Genshin Impact Diluc DPS Build Guide

by ePower93

Diluc is my favourite character in Genshin Impact and I made a FULL Guide covering just about every topic on him.


  • When you’re looking for a weapon for Diluc, you’re looking for a weapon that has damage as a main stat (attack, crit rate, crit damage)
  • 3* – Debate Club is the clear winner. It gives base attack *, easy to refine, and an amazing proc effect that does lingering damage.
  • 4* – Prototype Animus or Serpent Spine both are amazing weapons. If you’re F2P, then the Prototype Animus is the clear choice. Nothing else needs to be said. If you’re lucky with prototype drops, you will eventually be able to max out the refinement level on it.
  • Serpent Spine is a great option as well because of the base crit rate and damage effect it gives. However, the weapon is only obtainable through the battle pass, and in order to max refine the weapon, you would have to purchase more battle passes down the road. On the other hand, if you don’t plan on maxing out the refinement level for Serpent Spine, then my recommendation will be the Prototype Animus.
  • 5* – Skyward Pride is the one exception in a weapon for Diluc that doesn’t have a damage base stat. However, because the Skyward Pride is a 5* weapon, it has a high flat base attack. The energy recharge can be extremely useful because it will allow Diluc to get his Q ability off quite often. Because of how low his elemental burst CD is, with just about energy recharge, Diluc can have it off cooldown in a fight and have a permanent pyro enhancement to his weapon.
  • Wolf Gravestone is hands down the best weapon for Diluc, due to its high attack stats and attack % damage effect. If you have this weapon, you use it.
  • Wolf Gravestone > Skyward Pride/Serpent Spine/Protoype Animus > Debate Club


  • Early Game – For early game builds, you want to use berserker with ATK% in hourglass, goblet, and helm spot. Good substats will be hard to find at this level, but I would not worry about it. Focus on progressing and working your way to Gladiators.
  • Mid Game – The next replacement will be the Gladiators set. More than likely, you will start off running a broken Gladiator set which is still quite good. Feather and flower (first 2 artifact slots) will be your first 2 gladiator pieces as they are very accessible. Once you start farming more world bosses and the hypostasis, you will eventually be able to replace your hourglass (3rd), goblet (4th), helm (5th) berserker attack% artifacts with Gladiators. The sub stats you’re looking for here are damage stats such as atk%, crit rate, crit damage. As for main stat, you can run an atk% on hourglass and goblet. If you get a crit damage/ crit rate gladiator crown or a goblet that gives pyro damage, KEEP THIS as it will help you in completing a crimson witch of flames set later on.
  • Late Game – I ONLY RECOMMEND FARMING THIS ONCE YOU ARE AR 45 – Each domain you do at this level, you are guaranteed a 5* artifact.
  • Crimson Witch of Flames is easily the best choice for Diluc. The 2 piece and 4 piece set bonuses synergies extremely well with Diluc’s overall kit. The 4 piece set bonus grats additional damage to elemental reactions which is amazing as I will cover more about this in the next section. For main stats in the hourglass spot, you are looking for attack%, pyro damage % for goblet (attack% is fine until you can find even a 4* pyro damage one), and crit rate/crit damage for helm. Substats you will be looking for, from BEST to WORSE – Crit rate, crit dmg, attack %, elemental mastery, energy recharge.

Elemental Reactions:

When I first started playing the game, I played around a lot with Overload (pyro + electro). Eventually through my own experience, I found that vaporize or melt were much better due to the damage multipliers. Vaporize will do 1.5x more damage whereas melt will do 2x more damage. In addition, I believe that these two elemental reactions are the best ones in terms of maximizing DPS for Diluc.

Team Building:

When I am building a team with Diluc, there are a FEW criterias that I will almost ALWAYS include.

  1. Elemental reaction, vaporize or melt (this depends on which characters you have available)
  2. Anemo character for the Viridescent Venerer artifact set (When an element gets swirled by an anemo spell, this will reduce the target’s elemental resistance of that particular element.
  3. CATALYST character for the sole purpose of the 3* book Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. This weapon is AMAZING. At max refinement (which is extremely easy to do) when the catalyst switches out for a character (in this case Diluc), Diluc will gain 48% more attack for 10s. This effect can occur once every 20s.
  4. Healer. With Patch 1.1, the damage from environmental burn damage is a lot higher than befeore. If you don’t have some way to sustain yourself through this, you will find your Diluc dying more often than before and you will be short on food.
  5. Elemental resonance (fervent flames) gives 25% more attack to the party if you have 2 pyro characters on the team. Sometimes this is not possible to include in every team comp, but it is worth considering.

With all those criterias in mind, let’s take a look into some EXAMPLE team comps.


  1. Diluc
  2. Barbara (healer, catalyst user, hydro for vaporize)
  3. Xiangling/Amber/Fischl (Fervent flames, overload, archer to stun those pesky ruin guardians
  4. Wind Traveler (Viridescent set user)


  1. Diluc
  2. **Chongyun/Diona/Barbara/Xingqiu (**cryo for melt, diona for healing and bow, hydro characters for vaporize)
  3. Sucrose/Wind Traveller (viridescent and catalyst for thrilling tales of dragon slayers)
  4. Bennet/Xiangling/Fischl (fervent flames)


  1. Diluc
  2. Bennet
  3. Sucrose
  4. Mona/Xingqiu/Chongyun/Kaeya

Hopefully some of you will find this helpful! Have a great weekend everyone, and if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.

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