Genshin Impact Diona Support and Healer Build Guide

by Skyfrid

Diona is often called the 4-star version of Qiqi, a 5-star cryo, due to her ability to heal and deal Cryo DMG. Her skill set focuses on her role as a support character as she can provide HP regeneration and shield the team from damage. You will want to primarily focus on leveling up her skill & burst to properly utilize Diona.

Diona’s normal attack, Katzlein Style, fires up to 5 shots with arrows. This is standard for a 4-star bow character and contains nothing special. Her aimed shots are infused with frost energy and deal Cryo DMG. From a damaging outlook, Diona will overall deal less damage with her normal attack. At the base level, her 5-shot will only deal 53.8% DMG to the enemy. You can compare this to Amber, who can deal 59.3% DMG with her 5-shot at her talent level 1. Normally this would hinder Diona’s potential as a character, but her elemental skill and burst make up for it. Diona is not meant to be a DPS unit and her normal attack skill doesn’t hinder her role as a support unit.

Elemental Skill – Icy Paws

Diona’s elemental skill, Icy Paws, will shoot out Cryo DMG and form a shield around Diona that can be switched to your other characters. This shield does not apply to other players in co-op until you reach C2 with her. The shield scales off of Diona’s HP and the duration will depend on how many enemies Diona hit at the beginning of her skill. Each Icy Paw hit will increase the duration of her skill by 1.6 seconds. Her shield will also reduce the damage you take from Cryo DMG and cause the active character to be affected by Cryo. Pressing her elemental skill will trigger 2 Icy Paws while holding it will shoot out 5 Icy Paws. In addition, holding the skill will allow Diona to back away from the enemy and her shield will gain a 75% DMG Absorption Bonus. In most cases, you will want to aim for the Hold skill to get the absorption bonus and to make her skill last longer. However, it will depend on the timing and how many enemies are present because the Hold cooldown is 15 second, while the Press cooldown is only 6 seconds.

Elemental Burst – Signature Mix

Diona’s elemental burst, Signature Mix, will cause her to throw out a special brew that will deal Cryo DMG to surrounding enemies and heal nearby allies. The cooldown is 20 seconds and the energy cost is 80. This high energy cost can be hindering and Energy Recharge on her artifacts is recommended. Her C1 effect will also help minimize the high energy cost. This skill becomes incredible at C6 because it will increase how much her burst heals and increase the damage from elemental reactions!

Diona can work great in single-player because of her ability to heal and protect your team. She can be decent in co-op and heal other party members. However, at C2, she becomes great in co-op because she can shield other players as well. Then at C6, she becomes a powerful unit to trigger elemental reactions with.

Passive Talent – Drunkards’ Farce

Her Ascension 1 talent, Drunkard’s Farce, is a great support skill for both co-op and solo play. This skill will reduce enemy attack whenever they enter the effect of her elemental skill. This skill will also help reduce the damage against her shield, allowing it to take more hits.

Passive Talent – Cat’s Tail Secret Menu

Diona’s Ascension 4 talent, Cat’s Tail Secret Menu, will increase the movement speed and reduce stamina consumption of characters protected by her elemental skill. This boost will allow you to move faster to dodge enemy attacks. It can also help with exploration to use less stamina while running or climbing.


Diona can be a great support character without any constellation levels, with her ability to create a shield to protect her team members and heal them. However, she should be at least at C1 to minimize the high energy cost of her elemental burst. Diona can become an even better support character at C6 since she can trigger massive damage with her elemental reactions.

At C1:A Lingering Flavor, 15 energy will automatically be regenerated for Diona after the effect of her elemental burst wears off. This skill is effective in minimizing the high energy cost of her burst.

C2: Shaken, Not Purred allows Diona to create shields for nearby characters. This skill is useful in co-op play and boosts her role as a support unit. However, there is a restriction on the shield’s strength. The constellation will also increase the damage from her elemental skill and boost the shield’s DMG absorption.

C4: Wine Industry Slayer will reduce the charge time of her aimed shots, allowing Diona to fire cryo-infused arrows faster. This skill is decent to save you some time, but isn’t needed to properly utilize her skill set.

At C6: Cat’s Tail Closing Time, Diona’s support potential takes on another whole level. Her elemental burst gets two additional effects depending on the HP of the current character. Characters will receive a healing bonus with her burst when their HP is at 50% or less and will cause them to heal more HP. Diona’s elemental burst will also increase the elemental mastery of all characters within the radius of her burst by 200. At C6, Diona’s melt and superconduct reaction can deal massive damage to the enemies. This skill will provide the buff to other characters as well, increasing her support potential in both single-player and co-op.

Healer Build

Diona’s elemental burst allows her to heal nearby allies over time. The HP regained is based on Diona’s HP and lasts for 12 seconds. This build focus on Diona as a healer and keeping her allies healthy. Due to the high energy cost of her burst, she should be at least C1 for this build. However, a high energy recharge stat will substitute if you don’t have any constellations on her. The primary skill you should upgrade is her element burst. Diona’s burst is the only way to heal her teammates, so that skill should be maxed out. You can also focus on her elemental skill to build up her shield strength. You won’t be using her normal attack that often so it is safe to ignore leveling it up.

Diona can support a variety of teams due to her ability to heal and debuff the enemy. She can protect Main DPS characters like Razor and Diluc, while proving cryo reactions.

Recommended Weapons

For her recommended weapon, either the Sacrificial Bow or the Favonius Warbow would work well with Diona because of their energy recharge secondary stat. She wouldn’t benefit from any of the 5-star weapons because of her low DMG output, so it is recommended to use those bows on another character. The Sacrificial Bow has a chance to reduce her elemental skill cooldown after damaging the enemy with her Icy Paws, while the Favonius Warbow can regenerate energy when she deals a Crit Hit. Diona won’t have a high CRIT Rate, so the Sacrificial Bow is less situational to use.

The Stringless can also work if you want to boost the damage of Diona’s elemental skill & burst. It will also increase the damage of her reactions.

In the early game, Recurve Bow is a great weapon to use. This weapon will boost her HP and will restore some HP after defeating an enemy. This weapon would also work in the late game if you don’t have another bow for her.

Recommended Artifacts

To increase her healing effectiveness, the Maiden’s Beloved is Diona’s best artifact set for this build. Both the set bonus will increase Diona’s healing potential. You should focus mainly on Energy Recharge on her artifacts so you can use her burst more often. Diona’s burst is the only way to heal, so that is your number one priority. You can also focus on her HP to boost the amount of health her burst restores. Healing Bonus% is another good option as well.

Has base Energy Recharge scaling and makes Diona’s E A LOT more forgiving

Support Build

This build works similar to Diona’s healer build, but focuses more on her support potential. Diona can provide support for your DPS units while providing cryo reactions for melt and superconduct. Like the other build, she can support a variety of teammates. Focus on maxing both her elemental skill and burst to boost her versatility in your team. Her shield can absorb damage, while her burst will heal the team. The team from her other build can be used interchangeably with this build. Her normal attack talent isn’t really needed because she won’t be your main attacker.

Recommended Weapons

Her recommended weapon is either the Sacrificial Bow or The Stringless, depending on your preference. The Sacrificial Bow is great to recharge her burst faster while The Stringless will deal more DMG with her reactions. The Favonius Warbow can also be used like in the previous build for its energy recharge stat.

Recommended Artifacts

Diona’s artifact set for this build should be the Noblesse Oblige. This artifact set will boost the power of her elemental burst while increasing the ATK% of a character when she switches to them. The main stats you need to focus on are like the previous build; Energy Recharge, HP, and, Healing Bonus.

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