Overwatch Zarya Strategy Guide

by Hypocritical_Midget

If you prefer to learn things in a video format over text, here’s a link to basically Everything Below In Under 15 Minutes: https://youtu.be/a2AwR7yFFT8 Time stamps are also embedded throughout the scroll bar so you can skip to which bits suit you!


Zarya’s Particle cannon has two firing modes. The first one is a beam that deals 95 DPS (Damage Per Second) at 0% Energy, and 170 DPS at maximum energy. The beam has a maximum range of 15 Meters (The Same range has Moira’s Heal Spray) alongside an area of effect of 0.15 meters, consuming 20 rounds per second, with a full ammo capacity of 100 rounds.

The second firing mode makes Zarya lob explosive charges (I will refer to them as ‘EC’ or ‘Right Clicks’ From now on) dealing 47 Damage at 0% energy, up to 95 Damage at 100% energy. The projectile speed of the EC’s are at 25 meters per second (For reference, this is the same speed as Rein’s firestrike) alongside a splash radius of 2.5 meters, and a fire rate of 1 shot per second. It too also consumes 20 rounds per shot, with the weapon taking 1.6 seconds to reload.


Maximising DPS In A Full Clip

  • As Zarya, you can fire off an EC even if you have below 20 ammo
  • Using this information, you want to ideally use 19 ammo on beaming, and the rest on firing off explosive charges, resulting in an extra 100 damage or so compared to just using 5 right clicks
  • You also don’t jeopardise your fire rate of your right clicks which makes this even more efficient
  • Just as a clarification: This is NOT the maximum DPS you can do, BUT RATHER the most efficient amount of ammo use and area of effect damage you can do in 1 Clip (Which is especially important considering your longer than average reload)

1v1 Maximising Duels

  • Zarya is one of the best duelists in the game alongside Sigma and Hog, allowing you to successfully take off-angles and soft flanks (Which I’ll get into later into the Positioning section) hence a part of that is knowing when and what order of your two firing modes you should use
  • For the overwhelming majority of cases, you want to START and END with a Right Click, then use your beam in between that period of time
  • Whilst it may be obvious to use it at the end (For similar reason why you’d use a melee if an enemy is low to finish off a target) using it at the start will…

“…Make Healing less effective.” – Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy, 2018

  • To build on this idea: Imagine you are against an Ashe with a Mercy Pocket, and you are armed with a weapon dealing 1 Tick of damage but a ton of ticks per second – The Healing applied would start at 199 Health, whereas if you have burst damage such as Pharah’s Rocket, Junkrat’s Mines/Bombs, or in this case, Zarya’s EC, the healing will start at 70, 80, 105 or 153 Health (Respective to the weapon above). It’s the similar reasoning with why Winston’s will interweave a Melee attack during their Tesla cannon against enemies with armour
  • Starting with a source of burst damage will effectively decrease the TTK (Time to kill) by roughly 25% on a 200 HP Hero (Depending on whether you land it at their feet, or if you land it directly, or if you’re on high energy) which can make the difference between them receiving healing or them dying
  • Moreover, Zarya’s EC has a slight knockback, in which you can utilise by shooting an EC at either side of their feet, booping them in the opposite direction, making it much easier to track. This is specifically useful against mobile characters such as Genji/Tracer, who already have increased movement speeds, and small hitboxes. Speaking about knockback…

