Teamfight Tactics Teemo Carry Guide

by The Great Lakes

Hi All,

It’s The Great Lakes, your favorite 1-tricking Challenger assistant principal. Each patch I pick a comp to 1-trick to Challenger. It took awhile to work the kinks out, but for patch 10.12, I created a Teemo Carry comp which I 1-tricked to top 100 NA.

This guide will be a little different than the others for two reasons: One, Challenger has not been released yet, but at the time of writing this guide I hit top 100 NA, which warrants a guide I suppose. Two, I want to go into a little detail on how to successfully 1-trick.

Let’s take a look at the comp first

The Great Lakes Teemo Carry

1. Stages of the Game:

Preferred Level 6*

I rarely achieve this comp or even a variation of this comp at level 6. Please see disclaimer.

Level 7 Comp

Level 8 Comp

Level 9 Comp


Levels 4-6 are WILD right now. People are pushing levels super early. There are more champs in the pool, so you can’t reliably hit a preferred early game comp. 4-costs are showing up on boards before krugs. You boys need to be flexible gamers at this stage in the game and play your strongest board while trying to econ for fast level pushes. I know “JUST PLAY YOUR STRONGEST BOARD AND ECON” isn’t stellar advice by any means, but it’s the state of the game in the early levels right now. This is healthy for the game overall, but it means I can’t deliver unto you a consistent early game strategy as rerolling and utilizing low cost champs in the late game are a thing of the past. Battlecast/brawlers/blaster is also a great opener, but it really just depends on what you hit early.

2. Positioning and Champion Rationale:

Why Not 4-Snipers?

First off, I feel very comfortable with builds that you can complete at level 8 instead of level 9. 4 Snipers is a comp that comes fully online at level 9. While many players who are better than me can consistently hit level 9 every game, I acknowledge the weaknesses in my play style and work around them to compete at the highest level. My econ game is not stellar, so I only hit level 9 every other game or so and only with the help of an early game Bard. This build hits full stride at level 8 and is perfect for players who do not have a full mastery of the game such as myself.

Why Blitz?

Alongside rounding out the brawler and chrono traits for the comp, Blitz provides a key strategic advantage to the comp in terms of synergy with Teemo. Teemo always casts his shrooms at the closest enemy. Blitz will act as a way to group more units together at the beginning of the fight for teemo to cast on. Even if your opponent positions for your Blitz, at the end of the day, his pull will group more enemies together which allows for your teemo to do more damage. This is also why Teemo is positioned in the middle of the back row instead of the far side.

Why Line The Frontline in a Row?

Again, the goal is to maximize the grouping of enemy champions. By not spreading out your frontline and Blitz pulling additional units in, enemy units bunch up more which is good for: Teemo’s DPS, Naut’s frontline ult, Gnar’s ult, and Wukong’s ult so he has to travel less distance. Each of your frontline units directly benefit from clusters of enemy champions.

3. Leveling, Econ, and Rolling:

This comp is very dependent on 4-cost champions. Therefore, pushing levels is vital for completing the build earlier and losing less hp against the more aggressive meta that we are in.

Level 4

Immediately level to 4 on 2-1. You need to begin acquiring 2 and 3-cost champions sooner and an early bard will give you a large advantage later in the game. Ahri, Jayce, and Bard are great at this stage in the game. If you see Karma, pass her up. She will take away from your econ if you pick her up before Krugs.

Level 5

Go to level 5 after the stage 2 carousel. You should be at level 5 and 10 gold on 2-5. Now you have a chance at a lucky 4-cost.


Try to be at 20-30 gold and 80 health at the completion of Krugs.

Level 6

If you hit an early game Bard and you have sufficient gold, go to level 6 after Krugs. If you did not hit early Bard or you are poor, go to level 6 at 3-2. Again, the goal is to speed up access to 4-cost champions as this build uses 5 of them. If you hit Soraka at this point in the game, do not buy her as she is your level 8 addition.

