Genshin Impact Efficient Start Out Guide

by FischlMain

I’ll preface this guide by saying it’s entirely written from a mentality of how best to effectively and quickly progress. There is little room to go wrong however you choose to play Genshin Impact. Regardless of your playstyle you will find problems that will pop up in your playthrough and solutions in this guide—but the play-by-play will come down to you.

What To Prep Before Day 1

The absolute best thing you can do before day one is figure out the main party you want. For the unaware Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa are all freebie units. You should also include Noelle and Xiangling to this list. Knowing your team and how pulling works will help you allocate resources. The more disciplined you are with your resources the better off you’ll be. You will spread yourself thin very quickly and struggle to keep up with resource costs otherwise. 

For pulling, the standard banner is a complete waste of primogems due to the pool of 5✦ being diluted with weapons. On top of this the only 5✦ characters you can pull from standard are Jean, Diluc, Keqing, Qiqi, and Mona. Which makes pulling essentially only viable on limited banners. This means your team might not be possible day one regardless of the amount of dollars you plan on throwing at your screen.

Repeat after me—one great party is worth more than two mediocre parties. The only content that requires two parties is the Spiral Abyss and even then you will have already acquired Xiangling long before that’s required.

Day 1

  1. Rush the story and quests until you’ve unlocked daily commissions at AR 12
  2. Spend all of your resin and max refreshes
  3. Collect all philanemo mushrooms
  4. Hunt down all elites mobs

Race Against The Clock

The server goes live at 9PM ET September 27th, the daily reset is 5AM ET. This leaves you with 7H to get the following done if you’re trying to min-max. If you’re focused the following shouldn’t take more than 3-4H. If you planned on rerolling that’s when it will get more complicated.

Unlocking Daily Commissions

Knocking out all the story and quests you can do will make this take significantly less time. Exploring is great and mostly what you do in Genshin Impact but it doesn’t keep up with the rewards of early game questing by itself. The goal here is to get onto the daily commission (AR 12) grind as soon as possible. If you want to further understand why I’ve written a whole guide on AR here.

Spend Your Resin!

All of it will go into ley lines as there is nothing else to spend it on. You can’t go wrong with EXP (AR 8) or mora (AR 10) ley lines so pick one or swap between the two and go for it. If you’re super gungho about efficiency do not do ley lines in Monstadt, only Liyue. Ley lines spawn randomly in a variety of locations but each location will spawn the same monsters each time. Elite mobs such as Agents do not spawn in Mondstadt. This is for the most part incredibly overkill day one but useful to know in general.

Collect Rare Resources

Philanemo mushrooms is the best example of this as it has a ~2-3 day respawn timer yet depending on your party composition you might find yourself needing a ton. Philanemo mushrooms can be found on buildings in Mondstadt, Springvale, and Dawn Winery. If you have collected all of the mushrooms in your World yet need more here are three options. Aside from Chloris these are universal to whatever resource you’re gunning for.


A wandering NPC found on the road above Windrise sells five mushrooms for 10,000 mora each. The shop resets every ~three days. Not the greatest option by any means but if you’re off by just a few it’s certainly the easiest.

Generous Friends

If for whatever reason your friends do not need them AND have them up on their World you can take theirs assuming you have their blessing. Easy to do but good luck finding anyone in the first few weeks that doesn’t need them and did not collect them. Ores can be shared but resources like philanemo mushrooms will only go to the party member who takes it.

Be Your Own Best Friend

No friends can part ways with their precious philanemo mushrooms? Don’t have any friends to begin with? Have a few hours to kill? Excellent. Create a new account so you can decimate the ecosystem of not only your World but another. This will require you to unlock co-op at AR 16 for the account though. Philanemo mushrooms have been the only example used but having another World to draw on extends to much more. Such as crystal chunks for enhancing weapons. This is not something worth doing on day one but the first ~week depending on your needs.

Elite Mob Extermination

Exactly how it sounds, whip out your Adventurer Handbook before the daily reset and knock out any elites. Weapons typically are the piece of gear lagging behind. Aside from the enhancement materials most resources are time limited for weapons. Domains rotate their drops depending on the day. Elites have long ~18H+ respawn timers. There is no solution to domains but elites have a solution.

Teaming Up > Solo

In terms of efficiency co-op is typically the weaker option unless you’re not strong enough for the content. Crucible and elite mobs are the exception to this rule. Killing elites in a party rewards each player with loot so rather than limiting yourself to solely your World’s resources you can now do a rotation for each party member. Find yourself ideally three other members of the same World Level and go to town!

General Tips & Tricks

  • There is a chest in Liyue at the Fatui bank for 200K mora
  • Always go out of your way to collect an oculus—future you will be thankful!
  • Don’t enhance anything under 3✦
  • Unless you’re positive you will be able to refine a 4✦ weapon you’re typically better off with a max refined 3✦
  • Aim to max Anemo statue long before you consider Geo

Unless you absolutely need to try not to spend fragile resin in the early game the AR guide explains a bit more of why

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