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by thatsPRIMAL

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Hi! I’m “thatsPRIMAL” and I peaked in Challenger across all 3 sets, currently on a struggle bus in high Masters. I also commentated the NA Championship – I was the crazy black dude with warpaint. I left Riot in April to follow my dream of becoming a pro gamer: competing, streaming and making content. You can learn more about that, and see my past guides on my YouTube Channel. I also stream most days with a focus on education at 12PM PT at! We have warpaint and a puppy, his name is Uzi.

I’m back with a guide to playing Jinx Rebels. This build has been a mainstay for the majority of set 3, and with the buffs to Gangplank, Rebels, and the Rebel units has re-entered relevancy. Here’s an overview of some of the nuances of how to play it.


Core Principles

  • Gangplank is your win condition now, and getting at minimum a Guardian Angel for him is important for taking first place.
  • 6 Rebel will provide better scaling into the late game, so you’ll look for 6 Rebel to be your final comp. However, you can run 4 Brawlers as a transition, and should look to run 4 Brawler temporarily if you find Gnar 2.
  • Jinx utilizes Rapid Fire Cannon to attack mech and enemy snipers like Teemo and Jhin from a safe distance and Giant Slayer to deal massive damage to tanky front liners like Neeko and Mech
  • Positioning is extremely important with this comp – see the video for tips on how to think about how Blitz and Gangplank interact, Blitz and Gnar interact, and Jinx and Blitz interact.



  • Performs well vs Mech when properly positioned with Giant Slayer (the more the better) and RFC
  • Lots of CC and disruption options to counter enemy carries by utilizing good positioning


  • Struggles vs Ekko due to Ekko targeting Jinx
  • Gangplank is heavily reliant on Guardian Angel
  • Very reliant on good and flexible positioning
  • Reliant on hitting GP


When to play this:

  • You get an early Rebels or Brawlers + Blasters composition.
  • You can make Guardian Angel + Ionic by end of stage 3
  • You can make an early Red Buff

Key Items

  • Jinx
    • Giant Slayer: Best in class damage item for Jinx due to the fact that, unlike Infinity Edge, the damage buff applies to Jinx irrespective of whether she has activated her ultimate or not. A very strong item in this meta that shines vs high HP targets like Mech, Neeko with Warmogs, 6 Cybernetic Ekko, etc.
    • Rapid Fire Cannon: An outstanding item on Jinx that compensates for her short range by allowing her to auto attack without moving to unsafe positions where she’s vulnerable to Mech, Teemo, and Infiltrators. Also allows Jinx to win 1v1s vs enemy snipers, who outrange her when she doesn’t have RFC.
    • Red Buff: A strong early game item that will help you preserve hp and earn gold when placed on any blaster. Late game, I prefer to place this item on Jinx because:
      • You generally will only find 12-14 item components in a game, and often won’t have enough spare components to make 3 items for Jinx and Red Buff for Ezreal without sacrificing Gangplank or utility items.
      • Jinx is the highest attack speed blaster, and as such spreads Red Buff more quickly and reliably than Ezreal.
      • Ezreal is often killed quickly late game due to the need to put him in vulnerable positions, making him a poor user of Red Buff.
      • The extra defensive stats help Jinx withstand burst attacks.
  • Gangplank
    • Guardian Angel: By far the most important GP item as it all but guarantees he gets at least one ult in a teamfight. Without this, GP will often die before ulting, especially when dealing with Shroud or Mana Reavers.
    • Ionic Spark: Another exceptional early game item that helps you winstreak, especially when built in stage 2. Very good in combination with Guardian Angel because Guardian Angel gives you more time to activate Ionic Spark.

