly.

r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism

Particle effect after receiving buff from Prototype Malice. (Prototype Malice regenerates both Energy and HP at the same time, hence I could not differentiate the particle effect among them here.)

Since there is no appearance of Elemental Particles/Orbs, Energy regenerated this way will NOT affected by Energy Recharge.

2.0 Table of Amount of Elemental Particles/Orbs Dropped by Mobs

r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism

Blue coloured text indicates Elemental Particles/Orb, while black coloured text indicates non-Elemental Particles/Orb.

Testing Method: One person hits the mobs while another person records the data under co-op mode.

During the test, we can conclude:

  1. Elemental Particles/Orbs dropped by the mobs only depend on their remaining HP.
  2. In a situation where a mob is left there intentionally to let it recover back to its max HP (with player leaving the battle field) after reducing its HP to a certain level and dropping Elemental Particles/Orbs, no Elemental Particles/Orbs is dropped again when the mob reached the same HP level above. The only way to make the mob dropping Elemental Particles/Orbs is to kill it and let it respawns again.

3.0 Drop of Elemental Particles from Elemental Skill upon Hit

Elemental Particles generated by Elemental Skill from each character are different. However, each Elemental Skill will produce stable but not fixed Elemental Particles.


  1. Venti’s Elemental Skill will produce at least 3 Elemental Particles. Low possibility to produce 4.
  2. Every hit from Diluc’s Elemental Skill will produce at least 1 Elemental Particles. Low possibility to produce 2.

4.0 Difference between Corresponding/Non-corresponding Element Particle and On/Off-field Energy Regeneration Rate

Energy regenerated by obtaining corresponding Element Particles is HIGHER than non-corresponding Element Particles.

On-field character obtaining Elemental Particles will regenerate MORE Energy than off-field character.

On-field character:

  1. Obtaining non-Elemental Particles will regenerate around 2 Energy.
  2. Energy regenerated by obtaining corresponding Elemental Particles/Orbs is about 1.5 times of obtaining non-Elemental Particles/Orbs.
  3. Energy regenerated by obtaining non-corresponding Elemental Particles/Orbs is about 0.5 times of obtaining non-Elemental Particles/Orbs.
  4. Energy regenerated by obtaining Elemental Orbs is about 3 times of Elemental Particles.

Off-field character will regenerate Energy at a lower rate when on-field character obtained Elemental Particles/Orbs.

4.1 Estimated Equation for Each Scenario

r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism

Table: When Energy Recharge is at 100%, Energy regenerated by on/off-field character when obtaining non-Element, corresponding Elemental and non-corresponding Elemental Particles/Orbs respectively.

Example 1: If the on-field is a pyro character and obtaining a pyro particle, the character will obtain 3.01 Energy; off-field pyro character will obtain 1.81 Energy; off-field non-pyro character will obtain 0.62 Energy.

Example 2: If the on-field is a non-cyro character and obtaining a cyro particle, the character will obtain 1.03 Energy; off-field cyro character will obtain 1.81 Energy; off-field non-cyro character will obtain 0.62 Energy.

Energy regenerated this way is depending on each character’s Energy Recharge stat. Energy Recharge is an independent multiplier. Meaning that the number in Energy column multiplying Energy Recharge % directly will be the Energy regenerated for the character. Eg 1.81 x 200% = 3.62.

P.S. Seems there are some differences for Energy regenerated off-field between open world (0.6x) and domains (0.8x). (Will update the chart if there is any changes from original post.)

4.2 Test Precondition

When game resolution is at 1080p and under Keyboard mode, Energy Burst icon is at 116 pixels in diameter.

r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism

P.S. Size of UI in-game changes according to game resolution used.

4.3 Calibration Method

When game resolution is at 1080p, Energy regenerated by Jean’s and Venti’s Elemental Bursts are used for comparison and calibration.

  1. Venti’s Elemental Burst required 60 Energy. Talent regenerate 15 Energy, equivalent to 25% of it.
  2. Jean’s Elemental Burst required 80 Energy. Talent regenerate 20% Energy, equivalent to 16 of it.

