Genshin Impact Lisa Support Build Guide

by zilios

Why should you build Lisa?

Lisa is an unassuming character that finds herself on the bottom of every tier list and the top of every expedition list. She is generally regarded as a character you should replace right after Amber and the worst of all the Electro characters. While she might not have the steady DPS of her electron charged siblings, she more than makes up for it with her massive burst damage, unique multipliers and boss-melting ultimate.

First off, Lisa has the strongest charged attack out of any other Catalyst unit, including 5 stars Klee and Mona and DPS focused Ningguang. Her elemental skill, at max charges, has more base damage than most ultimates in the game, including Mona’s screenshot-worthy ultimate. At ascension rank 4, she brings a fairly unique modifier to the table with her DEF-shredding Q, increasing the entire party’s damage on tough foes, and her innate Elemental Mastery makes her great at proccing reactions. She is also a character that gets great with constellations and, to top it all off, she’s free!

What are Lisa’s weaknesses?

OK so I’ve gassed her up enough, why isn’t everyone running her? She has fairly weak normal attacks, bringing her DPS potential down, her E has a long wind up, leaving her vulnerable to punishment, and her ultimate has a large energy cost and a knockback effect, reducing its effectiveness on large groups of weaker enemies. So how do we shore up her weaknesses and bring out her strengths?

How to build Lisa

Looking at her kit, we can see that Lisa’s role in a party composition is that of a support, where she unleashes her skills quickly and then retreats while waiting for them to recharge. With that in mind, what stats does Lisa need?

Lisa excels with Electro DMG %>CRIT RATE=CRIT DMG>ATK%. Why no Elemental Mastery? If EM works as it is believed to work, ie only the character that triggers the reaction takes his or her EM into account, then I find the stat to be quite finnicky unless you really set it up beforehand. Lisa follow up on a group of burning foes with a charged E perfectly, but unless you can set it up consistently (Diluc or Xiangling main DPS, more on teambuilding later!) I would only get it from her passive scaling or substats. What about Energy Recharge? Again, Lisa is a support that only brings damage to the table, unlike Venti, and as such it’s important she deals a lot of it. Having a bit of a longer downtime on her Q is a sacrifice I’m willing to make to make sure that when you swap to her, she’s as impactful as she can be. Energy Recharge can also be found in different ways other than substats.

For weapons, the BP weapon Solar Pearl is an excellent choice that meshes well with her playstyle. Another fun one that accentuates her long cooldowns is the Widsith, as she loves all 3 of the potential effects. If you’re starved for energy Favonius Codex can be a good choice although you’ll be strapped for choices on the artifact side and the Eye of Perception is always a solid pick. As for blue catalysts, both the Magic Guide and Emerald Orb can work fine, especially when refined. As always, both 5 star catalysts trump the competition, with Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds being IMO best in slot.

For artifact sets, again you have options to cater to your preferred playstyle. 4pc Thundering Fury boosts Electro reactions and gets her big burst up and running fast, provided you can proc the reactions consistently. If you’re running a heavy bow or catalyst group 4pc Scholar is also a good choice for more energy all around and the selfish choice would be Thundersoother, providing her with a massive 35% DMG bonus with almost no downtime.

Lisa’s Best Friends

Lisa’s favorite teammates cover her weaknesses and bring out her strengths. Lisa lacks solid CC, so a second support like Venti or Sucrose to keep the trash locked down for her to E in peace is a godsend, Venti doubly so with his Ascension 4 talent solving her energy problems. Speaking of energy, getting the 2 Electro Party Resonance will give her and her electro buddy a huge surplus of energy, provided she can still dish out reactions with another teammate. Reactions are where the other great teammates come in in the form of main DPSes, Xiangling and Diluc, since they can keep up Pyro on everything consistently, Lisa can take advantage of Elemental Mastery well with her Q and charged E for big overload damage. Finally honorable mentions are teammates that assist her in charging her E, Geo traveler with the 1st constellation offers her Crit and Interruption protection while swapping beforehand to Noelle will pretty much guarantee you get it off.

VS Bosses (max DMG rotation): Q>Charged ATK>Tap E>Charged ATK>Hold E>Swap

VS Trash: Q>Charged ATK>Hold E

I won’t speak in depth about her constellations, needless to say they’re all amazing and really up her damage or help out with some weaknesses, while c6 Lisa is a walking nuclear bomb.


Lisa +big boobs, ratios and damage, Lisa -big energy cost, no cc


Constellations gud she slap

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask below! I might not answer immediately but I’ll definitely get back to you! Have a nice day!

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