Summoners War Clearing PvE Efficiently with Minimal Units Guide

by dimmi99


Starting with BJ5 because these units aren’t interchangeable (bar some people using fran/shaina over colleen/loren)

BJ5: loren – baley – colleen – janssen – dagora – leader mon

Nothing new here, same as always, BJ5 is very accessible and even moreso with the artifacts


PB10Jultan > Raoq > Hraes > Yen > Verde (L)0.45-1.1035s record, avg time is with hraes moving last, i didnt rerune him properly
SB10Zinc > Loren > Raoq > Fran > Verde (L)1.00-1.3055s record, relies on zinc AI
NB12Raoq > Eirgar (L) > Shaina > Sabrina > Talia1.00-1.1055s record
DB12Loren > Elsha > Raoq > Verde (L) > Kro1.25-1.35target L>Boss on midboss
GB12Fran > Raoq > Yen (L) > Hraes > Kro1.30-1.45Lushen over raoq for faster but less stable times
Fire RiftEirgar (L) – Sabrina – Shaina – Clearer // Kro – RaoqSSSlapis/homu best clearers, can use zinc to rune one less mob
Water RiftEirgar (L) – Mav // Sabrina – Talia – Kro – Yen/HraesSSSuse whichever out of yen/hraes is better runed
Wind RiftEirgar (L) – Mav // Verde – Raoq – Baley – Kro/RaoqSSSbaley can be subbed out for yen/hraes
Light RiftEirgar (L) – Mav // Sabrina – Talia – Kro – RaoqSSSraoq can be replaced by yen/hraes
Dark RiftEirgar (L) – Mav // Sabrina – Talia – Kro – RaoqSSSraoq can be replaced by yen

So that’s all done with about 15 units (depending on who you choose), slightly more than the last guide but there’s 2 new dungeons that force 2 unique monsters, raoq deserves a lot of love as he features in 9/10 areas (only water rift hates him)

For these comps i valued safety and fewer units over necessarily the fastest options, lushen could be used in gb12 but i found the safety dropped for example, all of these are incredibly close to 100% safe


Jultan > Raoq > Hraes > Yen > Verde (L)

for this comp jultan is very key, i have mine on triple shield but it would be safer to have him on triple (or at least double) will to stop the boss absorbing his atb, i’m just not willing to give him will runes. you can replace hraes with kahli for slightly faster runs or pang over yen for slightly slower but slightly more stable runs


Zinc > Loren > Raoq > Fran > Verde (L)

as usual SB10 comps rely on a buff blocker, annoyingly it means relying on ai (unless you use sleepy gina), i’ve had a record of 55s times here but have also seen as slow as 1.50, most runs were between 1.00 and 1.30 though, zinc needs to move first and if you want you can put him on vio to give more chance of him buff blocking, raoq helps to cycle his cooldowns a little. Loren and fran can more or less lock him down permanently, you can replace fran with eirgar but i found the stuns typically resulted in slower runs, running high res will also help with consistency


Raoq > Eirgar (L) > Shaina > Sabrina > Talia

Arguably the easiest of the B12s, this team is incredibly stable if you can reach the right damage output, otherwise it’s very unstable, you must be nocking down the first “life” of the boss with 2 cycles and then mopping up the second “life” in one cycle, if you dont then someone gets stolen and it usually fails. a couple of shield sets help for safety and i’d recommend having everyone faster than the midboss, my talia is slower but i’d want at least sabrina faster to land an atk break if he moves. if you dont have the rune quality to run a balls to the wall comp like this then sub out shaina and eirgar for loren and fran. If you dont run vamp on talia then you must have a few shield sets otherwise she kills herself.