All of them provide flat regeneration and do not affect by Energy Recharge stat.

r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism

4.4 Methodology

  1. Screenshot is taken every time 1 Elemental Particle is obtained. Pixel height of Elemental Burst icon corresponding to the Energy regenerated is recorded.
  2. Theoretical value is calculated by pixel height recorded dividing 116 pixels and then multiplying total Energy required for each Elemental Burst (40/60/80).
  3. After reconfirmation on the sample data, the sample data are being processed and line of the best fit (and estimated equation) for each group of sample data is obtained.

Difference between real value of Energy obtained in-game and value calculated from the proposed equation should be less than 0.01.

4.5 Test Examples

4.5.1 Example 1 (Ningguang and Chongyun)

Ningguang is on-field and Chongyun is off-field when Elemental Particles are obtained. Both characters have their Energy Recharge at 100% and both Elemental Bursts require 40 Energy. Elemental Skills of Amber, Bennett and Diluc are used to generate non-corresponding Elemental Particle.

r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism

From above, we know that Energy regenerated from ONE non-corresponding Elemental Particle:

  1. On-field is around 1.03.
  2. Off-field is around 0.62.

Same method can be used to calculate Energy regenerated when obtaining ONE corresponding Elemental Particle/Orb for on/off-field.

4.5.2 Example 2 (Keqing and Diluc)

Keqing is on-field and Diluc is off-field when non-Elemental Particles are obtained. Both characters have their Energy Recharge at 100% and both Elemental Bursts require 40 Energy. In co-op mode, normal attack is used by party member to hit Treasure Hoarders and non-Elemental Particle is dropped.

r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism

No data when 23 Elemental Particles is obtained for on-field character in the original post. My guess would be Energy is fully recharged at this point.

From above, we know that Energy regenerated from ONE non-Elemental Particle:

  1. On-field is around 2.01.
  2. Off-field is around 1.68.

Same method can be used to calculate Energy regenerated when obtaining ONE non-Elemental Particle/Orb for on/off-field.

4.5.3 Example 3 (Normal and Charge Attack)

Normal and Charged Attack are being tested and can be concluded that both have around 20% of probability to regenerate ONE Energy for the character.

Test Samples:

  1. Ninguang’s Normal Attack/Charged Attack/Elemental Burst on Geo Slime.
  2. Xiangling’s Normal Attack/Charged Attack on enemy being continuously healed by Hydro xxx.

After clearing Energy of Elemental Burst by reviving the characters, with just normal attacks, both of them regenerate 40 and 60 Energy after triggering Energy regeneration by 40 and 60 times respectively, indicating one successful trigger will regenerate ONE Energy. (Seems the test was being conducted during CBT because Xiangling’s Elemental Burst is now 80 Energy).

After triggering Energy regeneration with normal attacks twice in a row, a situation where the following 7 normal attacks will not trigger Energy regeneration occurs. It is assumed that mihoyo has implemented some sort of balancing mechanism here where approximately every 4 normal/charged attack will trigger Energy regeneration in average. (I never personally tested this.)

It is worth noting that Ninguang’s normal attack is a two-hit attack, therefore Ningguang can normally regenerate ONE Energy every TWO normal attack. However C6 (6 constellations) Ningguang effect where the 7 Star Jades gained when Elemental Burst is used will not trigger Energy regeneration.

r/Genshin_Impact - Understanding Energy Recharge Mechanism

Part of Screenshots of Elemental Burst Icon (Taken down directly from original post)

5.0 Summary (TL;DR)

  1. Character regenerates Energy with the order of (from more to less): Corresponding Element > Non-Element > Non-Corresponding Element.
  2. In party, when TWO same element characters use Elemental Skills, it will increase the regeneration speed of Energy for both characters. At the same time, you can also get advantage from Elemental Resonance to slightly increase the strength of the party. (Win-win situation)
  3. When doing rotation, you can use other characters’ Elemental Skills to trigger Elemental Particles and then switch to character who needs more Energy for Elemental Burst to obtain the dropped Elemental Particles. (After checking on the table, seems only characters who have the same element or when obtaining non-elemental particles/orbs will benefit from this kind of rotation. Thanks SchalaZeal01 for pointing it out.)
  4. For certain characters, by stacking Energy Charge, you can use more Elemental Burst.

For example, Bennett’s Elemental Burst only depends on Base Attack, therefore we can choose Energy Charge as main stat for Sands of Eon artifact part.

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