(Double) Rocket Jumping

  • This is done by simply aiming down at your feet, jumping, and as soon as you are mid air/your feet have left the ground, you shoot an EC at the ground directly below you
  • There are two main uses to this: Mobility and Highground.
  • Speaking about the former: You can use this to get back to the teamfight faster, or escape a lost teamfight. You will take self damage (Which is roughly half the amount of damage the enemy would take) Which can quickly accumulate past the shield portion of your Health (Although this shouldn’t be too much of a worry)
  • Considering the latter (Which is the more ‘Easier said than done’ piece of advice) you can attain highgrounds that you wouldn’t normally obtain to either escape more efficiently, or to most likely duel a ranged DPS. Examples of this would be on Hollwood First Point Attack: Rocket Jumping on the vents on the side of Cafe, Rialto First Point Defense: When the cart turns around the second corner, jump onto it, then rocket jump to the adjacent highground (Where Widow/Hanzo/Ashe Players will normally play). There are some other more obvious ones such as Volskaya 2nd attack, by the elevator, or on Volskaya 1st Point Defense by the crane to rocket jump to the highground in the middle
  • You can take this a step further by shooting an EC in the air, then as soon as it will collide on the ground (Approximately 6 to 7 Seconds) you will use your normal rocket jump, pushing you further in the air than you’d normally travel. A Great Example to use this would be on Nepal Shrine (When you have control of the point, AND you are taking time in between each teamfight) on the opposite side of the elephant (Although interestingly enough, you can double rocket jump on the elephant if you want)
  • By using this highground, you gain multiple unique advantages. Firstly, you gain map control, and deny the space from the enemy team; Forcing them to path highground as a whole team to flush you out. Secondly, you can scout if they are coming in that direction, preparing your whole team for a rotation (IE, Your Zen/Ana would rotate to Elephant if they were pathing Highground on Shrine) and Thirdly (Which is most likely in a solo queue environment, you can catch a sneaky grav without having a shield block any follow up damage that may take place in the first one or two seconds.

Small Mechanical Interactions

  • This will not just be exclusive to Zarya’s Primary and Secondary Fire, but I don’t feel it is worthy of a full Sub Heading hence I’ve decided to place it here
  • You can right click at the very end of D.Va’s demeched animation, which makes you already land some damage before she even gets ejected
  • Bubble (Not only yourself, but also your Zen potentially as he is the most vulnerable support) when you think Sombra is about to EMP as you will keep your shields, and you will gain the full energy from them
  • Considering the sheer DPS Zarya deals with her beam, you can either focus down the opposing Zarya bubble when Rein gets bubbled with his shield up, or shoot around the shield if you are running low damage that don’t put much pressure on the Reinhardt (Hackfist, or Tracer Genji, Tracer Sombra)
  • Adding ontop of this, when the opposing shield is about to break (Especially against Orisa when it is easier to perform and predict) You want to finish off with a right click as it will deal splash damage on anyone who is behind the barrier if it breaks during the time it takes for it to land, or if the shield doesn’t break, it will most likely be the finishing blow to the shield
  • I’ll keep this section updated/edited with any small interactions with your comments! (Although I recommend Mr KarQ For this style of niche but useful tips)

Right Clicking At Spawn

After a won teamfight, you can push up, and toss a few right clicks close to the enemy spawn for these main reasons:

  1. Farm Grav – The most obvious and direct reason. Accurate Right Clicks will yield 30-40% Ult charge
  2. Retain High Energy – You can bubble in L.O.S. of the enemy spawn whilst still being safe and retaining high energy by absorbing any long range spam damage that may come from the supports. (E.G. Dorado 3rd Point Defense)
  3. +1 Bubble Rotation – By the time the enemy team reaches the actual teamfight, you will have already gotten back your self and projected bubbles, hence you get a free bubble rotation off with no drawback (I will elaborate on this slighty more throughout)
  4. Forces Reinhardt to Regen Shield – Even if you don’t get any ult charge because their Reinhardt decides to hard shield, you are guaranteed to burn off time from the clock, which may actually gain MORE value if their Rein has no concept of shield management, and doesn’t take the time to regen his shield, giving your Rein a free shatter over time as long as you heavily pressure the shield, or even a free Grav


  • This is just a quick section on what’s technically considered Zarya’s passive
  • Zarya’s energy will deplete at 1.6% per second
  • The Energy % that Zarya has represents how much more damage Zarya will do linearly. However, This does not mean however that if Zarya’s energy is at 25%, she will do 25% more damage as if that is scaled to 100, she would do 190 DPS instead of 170, since twice of 95 is 190. (Which is what is was before it got nerfed to 170).
  • Zarya glows brighter the more energy she has


Zarya emits a personal barrier that shields Zarya against incoming attacks, redirecting that energy to increase her weapon’s damage. The health of one barrier is 200, alongside a radius of 1.5 meters, and lasts 2 seconds on a 10 second cooldown. Zarya gains 1% energy per 5 damage blocked (Making a total of 40 energy gained from one bubble if all the Health is used)


Rocket Jumping Whilst Bubbled

  • This will mostly be used for mobilty; You will take no damage if you bubble and perform the normal rocket jump
  • If you’re on high charge, and you need to escape danger/kite, this may be useful