Loren > Raoq > Elsha > Verde (L) > Kro

I found this dungeon to be the most annoying, i could get faster comps but relying on lorens strip made me rip my hair out (pls give her megans ai treatment). depressingly i had to resort to using elsha for a consistent strip, chilling would also work but his damage output is lower, the comp is pretty obvious, loren keeps the boss atb down and her and elsha reliably strip the immunity before he gets to move, incredibly safe team. on the midboss i go L>Boss simply because i found that going straight to the boss often lets the xtals pop off and if one def breaks you then the other gets to wipe one of your units. if you’re struggling you can replace kro with fran for safer but slower runs.

e: On suggestion from banthracis i gave megan a try out, the consistency is a little lower than elsharions due prefering s3 over s2, it made the runs about 10s faster on average however, if you were going to use megan definitely make her faster than loren


Fran > Raoq > Yen (L) > Hraes > Kro

so this dungeon was more of a patchwork of monsters i’d used in other areas, it’s a bit slower than i’d really like but i found lushen made runs too inconsistent and any other comps required bringing in monsters that wouldn’t be used anywhere else. after trying various teams i found the 3rd wave to be the cause for failures, raoq fixes this as he targets the xtals, if you make sure he’s above +80 speed (with max totem) he gets 2 attempts at wiping them out making your runs very very safe, yen and fran means the boss never moves until one of them die to counter attack, at which point you have dots galore and kro is dishing out mad s3 damage


No point going into too much detail surrounding the rifts, the tactic is pretty much the same, dish out a ton of damage and you can more or less ignore the special mechanics, the only one that requires a bit of attention is fire where ideally you want 2 wave clearers (shaina + lapis in my case) for consistent runs


Please note i haven’t put in the effort to find the minimum necessary stats, these are just what i have, some mons i reruned like raoq to work, others like hraes are just on whatever build they were before, not everybody has an artifact and the ones i’m using aren’t anything special so there’s definitely wiggle room


Note that my towers are maxed

any and all suggestions are welcome to try and reduce the number of units and/or better the times, i’m not as happy with this one as i am the last one

Stat Table

Credit Problesz for putting this together

MonsterLocationSetsHPAtkDefSpdCritCritDMGResAccE.HPE.HP D2/4/6Effcy%
Jultan (2A)PBShield,Shield4808484199320519813835221931104950HP%, HP%, HP%89.86
Raoq (2A)PB, SB, NB, DB, GB, Rift (Fi, Wi, Li, Da)Blade,Violent1629121649172059514815317085734257SPD, CDmg, ATK%91.93
HraesvelgPB, GB, Rift (wa)Energy,Blade2052915288911988516250268742242608SPD, CDmg, ATK%85.82
YenPB, GB, Rift (Wa)Violent15052217267620110018119215277227843SPD, CDmg, ATK%91.06
VerdehilePB, SB, DB, Rift (Wi)Blade1613924997771951011761506228831565ATK%, CDmg, ATK%95.51
ZincSB15419692163423177137153310575844032SPD, CDmg, DEF%84.17
Loren 2BJ5Will,Fight,Fight23896116296116559151205810761551353HP%, CDmg, HP%80.42
FranSB, GBWill,Shield2876716228802061562194412139659375SPD, HP%, ATK%87.97
EirgarNB, Rift (Fi, Wa, Wi, Li, Da)Energy,Fight,Fight23837141716181623362252616216367670DEF%, DEF%, HP%70.33
ShainaNB, Rift (Fi)Violent,Will1222121037761617613929504712423889ATK%, CDmg, ATK%78.37
SabrinaNB, Rift (Fi, Wa, Li, Da)Focus,Violent1378323269371619616815566091329273ATK%, CDmg, ATK%91.96
TaliaNB, Rift (Fi, Wa, Li, Da)Vampire1371224227931309818622145368927048ATK%, CDmg, ATK%84.40
LorenSB, DBEnergy,Swift2331895614832304057246714761462892SPD, DEF%, DEF%84.79
ElsharionDBViolent1460616429182078414633646357930729SPD, CDmg, ATK%81.71
Kro (2A)DB, GB, Rift (Fi, Wa, Wi, Li, Da)Blade,Shield15194227691213510119619246582031870ATK%, CDmg, ATK%87.13
MavRift (Wa, Wi, Li, Da)Fight,Fight2685211481312134767926615391567602DEF%, HP%, DEF%80.02
BaleygrBJ5Will17949248911321316323522109157541796ATK%, CDmg, ATK%94.16
ColleenBJ5Will,Fight,Fight12631431509168847230143690121149DEF%, CRate, HP%74.28
JanssenBJ5Fight,Fight,Fight2163868310931235388151610744349500HP%, DEF%, DEF%70.91
DagoraBJ5Will,Fight,Fight49072294031352254186125157670SPD, DEF%, DEF flat32.46

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