Genshin Impact Bennett Support Healer In-Depth Guide

by Not-Casuals

Bennett is a character that has often been underestimated due to misleading tier lists, when in reality, he is one of the strongest support and healers in the game and can also perform decently as a secondary dps.

Currently available in the Starglitter exchange, now is the perfect time to unlock him, or get him at constellation 1 which unlocks his full support potential

The main aspect of Bennett is his ult. It is literally like steroid for your dps. Give them a huge ATK boost and heals like crazy. With it, Bennett can single-handedly carry your team through abyss floor 12 and elevate your dps characters to new damage heights

  • 1 Constellation provides a very big buff for support, by removing the 70% HP requirement for the ATK buff. 0 Constellation can still work though if playing more carefully. 6 constellation is completely OP for fire comps like Diluc and Klee.
  • Must stay in zone for buff and heal, applies Pyro to all characters (cleanse ice)
  • Scales off BASE ATK ONLY (Weapon and lvl are the only thing that matter for that)
  • Heals you up to 70% quickly and easily the entire duration (can heal you higher than 70% but will stop healing once you go past)
  • 12 sec duration, 14 sec cooldown, almost 100% uptime with 200%+ energy recharge
  • His E can be a great charge attack but takes time to charge, knocks and interupt most enemies and does decent damage and last level knocks you back but can use shield to prevent that (does no dmg to yourself though)
  • His E can do good damage, but is amazing mostly for energy generation especially if casting it from inside the ult radius for reduced cooldown (at Ascension lvl 4)

Weapons (Energy Recharge is priority)

  1. Whale option: Skyward blade is probably the best weapon by far, Energy Recharge and High ATK
  2. Sacrificial sword (in gacha right now) Energy Recharge and a Great Passive that lets you use E skill twice sometimes for more energy
  3. Favonius Sword is also amazing, with Energy Recharge as well and an insanely good passive
  4. Skyrider 3 star can do very well beforehand
  5. Otherwise, use Lion’s roar with ATK for increased dmg on Elemental skill and Ult + pyro dmg bonus


  1. Noblesse Oblige is most likely the best option, boost ult damage and extra ATK buff for all party that works with ult perfectly (both 12 sec duration)
  2. Exile Set is also amazing for more cooldown reduction and energy regen
  3. Stat Priorities for the 5 items: HP / ATK / Energy Recharge / HP / Healing Efficiency
  4. For Substats, priorities are always Energy Recharge and HP for more healing.

Team comps

  • Goes very well with high dps characters, especially other fire dps like Diluc or Klee
  • Can easily take the healer spot to provide Fire Resonance ATK Buff
  • With good Energy Recharge Gear, can heal as much as most other healers
  • Pairs incredibly well with Mona (and others) for big burst comps
  • Very good to break ice shield and remove ice debuffs due to short cooldowns on fire abilities
  • Turns ever attack in his ult into fire effect with max constellation, creates endless elemental reaction combos

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