Cleaning Status Effects

  • Especially in comps such as Ball Zarya, where you need to play passive, it can often be worth it to use your self bubble to cleanse discord, or even dynamite or nade in some cases where you may be wanting to go aggressive

Bubbling For Energy Retention

  • Similar to a prior point about pushing up and landing right click near/close to the enemy spawn, you also want to use your self bubble to catch any projectiles in order to retain as much energy as possible in between fights.
  • The ideal time to do this is 10 seconds before the next fight starts so that you have both bubbles ready, hence the enemy team do not have a bubble advantage to start pressuring your Reinhardt/Main Tank
  • In a coordinated 6v6 Skrim, you want to ask your Lucio to stay with you so that you can speed out easily, without being caught out by any CC or stun, or from being oneshot

Drawing Frontline Agro

  • If your Reinhardt is getting pressured hard, you can use your own self bubble to absorb some damage, and preserve shield
  • However, it can be a risk doing this as it puts yourself in danger, and a character such as D.Va or Sigma who specialises in large damage denial may be more suited to high amounts of poke damage
  • To optimise doing this, you would want to ideally all kite back as a six man team with Speed Amp

Self-Survival/Countering Ults

  • This’ll be the most common and important use for your self bubble when you are at high charge to where you don’t need to bubble for energy
  • Your bubble is one of the most powerful counters to Flux, Grav and Shatter, which are the key ultimates you should be tracking or keeping a subconscious note of. By using your self bubble, you are giving the enemy team a 10 second opening in which they can grav freely
  • You self-bubbling can also block stuns such as Brig’s Bash or McCree’s stuns when taking a 1v1 on an off angle away from the frontline


Works the same as the Personal Barrier but on an 8 second cooldown, and 30 meter maximum range in which it can be applied


Bubbling Reinhardt

  • This allows your Reinhardt to land atleast one free swing, and take map control over time by kiting when the opposing Zarya uses her own bubbles, giving you the bubble advantage to push on forward

Bubble Second If You Have Mid-High Energy

  • Let’s say the opposing Rein Zarya bubble first. They utilise the bubble to draw aggro from the frontline, and push up a little bit to gain some space and to land one (Or if they’re lucky, two) hammer swings
  • By them doing this, after the bubble has been expired or destroyed, they are in L.O.S. (Line of sight) of your entire team, essentially being out of position for a split second
  • By using your own bubble rotation, you can push back on the opposing frontline without over-extending as there isn’t any form of damage absorption to punish you
  • Think of it like a boxing match, where you are constantly on the counter-attack, and punishing the split second to where your opponent is defenceless. (Similar to what LP did against KSI in their first match) and if you saw what happened, it seemed to be a very successful tactic
  • HOWEVER, you don’t want to do this on 0 or low energy since you either have to use BOTH your bubbles to gain any energy from the enemy’s slight overextension (Which can then be punished by Grav Bomb or Shatter) OR you can’t punish their slight overextension because you do no damage on 0 energy. Again, drawing parallels to a boxing match, you don’t see this Counter-Attacking Style of Play done in the Latter Rounds because there is no ENERGY remaining.

Bubbling In Grav

  • Whilst it is definitely situational in who to bubble, you typically want to bubble your squishy targets when they are about to take signficiant damage
  • If they are also exposed at an angle towards the enemy team, this puts them at a higher priority on who to bubble
  • However, if you already have a defensive ult, there is no need to tunnel vision on giving a teammate the perfect bubble at the perfect time; Instead, focus on dealing damage, and pay attention to audio queues (Such as Rein’s Grunt during Pin) In which you should make the reaction to bubble a teammate

Typical/Useful Bubble Callouts

  • ‘Stack on Rein’ – Whilst this actually isn’t a typical or common callout, it is calling for your team to pour all your resources into your Reinhardt for him to be able to push forward and man handle the frontline
  • ‘Bubble in 3’ or ‘Bubble in 5’ – This is indirectly telling your Main Tank to not take damage for 3/5 seconds respectively until you have projected bubble, in which he can push in and take space. There is a little bit of lag, and the time it takes you to say that statement is already 1 second, hence ‘Bubble in 3,’ is more like ‘Bubble in 1’
  • ‘Bubble First Then Fall Back’ – This makes sure that you don’t bubble when your Reinhardt has his shield up, bur when he starts his swing animation, as he doesn’t have to worry about any defects as he’ll be bubbled

