Genshin Impact Best DPS Polearm Crescent Pike Guide

by Burzblesz

Hi all. After spending a bunch of time trying to figure out what polearm I should give my Xiangling, I’ve made some pretty big discoveries about the crafted spear Crescent Pike, that aren’t really obvious based on its description. I couldn’t find much info detailing this polearm, so I thought I’d share my discoveries for my fellow Guobas.

For starters. How good is the uptime on its passive? How often do Elemental particles drop? Essentially, elemental particles drop every time your elemental skill does damage, and has a seemingly very high chance to drop whenever you attack something that is affected by an element (they are also automatically acquired). This means it is very easy to keep 100% uptime on Crescent Pike’s passive.

Good, now we know the passive has good uptime. This is what made me decide to craft this spear to try over my current Halberd. This is also when I started discovering how BROKEN this thing really is.

The 20% extra attack damage isn’t a modifier for your hit, its an *additional attack*. A 20% dmg bonus hit Sounds pretty nice right? Except there are several things that make this additional hit do WAY more than 20% damage.

– It can crit independently of the normal attack.

– It procs for the full damage bonus on EVERY hit regardless of speed. This means the attack does full damage on each of Xiangling’s double hit and quadruple hit basic attack, giving the proc 2->4 times the effectiveness on these attacks.

– EDIT: After discussion, We’ve figured out exactly how it works, but its very close to the same power initially estimated. It scales 20% of TOTAL attack. So for example. My Xiangling has 1762 Attack. At level 6 basic attack talent, she gets a 61.1% modifier on the first hit. This brings that damage to roughly 1076. The extra hit scaling from total attack hits for 440.5 with my refinement 2 Crescent Pike (25%). This equates to roughly a 41% damage increase per hit. OOF. Very close to my original calculation that estimated a 40% increase at refinement 1. The caveats are here. At lower skill levels the bonus is larger, but smaller as you level (60% dmg bonus at skill level 1). Likewise, the faster the attack, the more it scales exponentially. This is perfect for Xiangling, who has weaker, but very fast attacks.

– The additional damage scales up to 40% at max refinement. Its craftable. U. FECKIN. WOT.

Also note that buffs such as the Gladiator set 4 piece do not affect the bonus damage. My math may also not be perfect, but its close enough that I’m pretty confident that this is how it works. (single digit differences)

This weapon is so ridiculously powerful that a level 20 Crescent Pike at Refinement 1 did comparable damage to my lvl 60 max refined Halberd despite losing 300-400 total attack. Now at level 70 and refinement 2, my Xiangling can kill both of the chonkybois on Abyss floor 7 before they even cast their shields.

That said, if you ONLY use Xiangling to cast Gouba / Ult then swap out, its probably not the best weapon for you. However, the bonus damage is so strong that even doing 1 auto attack chain is likely to beat anything else in damage. If you leave her out on the field at all, I honestly can’t see any other weapon being as good.

That’s pretty much it, I hope this helps out anyone that was skeptical about the weapon, or who has been wanting to pump their Xiangling and the GOAT: Gouba to their max potential. Let me know if anything needs more clarification or if you noticed something wrong.

tl;dr Crescent Pike does WAY more damage than advertised and with 100% uptime. Its an additional attack that crits, scales with gear, and procs on EVERY hit for full damage. THIS BOI SLAPS.

Fun Bonus Tip: plop down Gouba, then ult with Anemo Traveler. Gouba will get sucked in the tornado with everything else and keep roasting everything in the tornado. GLORIOUS PURGATION.

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