Level 7

Wolves should be the latest you level to 7. If you hit an early Bard or have the gold to hit level 7 with 40 gold left over, do so after the stage 3 carousel. If I am weak, I will roll to 30 gold at level 7.

Level 8

On a typical game, you should level to 8 when you have enough money to hit 8 and roll down ~40 gold (Typically around the stage 4 carousel). However, if you hit units early, Bard gave you a ton of exp, or have the health to wait, this is when you decide if you are going to 9 or not. If healthy and strong like GV8’s Mom, then level to 8 and maintain 30 gold. This gold will get you to 9.

Level 9

If you are lucky enough to hit level 9, it is most likely a top 3. This is when you get to decide on if you want a 2nd 2-star Teemo in your line up or a Thresh. I prefer a 2nd Teemo, but any strong champion in the 9th slot will work.

4. Bard – When to Use:

Pray for the early game Bard boys. He will change the trajectory of your game in terms of leveling and econ. Feel free to slam an attack speed item or two on him. However, if you hit your first Bard after Krugs or if you are bleeding out HP, Bard’s time on your roster has passed. Big boi is not worth having on your team if you are getting demolished every round and he only gets 1 cast off.

5. Items and Carousel Priority:

As mentioned in the title, Teemo is your main carry. This means that his items are priority. Blue Buff is your most important item. Be sure to go for tears and rods for the first few carousels. Teemo can use Blue Buff alongside Morello’s, Death Cap, or Ludens. Morellos is the 2nd most important right now because of all the 4 Mystic players. Speaking of 4 Mystic trash, they take your tears on carousel. Watch for which players are going Cassiopeia as it may be worth inting a round or two to get a pick before them.

After completing Blue Buff and 1 AP item for Teemo, it’s time to switch to Jhin. Last Whisper is Jhin’s most important item followed by IE. After those two are complete feel free to make a Death Blade, Giant Slayer, Hurricane, whatever the game gives you feel free to slam after those two priority items.

6. Infiltrators:

Infiltrators can give you a rough time with the standard positioning, especially an infil Irelia. If you are going up against an Infiltrator player, adjust your positioning to bring Gnar into the back row where the infil is jumping and position your carries away using the mystics as a buffer. Gnar will provide a tanky target that infils get stuck on and he can CC units away from the carries.

7. Beware of Spats:

They almost always turn out to be dead unless you make a Celestial Spat and opt for Lulu over Soraka or get a FoN.

Tips on 1-Tricking With Consistent Success:

1. Select a Comp That Can Utilize Every Item:

If you are going to force a comp every game with consistent success, there must be flexibility within your inflexibility. Some games, creeps are going to drop you nothing but swords and bows. Other games, you may get an abundant amount of rods and tears. I struggled with my trips to Challenger as Star Guardian only and Mana Printer only when non-optimal items dropped for me as they were often wasted. However, my trip to Challenger with Void only seemed incredibly smooth in comparison because Void had an ADC and an AP carry which meant no item was wasted. Part of the reason why I chose my current 1-trick build was because it provided options as to which champion would be the main carry and which champion would be the off carry based off of my creep item drops.

2. Select a Build That Can Viably Support More Than 1 Player:

Again, reflecting on the SG, Mana Printer, and Void climbs, the latter two were far easier. Mana Printer required no 2-stars for a top finish and Void’s 3-stars were all 1-costs which can easily be hit by more than 1 player. As a 1-trick you are going to be contested in some games. It is favorable to you if the build you are running does not depend on 3-starring two and three cost champions.

3. Do Not 1-Trick a Comp That Depends Heavily on Hitting a 5-Cost:

This game has a large element of RNG in it. Depending on hitting a 5-cost to round out your comp can be very risky depending on the game. If you look through all of my guides, you will notice that all of them are lacking a 5-cost in the core build. 4-cost carries are extremely powerful and can be reliably hit on a consistent basis. I love to use 5-cost champions to add power to my builds at level 9, but in terms of the core level 8 comp, they are notably excluded.

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