Stepping Into A Teammate’s Projected Bubble

  • You can step inside of a teammate’s projected bubble if yours is on cooldown
  • This is most useful when a stationery teammate, such as a Bastion, is about to experience high amounts of burst damage. For instance, against a Diva bomb, or High noon, and you don’t have your own self bubble

Doom Synergy

**’**Bubbles that receive 40 energy and bubbles that are life-saving are essentially the same.’ – Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy, 2018

  • There are obvious exceptions to the above (For example, when two Rein’s are swinging on eachother) but this is the crux to why Doom works so well with Zarya (In Solo Queue at least) so much so where you may need to bubble him if he’s dying every time he engages with his cooldowns
  • Bubbling Mercy Rez as well can also fit the description above

Using Both Bubbles When At 60 Energy

  • I see a lot of Diamond/Low Master Zarya’s use both of their bubbles when at 60 energy, even though one bubble will get them to (basically) max energy
  • This means that for a straight 8 to 10 seconds, where your energy is just decaying, you have given the enemy team a free bubble rotation ahead of you
  • If used at the same time, this also means that your Rein can no longer be aggressive until you have the bubble advantage


This makes Zarya launch a gravity bomb drawing in enemies into the centre from a 6 meter radius, dealing 22 damage, and lasting 4 seconds.


Reload Animation Cancel

  • When reloading, you want to look for when your ammo refills to 100 in the bottom right. It is at this exact moment where you want to Grav, cancelling the animation
  • Building on this, a simple but forgotten tip (Similar to the very obvious tip of Zen’s using Discord and Harmony on both Rein’s respectively before trans, but they often forget) is to reload before you Grav
  • This may not be a problem for the typical Zarya he walks forward on high charge, in a straight line, past their Reinhardt shield, uses his self bubble, reloads, then Grav’s straight after, which you can abuse by forcing out ultimates such as Deflect and Matrix

Solo Grav

  • Especially considering how we’re in a Genji meta as of this post, and that Nanoblades are extremely common, one of the best counters (And most reliable counters at that) is to use Grav AFTER their Genji uses his first dash DURING his blade (Not before as he gets the dash reset when he pulls out his blade). This should be easier to do over an ultimate such as Flux due to the 0.6 seconds cast time AND the much longer duration you have on Grav
  • It might even be worth to solo grav the opposing Zarya so that she doesn’t get to use Grav (Read ‘Learn When To Grav On Defense’ For why Using Grav First when both teams have Grav is so important)
  • Mercy may be a good solo grav target as well, especially if you are going against a split comp such as Ball Hog (Although at that point you shouldn’t be running Rein Zarya against that)

Counter Gravving

  • This is mainly used to prevent any cleave damage follow up such as Reinhardt’s Swing, and since you Grav second, you have a period in time where you are at the advantage and they are stationery
  • You can also prevent Reinhardt’s Pin from guaranteeing a kill on a stationery target, however, I want to place some emphasis on how counter gravving is a counter to the outdated Grav Bomb Combo (Although that mainly applies to Goats as you need 3 Tanks to pull that off)
  • However, if the enemy win condition is the classic Bomb Shatter, or the Bomb and your Reinhardt gets pinned, all you need to do in Grav their Reinhardt so that he cant’ pin your Reinhardt making him vulnerable to the bomb, whilst also Gravving their Reinhardt so the range of the shatter gets diminished by kiting away from it

Cooldown Track Opposing Bubbles

  • Most Zarya’s Sub 4K will pointlessly use their bubble without much purpose.
  • You can exploit this by following up with a Grav, which would make it easier to follow up on a single target, and much easier for your Reinhardt to land a pin as they can’t be saved by Zarya’s bubbles if they’re off cooldown

Grav Follow-Up

  • If there are mutliple enemies captured in the Grav, the classic Right Click + Melee (Also an animation cancel that I believe I forgot to mention earlier on) will deal the most AoE (Area of Effect) damage. However, with the sheer amount of healing, dealing a maximum of 125 damage may not be enough, hence the typical EC, Beam, EC + Melee may be best to burn through a single target if they are receiving quite a bit of healing
  • However, if your team is doing a Grav Combo (Grav Pulse Bomb, Grav Drag) dealing the maximum amount of AoE damage (IE Right Click Melee) will be most optimal to make sure that nobody in the Grav lives (As focusing a single target may prevent follow up on other targets)

Learn When To Grav On Defense

So, do you Grav EARLY into a teamfight, do you Grav AS SOON AS you engage into a teamfight, or do you Grav LATE into the teamfight (On defense)?

