Genshin Impact Venti Support Build Guide

by Kaiuiu

This guide is far from newbie friendly.

C = Constellation

A = Ascension (A1 = lvl 20+, A4 = lvl 60+)

EM: Elemental Mastery

I’m not going to explain the basic gameplay, I’m going for what you gain by leveling and constellations, builds and synergies.

For comps and synergies C0 and C6 have no gameplay change for his main role build.

You can read what he does here: Venti


Normal attack: Divine Archery

Don’t build around this, you can but… he really shines using his elemental burst and skill for cc and debuffs, so much lost potential seeing people go normal atk Venti.

C1: Aimed atks shoots 2 additional arrows dealing 33% DMG each.

Elemental skill: Skyward Sonnet

Great damage + CC, always use off cooldown

C2: It will apply -12% Anemo RES (-24% Anemo RES and -12% Physical RES for small enemies)

C4: +25% Anemo DMG when you get an elemental particle.

Wait untill you get the elemental particles before swap so you keep using your elemental burst off cooldown too and +25% Anemo DMG if you have C4

A1: When you hold you get a wind current. Very usefull for exploration.

Elemental burst: Wind’s Grand Ode

Best CC ability in the game and he can spam off cooldown.

A4: You get 15 energy back when you use it. (spam this shit)

Has some anti synergy with melee DPS, so it’s better with Klee.

Use E then Q to animation cancel and gain elemental particles faster than swap to others.



The Stringless:

You can use your free Favonius Warbow with no fear.

Change for Stringless when you get it.

Worth mentioning: Sacrificial Bow is actually really good as well. I don’t know if it is better.


*You can’t have the same main stat and sub stat or the same sub stats twice in one artifact.

*You DON’T need to max him early, spend your resources on others first, he is a CC/Debuff bot, he deals excellent DMG but he will not be your priority.

4-p Viridescent Venerer (this set makes Anemo GOD TIER late game) .

Basic Elemental DMG comps:

He is a Venerer user, so you will run him on elemental DMG comps:

Elemental DMG DPS ex:

Pyro elemental DMG comps:

*Main Pyro DPS Bennett needs C6 and you can run another char because he is also a healer.
*Chongyun works with Diluc and Bennett not Klee.
*You can use her Perfect Counter build as a Sub Carry to deal a quick burst DMG every time you get hit or stay on fire created by your DPS and still use her amazing elemental burst.

Electro DMG comps:

*Barbara can get Resonance with Xingqiu or Mona, if don’t have them, she still combos well if Keqing because her elemental skill wets nearby enemies and Keqing is a melee character.
*Xiangling for a Overload comp, if you use bennett you get Pyro Resonance
*Beidou Perfect Counter build or Fischl(the universal Sub Carry) for Mono Electro comps.

Cryo DMG comps:

*Qiqi and Diona(coming on 1.1) for Cryo Resonance.
*Barbara for Hydro Resonance with Xingqiu.
*If you don’t have Xingqiu you can run Kayea for Cryo Resonance and Barbara for the Freeze+Shatter combo instead.

Hydro DMG comps:

*We don’t have Childe/Tartaglia and Diona yet, but we will build around him.
*C2 Barbara gives +15% Hydro DMG when her elemental skill is active that’s why she is the best Healer for a Hydro DMG comp.
*Mona DPS is complicated, she is a better Sub Carry.
*Mona/Xingqiu for a Mono Hydro comp.
*Lisa is a good Sub Carry for Mona.
*Kayea and Qiqi/Diona for a freeze comp + Cryo resonance as alternative comp.

Fischl synergy:A4 Fischl talent Lightning Smite can deal insane DMG with Venti Electro infused elemental burst because it will proc a lot of Swirl reactions. A lot of comps can run Fischl+Venti.

Mona’s elemental skill also procs a lot of Electro-Charged reactions dealing even more Electro DMG with Lightning Smite inside Venti’s elemental burst.
So you can run something like this:

*Barbara C2 gives +15% Hydro DMG when her skill is active and you get Hydro resonance.

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