Also good:

  1. Zephyr: Incredibly obnoxious and tilting when placed on Blitz as it makes it hard for opponents to be safe from his hook (since he will Zephyr the unit in the corner and pull the unit next to them).
  2. Luden’s Echo: An amazing winstreak item. One of my favorite openers is Luden’s Echo on Ziggs + Rebels. Late game, can be transferred to Aurelion Sol. Also good on Ahri and Twisted Fate.
  3. Warmogs: A decent ghetto Guardian Angel for Gangplank if you don’t get components for GA. Makes Gangplank tankier and more likely to ult.
  4. Runaan’s Hurricane: A solid offensive item for Jinx once you already have Giant Slayer or Red Buff because it applies the on-hit effects from those items across multiple units.
  5. Deathblade: Another good offensive item for Jinx because both her autoattacks and her ultimate scale off of the attack damage that Deathblade gives you.
  6. Hand of Justice: A good use of tear and glove in this comp – place this on Aurelion Sol late game since he benefits from both the healing and increased damage. Also not bad on Gangplank because the mana allows him to ult more quickly, and if he gets the 50% damage buff, can 1 shot enemy teams.
  7. Morellonomicon: A good item late game once you already have an Aurelion Sol. Note that this is redundant with Red Buff, so ideally you should aim to use your Rod and Belt in another way if you already have Red Buff.

Not Good:

  1. Last Whisper: Jinx’ Rockets are magic damage, so this item loses effectiveness when she ults.
  2. Infinity Edge: Jinx’ Rockets don’t crit (unless you have Jeweled Gauntlet), making this a poor offensive choice.

Level 8 and 9 Comp

What to prioritize on first carousel, in order of priority:

  1. Chain: This builds into Red Buff and Guardian Angel. Red Buff is very strong early and will help you winstreak when placed on Kog’Maw or Lucian. Guardian Angel is also good early when placed on Rumble or Darius.
  2. Sword: Critical for Giant Slayer and Gangplank. If you get excess Swords, you can also make Deathblade, which is good on Jinx.
  3. Bow: Helpful for making Rapid Firecannon and Giant Slayer.


Stage by Stage breakdown:

Early Game (Stage 1 and 2)

  1. Play your strongest board, and prioritize making Red Buff, Ionic Spark, or GA ASAP. Kog and Lucian are excellent Red Buff users early, and Kog 2 + Battlecast can carry you all the way until stage 5. An early Ziggs + Rumble combo is extremely strong as it grants you demolitionist, and both of those are strong individual units. Ionic + GA is great on Rumble or Darius, both of whom can hold those items until you find Gangplank.

Mid Game (Stage 3)

  1. Continue playing your strongest board. If you find a Jinx at this point but already have a Kog 2, don’t sell Kog 2, as he will be stronger until either Jinx is 2 or you’re playing Aurelion Sol. Ideally, go level 7 after carousel to prolong a winstreak.

Mid-Late (Stage 4)

  1. Go 8 at 4-3 and roll 30-40 gold looking for Jinx 2 and GP 1 with GA. If you hit those units, you will be strong enough to go to level 9. Jinx 2 with Gnar 2 and 4 Brawlers will also allow you to go 9. Riven 2 is a great item holder for GP if you don’t already have a Rumble 2, and provides Blademaster + Chrono. With the buffs to Yi, he now does a reasonable amount of damage late game.

Late Game:

  1. If you hit Jinx 2 and GP with GA, usually you can go to 9 ASAP, or roll a little bit to upgrade 2-3 cost units until you go 9 after carousel. If you didn’t hit, roll down here until you’re strong. Pay extra attention to Zephyr positions, and if there’s no enemy Blitz in the lobby and you have Rapid Firecannon, position Jinx in the corner to exploit her high range. If you already have Yi 2 and Yasuo 2, consider playing Riven over Blitzcrank, as Blitzcrank likely won’t pull a high value target lategame and Blademaster Buff is non-trivial on Yi.


Win (1st places) Conditions:

  1. Gangplank with upgrades (two strikes being the most important) and GA
  2. Jinx 2 with key items
  3. Aurelion Sol with 2+ items.



  1. Check out the video guide for positioning details




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