‘There are 3 Main Resources that win teamfights… Meters on the Payload, Time on the clock, and Ult Charge’ – Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy, 2018

Let’s say you Grav EARLY

  • You barely gain any meters on the payload by it moving back
  • You hardly get any time off the clock
  • If you Grav and kill all six people, you gain little to no ult charge

So, on DEFENSE, you don’t Grav early… What about the other two options? Well, they are situational.

In the 2nd instance of Grav’ing as soon as you engage…

  • You want to do this IF they enemy team have a clear cut win condition for themselves E.G. Nanoblade/Grav
  • This is because you want to execute your win condition BEFORE the enemy team executes their own win condition, and if you wait too late, the enemy team will use their ultimates before you, and not even give you a chance to use Grav in the first place as you’ll all be dead

However, other than that, you want to Grav as LATE as possible in general…

  • Whilst the payload may move, it will move such a distance to the point where it is negligent
  • You cut off significantly more time off the time bank
  • You may gain extra ult charge in the period that your team is early in the midfight (EG Gaining an extra 30% on Trans compared to using Grav early, which will help you win the next teamfight)

N.B. Grav a Corner/Payload Against Matrix


This is often an aspect missed out and overlooked by many guides; Whilst Zarya’s positioning isn’t as important as her cooldown management with her bubbles, or as punishing as bad Zen/Ana positioning, it often defines your playstyle, and will either open up or lock out options for you as a team.

Leave The Teamfight If Lost

  • I really want to hammer this point home. I see so many Zarya’s just walk forward, barreling towards the enemy on high charge even when they’ve lost two players, and a bunch of ultimate voice lines have been popped from the enemy team.
  • There’s really no reason to not leave the teamfight if it’s lost, and I assume players do it due to tunnel vision or a false sense of security because nobody is focusing them at that moment. You dying puts you at the energy disadvantage, meaning that you will most likely be at the back hand of the bubble rotations in most scenarios
  • Escaping a lost teamfight (Especially on KOTH, or king of the hill) Maps, you can poke your head out to catch any spam before the teamfight actually begins) and you can minimise the amount of time you will spend having your energy decay

Off-Angle Away From MT

  • This is mainly to stay out of stun range in case your Main Tank doesn’t/Can’t block shatter, hence saving bubbles will be pointless
  • A good example of this can be playing on the opposite side of Volskaya Point B Defense to your Main Tank, or on the highground

Frontlining Vs Soft Flanking

  • You should mostly be positioned where you can return to cover within 2 to 3 seconds, as you can poke out for energy, then return to natural recover. This is to prevent you from playing angles that are too wide to gain energy, and hence you get punished (For instance, not keeping close to the cubby hole on Busan Downtown on the Point, and playing way too wide where anybody on the stairs has line of sight to punish you)
  • Learning when to take Soft Flanks depend upon the map, and how comfortable your Main Tank is. For example, if your Reinhardt feels comfortable managing the 1v2 on the frontline, you can defend or push from angles where DPS would normally play from. For example, pushing through Hotel on Kings Row First Point Attack on High charge to quickly eliminate an Ana scoped in, playing under the ally/bridge
  • When doing this, make sure to use your projected bubble on your Main tank for him to be able to take space during this time that you are on this soft flank, and to potentially take the enemy off guard as the’ll be given the impression that their Zarya is still close to their Reinhardt if a bubble is applied onto him
  • Save your personal bubble as well to block potential stuns or defects/status effects

