Teamfight Tactics Battlecast Reroll Strategy Guide

by thatsPRIMAL

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Hi! I’m “thatsPRIMAL” and I peaked in Challenger across all 3 sets. I recently left Riot to follow my dream of becoming a pro gamer: competing, streaming and making content. You can learn more about that, and see my past guides on my YouTube Channel. I also stream most days with a focus on education at 6PM PT at! We have warpaint and a puppy.

I’m back with a guide to playing Reroll Battlecast. This build uses primarily low cost units, strong early game units to dominate mid and early game, and then focusing on 3 starring them so that you scale into the late game. It uses Battlecast level 4 or 6 to provide extra damage and survivability to your team, while leveraging items that allow you to generate stacks of Battlecast quickly.


Core Principles

  • Kog’maw will be your primary carry, and you’ll equip him with items that allow him to hit multiple units simultaneously and apply damage over time to all of them, mechanics that generate stacks of Battlecast much more quickly than Kog would if you itemized him for single-target damage.
  • You’ll try to winstreak early, and then reroll your interest (ideally above 50 gold) at level 5 to 3 star Kog, Nocturne, Illaoi, Graves (for blaster) and Malphite (for brawler).
  • You’ll round out your core team of Kog, Nocturne, Illaoi and Malphite with additional 4-5 costs who complete synergies (Fizz/Ekko for Infiltrator, Gnar if you didn’t get Malphite 3, Soraka/Lulu for Mystic). Alternatively, you can add Viktor and Urgot for 6 Battlecast, which adds a lot of extra damage, but comes at the cost of other synergies if you do not have a Battlecast Spatula.



  • Strong early and midgame, allowing you to snowball the game for an easy top 4
  • Relies on item components that are easy to get
  • Performs well vs auto-attack comps due to Graves


  • Heavily reliant on Kog 3
  • Falls off late game without perfect items and Urgot 2


When to play this:

  • You’re on Trade Sector (reroll galaxy)
  • You can secure a stage 2 Red Buff or Statikk Shiv
  • You have Kog’Maw 2 by 3-1

Key Items

  • Overall Priority: Kog’Maw>Illaoi
  • Kog’Maw
    • Red Buff: An exceptional early game item that will help you winstreak easily. Red Buff deals damage over time – 10% of the enemy’s max HP over 4 seconds. Every second that Red Buff is dealing damage, Kog’Maw gets a stack of Battlecast, making Kog the best Red Buff user in the game, as he can hit multiple units simultaneously thanks to Blaster.
    • Runaan’s Hurricane: Helps Kog generate Battlecast stacks faster by allowing him to hit at least 2 people every time he autoattacks. Synergizes extremely well with Red Buff and Battlecast as it allows him to apply Red Buff to multiple targets.
    • Statikk Shiv: Gives Kog more Battlecast stacks (I think you’re getting the idea now) by allowing him to hit multiple units every time Shiv activates. Scales with the star level of the unit you put it on, making it even better once Kog is 3.
  • Illaoi
    • Ionic Spark: Another exceptional early game item that helps you winstreak, especially when built in stage 2. Helps Battlecast synergy deal more damage when it activates because Battlecast damage is magic, and Ionic Spark reduces magic resistance. When Ionic Spark activates due to the enemy casting spells, it contributes Battlecast stacks, making Illaoi tankier and allowing her to passively deal more damage.
    • Bramble Vest: Makes Illaoi much tankier by removing damage from critical strikes, and contributes to Battlecast stacks whenever it reflects damage back at the enemy. Also scales with the star level of the unit, making it better when Illaoi is 3.

Also good:

  1. Shroud of Stillness: An all around great item in this meta, as it slows down enemy ultimates, often allowing your team to ult before the enemy.
  2. Deathblade: A solid damage item on Kog if you have spare swords since Kog is hitting multiple units, allowing him to generate deathblade stacks quickly.


Level 8 and 9 Comp

What to prioritize on first carousel, in order of priority:

  1. Chain: This builds into Red Buff and Bramble Vest, which are incredible early and help you winstreak.
  2. Bow: Great for making Statikk Shiv and Runaan’s Hurricane. Shiv is another great early game item and Runaan’s is very strong once you already have Red Buff.


Stage by Stage breakdown:

Early Game (Stage 1 and 2)

  1. Play your strongest board, and prioritize making Red Buff, Ionic Spark, or Statikk Shiv ASAP. Any 2* Vanguard or ideally Illaoi can carry Red Buff and Ionic. Statikk Shiv is good on anyone with high attack speed, and ideal on Kog. Push level 5 if you are winstreaking to increase your chances to find Kog. Lucian is a fine item holder for Kog as well. Pick up Graves, but don’t itemize him unless you have to, as ideally you want to 3 star Graves and don’t want to have to sell him to itemize Kog.

Mid Game (Stage 3)

  1. Stay at level 5 and econ to 50 gold. Every turn, reroll the interest you have above 50 gold to find Kog, Illaoi, Nocturne, Malphite and Graves. Stay at level 5 until you find Kog and at least 1 other 3 star.

Mid-Late (Stage 4)

  1. Once you find Kog and another 3 star, unless you’re close to finding additional three stars (i.e. 8 out of 9 copies of the champion), focus on getting to level 7 ASAP to complete your synergies, the highest priority one being 4 Battlecast. Pick up Cass and either Karma, Lulu, or Soraka for 4 Battlecast + 2 Mystic. Fizz will likely be your additional infiltrator at this point in the game, until you find Ekko 2. At level 7, scout to determine whether Fizz is more impactful or Mystic would be.
  2. If you’re not close to Malphite 3, abandon him and go for Gnar as a substitute (if Gnar isn’t super contested).

Late Game:

  1. At this point, hopefully you’re still healthy. Do not overly concern with yourself with getting 6 Battlecast, and instead focus on adding a combination of Ekko, Urgot, and Viktor, prioritizing whoever you manage to 2 star.


Win (1st places) Conditions:

  1. 3 key items on Kog
  2. 3 starring Kog, Illaoi, Graves, Nocturne and getting either Gnar 2 or Malphite 3



  1. Check out the video guide for positioning details
  2. Keep Kog near the middle or 1 hex from the left or right to keep him safe from Infiltrators.
  3. Keep Illaoi and Kog on the same side so that Kog can hit units that Illaoi is reducing the Armor and Magic Resistance of.
  4. Keep Nocturne on the same side as the enemy carry – he can single handedly win fights with his ability to stun carries.
  5. Keep Graves front line so he ults ASAP.




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