Epic Seven SkyStone F2P Guide

by AstralOsu

Hi everyone !

Today I want to make a quick guide about free-to-play Skystones and how to manage them as a new player/mid game player

(Note that this is my opinion and you don’t have to follow or agree with what I say, you can comment if you think I’m wrong !)

For new players:

First: monthly skystones,

Do your daily missions ! You get 50 skystones a day, this means you get 1500 skystones (and 30 BM) per month for free. Also do the Trial of Ascension tower thing, it’s an extra 500 skystones per month. Lastly, arena gives some skystones too, push the highest rank you can to get the maximum skystones each week (don’t take the Mystics bookmarks, they’re a scam) for a gold player, you can get around 300 skystones per week, so 1200 a month. I’ll add the 3/3/3 Heart of Orbis (18 skystones a day with 50% chance for 27 ss) that’s around 650 skystones. If you add all of that + the 400 skystones for the daily log-in, you could make 4000+ free skystones per month without problem (3 months of saving = one pity)

Edit : NPC arena ! They also gives a lot of skystones when cumulated over time ! Don’t skip them

Note : if you add the 5$ pack (1100ss/month); that’s 5k+ skystones/month so almost one pity every 2 months ! And if you are higher ranked in arena, it’s even more too ! (Challenger 5 gives 600 ss/week)

Second: the one time skystones,

The game is really free-to-play friendly in the early game. You get 15 skystones per stage clear and 50 skystones per region in the Episode 1 storyline. This equals to around 3800 skystones for the entire Episode 1. You can add the Unrecorded History which is around 4600 skystones and around the same for Episode 2. This equals to around 13 000 free skystones just for completing the entire storyline.

Now for the abyss: you can get a 1000 skystones from floor 15 to 45, and 1000 more at stage 60. (New player will start to struggle after floor 60 IMO)

This brings the total to 15 000 free skystones. (In perspective you would need to spend 500$ to get 15k ss)

Now some tips on how to manage these as a new player:

The most important thing as a new player is to get to the « end game » and be able to farm Hunts 13 (especially W13). As a new player, I understand that you really want to summon with all those skystones for new units but let me show you my account as an exemple : I pulled a lot during my early game and most of the Nat 5 I got are still in the waiting room. I have 6, 5-stars heroes that I pulled in the early game that I don’t and can’t use because I don’t have the gear, the fodders or the mollas for them. Most of my teams revolve around Tama and A.Momo and 2 other 3/4-stars units.

IMO, you should only summon on banners, and on banners that can benefit you in the PvE department. Like for example the last Tama or Sigret banners, because they are really good in PvE and they can allow you to speed up your progression. A counter example would be to pull for Celine. She is a waifu but she will only be useful in PvP (even though she can be ok in PvE, there are better 3-stars units that can do more in PvE than her). She will slow you down because you will be spending precious resources on a PvP oriented hero. If a limited banner shows up, you should summon on it and try to get that limited hero because you can not know when the banner will come back (it’s summer soon and I hope SSB will return, saving for that rn !)

Otherwise, use your skystones and Leifs to refresh energy and keep farming 6-stars and hunts to get better gears and reach Hunts 13.

Note: if you want bookmarks and you have a lot of gold, you can refresh your shop to get some, it’s around 66 ss (so 22 refreshes) for 5 bookmarks which is cheaper than the 100 ss for 5 bookmarks, but you need to spend some gold. With this method, you would need to spend (on average) 8k skystones for one pity versus the 11 500 raw skystones without shop refresh, but this would cost you 22M gold.

I think that’s all I have to say ! If you have any questions, skystones related or not, feel free to ask !

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