Analysing Chengdu Hunters’ Zarya Ball Reverse Sweep

  • If you haven’t already, watch the series between the NYXL and Hunters from a few days ago – I’ll be specifically covering Chengdu’s defense on Havana, and their seemingly off meta Zarya Ball comp (Which is the most slept on duo in the ENTIRE game if played well) and Lateyoung’s (Chengdu’s Zarya) positioning
  • To set the scene: It’s 1st Point Defense on Havana, and you lost the first teamfight, and you manage to hold on to first point. With Havana being such a wide and spread out map, energy accumulation and retention, as well as Spam damage may be a problem…
  • In order to remedy this, Lateyoung plays by the Green car at the very end of first point. There’s a small clip of JJonak trying to land shots towards lateyoung and pressure the least mobile, most squishy tank on Hunters, but whenever this happens, Lateyoung manages to freely retreat to this car
  • Moreover, the self bubble can cleanse the discord, whilst Molly (Chengdu Zen Player) plays by the Mega to support Lateyoung if he gets dove by Mano (Nyxl Winston in that game)
  • Meanwhile, Chengdu’s Ashe sets up an off angle that quite often lands enough poke damage that makes Ameng receive the finishing blow (Or vice versa) onto JJonak, whilst Lateyoung can freely bubble him and gain an easy 40 energy
  • NYXL Can’t dive Lateyoung even with the discord due to the cover he has (and Self Bubble) the high charge making him a dangerous target, the threat from Molly’s discord onto Mano, and the objective pressure (You’ll be familiar with this if you’ve read through my Goats guide) that Lateyoung exerts onto the NYXL that can also be used as a form of cover. Not to mention that the sheer damage and decent poke Lateyoung can output

So, what about the other tank options instead of Zarya?

  1. Firstly, with Diva, you have much less poke damage than Zarya, a much bigger hitbox, no ability to cleanse discord, and your defense matrix cannot block the damage sources from either Winston or Zarya.
  2. Secondly, you don’t want to run Reinhardt, as you can’t cleanse discord, and Winston’s Tesla cannon has piercing damage, hence a discord ontop of Tesla cannon will make it tough for you to land any damage, alongside the fact that your shield will help nobody else apart from you.
  3. Orisa may be the other best pick as you have fortify, which acts as an extra life similar to Zarya’s personal, alongside decent poke damage. However, similar with Rein, your barrier is of limited use, and she is simply not a brawl character.
  4. With road hog, your hook can easily be countered with Zarya’s bubble, and you offer no form of selfless utility, alongside you being an ultimate battery for the opposing team.
  5. With Winston, you won’t have much cart control alongside the incapability to peel for your team, coupled with no defensive utility to peel if necessary.
  6. Finally, with Sigma, you are simply too squishy of a target, with your barrier offering less utility and versatility than Zarya’s bubble. Flux is also worse than Grav against that comp, considering that Winston and Mercy, who are key components to New York’s composition, have high mobility


Zarya Reinhardt: This is the most classic combo in which you can gain energy from you taking damage whilst Reinhardt swings, whilst also cycling ultimates as your Reinhardt can swing in Grav. The only weakness is a lack of off-angle coverage alongside close to no peel for your backline, in which you might want to consider going Diva.

Zarya D.Va: This combo has extremely high utility, however, there are no stuns, and it may be harder to gain value from your bubble compared to the other options. Point control and objective pressure may also be harder to keep or apply due to lack of main tank, however, you can pull off the Grav Diva bomb in the majority of ranks successfully.

Zarya Hog: This is the most chaotic duo Zarya has. There is no direct synergy between Zarya and Hog, however, he may feed you more energy than other options such as Orissa or Diva. Pushing through chokes will also be difficult alongside controlling the map, similar with the other off tank choices. I recommend this duo if you refuse to swap off Zarya, and you need some stun in your team to counter a Doom or a Reaper.

Zarya Winston: This is definitely an underrated combo, as your Winston is guaranteed to take damage during a dive. Make sure to push up when he creates space to be able to retain it over time. Both of your weapons are also cleave beam damage, meaning that this is on paper, a good duo/counter against overtly aggressive D.Va’s

Zarya Ball: This is an upgraded version of the previous duo as Ball has much more survivability than Winston, and can tank many of the stuns for Zaryya. However, you should be playing passive, applying objective pressure, farming energy when your Ball engages, and well within cover to bait the enemy team in over extending, just like the Hunters did in their reverse sweep.

Zarya Orissa: This duo may also be the weakest in contention with Hog, as both characters have different play styles, with Orissa being defensive, and you being aggressive, hence it may be hard to gain and retain energy. However, due to Orissa’s point presence, you can take off angles to anyone contesting your Orissa, ontop of how powerful both your ultimates are.

Zarya Sigma: This duo is best suited against bunker style comps such as Orissa Hog, although do not run Sigma Zarya against Dive. While both characters can dish out a high level of damage, alongside two very powerful ultimates, there is no defensive capability, with a limited amount of cover, no access to high ground, and few stuns.

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