Guild Wars 2 PvE Raids PoV Video Guides

by StepW

Hey hey. I’m the guild leader of an EU PvE raid training guild, the Raid Training Initiative [RTI].

We’re a raid training guild that has been putting a lot of effort into helping lower the entry barrier to get into raids. We lead dozens of raid trainings every month for complete newbies on any time and day, give people individual assistance with their builds and gameplay, organise temporary training statics, host training streams/workshops, and answer raid-related questions from people on a daily basis. We’ve also quite recently reworked our community to be entirely Discord-based, meaning we don’t use any external spreadsheets, websites, forms, or even need you to be in the in-game guild.

One of the things we’ve been doing is recording raiding PoVs. You can learn more about them in my previous post that I linked above, but in a nutshell, a raiding PoV is just a video recording of someone playing a specific role or class in raids, showcasing exemplary gameplay and showing off exactly how to perform that role as is expected of you in pugs, raid trainings, and statics. We have videos showing how to, e.g., tank Dhuum, or hand kite on multiple different classes on Deimos, or kite on Qadim, or navigate Twisted Castle, or even just plain DPS PoVs if you’re not expected to do anything special beyond cranking out the damage numbers. These are all done with familiar and up-to-date strategies that you will see in pugs and trainings, rather than speedkill videos where strategies and phase times are completely unrealistic for most groups or even out of date due to being done many patches ago.

Since the last time I posted, we’ve recorded about 50 new PoV videos, some which update old videos that had problems and most which introduce new things like Druid PoVs for harder bosses, mechanic-free DPS PoVs for all bosses, alternate strategies like throne tank on Dhuum, alternate class roles like Druid doing anomalies on Qadim the Peerless instead of BS, and a whole host of other videos. We want to make this as comprehensive of a resource as possible for new raiders or people interested in trying new roles.

Before we go ahead with the PoVs, I urge anyone even remotely interested in getting into raids (or even raid commanding) to join the RTI Discord. You don’t have to be a member to join – you can hang around, chat, and make use of our wealth of constantly-updated raid resources, guides, and videos. If you do want to start training raids, all you need to do is follow the instructions in the #join_us channel. Joining RTI is commitment-free and you can then sign up to any training raid you want, with the only expectation being that if you choose to sign up for a training raid, you actually show up at the time and date.

Having said all that, here is the list of raiding PoVs! Feel free to save this Reddit post as I’ll try and keep it updated from here on out every time we make updates to it, but if you want the absolute up-to-date list of videos along with all our other resources, join our Discord!

Hope this helps encourage people to start playing some of the most fun and engaging content in the game :).

Raid POVs

Wing 1

Wing 2

Wing 3

Wing 4

Wing 5

Wing 6

Wing 7

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