League of Legends Being a Better Top Lane Player

by Thresho_Ni

Many people who are playing high ELO ranked games probably didn’t even think about most of the aspects on this list so here I am. I will make a list of things you probably didn’t know or never did before and what it will do is improve your self-consciousness about LoL and your overall performance.

Don’t expect this post to be “5 quick tips on how to rank up fast” because I want to focus on how to be a better player, and hitting a rank is an only transitional process.

Those are things that most of the challenger players and pro’s focus on.


  • Info about TP (ADV)

When I have TP in the early game

I should tell my botlane to put the ward on the back of the opponents to avoid the pressure or just use the teleport when they push

  • Timing TP

TP timing

Whenever the opponent uses TP, I have to save the timer and remind the team every time I play

  • Prio = deep ward

You have prio and pushed the line?

Go down to the river and then to the enemy’s Gromp / Krugs (depending on which side you are on) and place a ward there to increase the enemy jungler’s detectability

Also, remember to use vision plants that are in your opponent’s jungle to prevent them from being used

  • Info about wave (Slowpush)

If you know that a big wave is stacking for you or your opponent, inform

No wave can be wasted, whenever there are several waves on your line, you need to inform your team about it, as it can be used in several ways:

  1. You can go down to the objective as you will have prio
  2. You can dive/torture the opponent under the tower
  3. You can save the opponent’s dive or let go of the rook if you know that it is impossible to defend the dive
  4. You can call your jungler if you expect the opponent to gank you before the wave crashes

In all situations, you should ping the wave that comes out of your base if something is going on. The key is to inform in advance

  • Possibility of splitpush

If you are a splitpusher

You need to know if you can take the 1v1 tower and communicate it to the team

If so, push deep with the vision on your side of the mid and your quarter of the jungle

If not – then either push and rotate to your flank or call someone from your team to do a 2v1 dive

  • Fight info

Info when I fight on the lane

When I and the opponent are after a bigger exchange or when I’m in the fight, it is better to inform the opponent with the slogan “fight in the top, come” or “we are both low”

Very often, the first jungler / midlaner who will react in such a situation and help us gets a kill instead of, for example, finishing a gromp

  • Avoiding dive

When I’m being dived Sometimes it is impossible to defend my lane (I am weakside) and then the opponent tries to dive or deny us (we have to run away from the tower) Often in such a situation if the opponents are still on the TOP (they do not allow us to return to the tower), it is better to run to the MID through your jungle than to stand AFK on the top between the towers Thus, we can either give prio to mid and then crossmap to another lane or immediately inform our MID and he can do the crossmap himself while we go to MID to catch the next wave

  • Roaming from side to Mid

When I want to group with the team after pushing a lane

When it’s midgame and I have pushed some side lane and want to join the team, I have two options:

  1. I go down the jungle/river and I can force a flank but I need the vision to keep them from catching me and a visual control to keep them from seeing me
  2. I move back in the bush to the base and go to the team across the line from the base which makes me “invisible” but I have no flank then, good for sion / ornn characters
  • Strong/Weak side

I have to know If I am strong side or weak side

I need to know if the jungler and my team will be playing the next few minutes around my side of the map or the other one and make decisions depending on that

  • The help of Jungler with the wave

If my wave is in a bad position or I want a free reset, call jungler

Learn to use a jungler as an aid on a wave

Remember to mix with him – jungler cannot waste camps on this

  • Lvl 1 ward

Ward lvl 1 before waves appear

Sometimes, depending on the matchup, when I know that I will need a ward earlier, it is worth placing it while still in the bush at lvl 1

Thanks to this, the opponent does not know that I bet the ward (as opposed to when I approach the ward after the laning phase has already started)

  • Weakside – doing camps

If you are afraid of crossmaping, you should do jungle camps

Sometimes when I know that my team is playing around the second part of the map and therefore I cannot come to my tower, it is worth at least to clean the jungle camps in this quarter of the jungle at that time

Not only that, at least we farm something, we also leave nothing in the jungle that the opponent could farm

  • Wave control after TP

After my TP on the bot, I have to quickly decide what’s going on on Top “Time is money after my teleport”. When I use a bot teleport, for example when defending a gank or playing a dive, the most important thing is to decide on the TOP quickly after the end of the action If I am to go back there, I do not stay to finish the tower and push the waves (unless I was left alone), I just immediately go back to the base and run or appoint another person from the team to take over TOP

  • Checking enemy BB at lvl 1

Scout your enemy in 130 playing on the red side

If opponents are unable to catch you, you should be able to determine on an exclusionary basis which camp the opposing jungler starts with. Consider leaving the vision here.

  • Searching for TP play

Consider proactively teleporting early in the game. If you can find a good teleport with a good lane condition on top by the fifth minute, most likely the individual will lose very little.


· Timing summoners

· Wave management

· Ping opponent’s wards

· Time opponent’s wards in the early game

· Fake warding (entering fog of war to make enemies think you warded somewhere)

· Fake roam (same as in fake warding)

· Controlling enemy control wards (checking if the enemy has bought a control ward and then think where he could put it if he comes back without it)

· Matchup list (make yourself a list of matchups you have played, how did you do, prons and cons, tips, then it will be easier for you to play those matchups)

· Info about matchup after the draft (in the loading screen and every free time between games, think what’s your game plan, when the enemy has power spike when you have power spike, what is our win condition, etc)

· Control wards > pots in mid-game (self-explanatory)

· Buy control wards (every recall you should leave the base with at least one control ward unless you don’t have any space in your backpack)

· Trinket change (dependent on role change your wards to oracle or farsight)

· Using your prio (think if you can step off the line and put pressure on other lines or go gank/dive)

· Conscious vision depending on the map

· Make yourself a tier list (simply make a tier list of your champion pool, your favorite champs, what are their good and bad matchups, etc)

· Info about power spikes (when my champ is significantly stronger than other, which item or level gives is an advantage above others)

· Timing reset before objective (you should avoid situations where your team couldn’t set up an objective because you didn’t time your reset right and couldn’t compete for 4v5 fight)

· Make prio before objective (if you want to take baron/drake/herald make sure you have prio on your lane so if enemies decide to compete, no matter if they win or lose the fight, they gonna lose some gold and exp that’s in creeps or jungle camps)

· Planning your first ward (you have to predict the route of the opposite jungler – if you know there may be a level 2 gank then place a trinket but if there is no such basis then put up later. if you are sure about lvl 2 to gank, you can even put a trinket before the ones appear so that it will renew faster then or change it to the oracle)

· Vision plant (learn how to use vision plant to show important places but not to see on the lines that I used it)

· Analyse idol’s game (humanoid in conversation with veggie – “I did the biggest improvement on the line as I started watching faker stream and giving a pause every 5 seconds and I was wondering what he was doing and why. it is worth choosing 2-3 players at a world level who play in the style we would like to play and model on them. my development as a player is 80% playing soloq / scrims and 20% watching others and analyzing outside the game”)

· don’t be scared of using your ultimate (my ult cooldown is a useable resource. I’m throwing varus ult to burn him a flash. we shouldn’t keep our ulti, especially if it gives cc)

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