Valorant Brimstone Defensive Smokes on Bind Guide

by MxChamp24

Hey everyone i’m Dragonmar and i’m going to be writing up a little post here to teach you some awesome Brimstone techniques for the map Bind, very similar to my last post about Haven. Obviously, this post is meant to be viewed through the eyes of a defender, but by learning these techniques you will learn how to counter them on attack as well. As always, with my posts i’ll include a link a link to the video that they are based off of, but the core of the video will be written in the tips below!


Tip 1: Use 1 Smoke for free Orbs (A-Showers, and B-Long)

  • In A-Showers or bath if you prefer to call it that, there is an orb toward the doorway towards A-Teleporter. The orb resides just inside of showers meaning that with one smoke you can easily block off vision of the orb of the attackers, allowing you to take control of the orb and use it for your team.
  • Outside of B-Teleporter at long, there will be another orb. This orb can be easily accessed by throwing a deep smoke towards the end of B-Long, blocking attacker vision.
  • Remember, you can smoke off these orbs for your teammates as well, if you have ultimate already then you can be a huge help to your team especially if you have a sage
  • I always recommend tapping the orb first. A lot of people will instantly push a smoke to kill you. If they start spraying first, you should be in the clear to take the orb.

Tip 2: A-Short Control with 1 Smoke

  • Why do people smoke off left and right side of A-Short? Guys, just plop that smoke right in front of A-Cubby towards the attackers. This will give you the EASIEST A-Short control, with the least utility used.
  • I highly recommend staggering these A-Short smokes. You can pretty easily hold off A-Short with smokes for the vast majority of each round if you choose to. What most likely will happen is the enemy will be forced toward B, or they will burn a ton of utility to push through the smokes to gain control. Win-Win either way.
  • If you don’t have cubby control yet, you can always smoke between the double box and teleporter. Remember to not leave any smoke connecting inside the teleporter as you want clear shots on people trying to use it.

Tip 3: Retaking A from Heaven Sucks

  • One of the big problems with Heaven retakes is that you have to jump down onto site. Anytime you can’t be 100% accurate with your gun, you are at a massive disadvantage. Another problem with retaking site from Heaven is that the other team has A-Showers, Short, U-Haul, and probably close-heaven control. It’s just a TOUGH spot to retake from.
  • If you MUST retake from heaven, I highly recommend smoking Showers, and the APC on site. The APC smoke will block off all of shorts vision on you. This will protect you from the most angles possible and is what i’ve had the most luck with thus far.

Tip 4: Splitting Sites with Smokes

  • Have you guys ever ran off of a site with your tail between your legs? I have. As a matter of fact, it may actually be the best decision. But what if I told you that you don’t have to give up full site control, even if the enemy plants? If you are about to overwhelmed, especially on A site, you can put down two smokes to cut the bombsite in half. Whether that be Heaven Side/Short Side, or U-Haul Side/Shower side.
  • By splitting site, you are taking control over the enemies post-plant positioning. This allows your team to have clean rotates over to site and will speed up the retake process.
  • By splitting site you can assure your team that no enemies have made it out of U-Haul, are under heaven, or have pushed into CT/Heaven. This is very valuable to your team as it ensures that the enemy is either in showers/short/or inside of U-Haul.

Tip 5: B-Site Retake with only 1 Smoke

  • Towards the end of the round, you may only have one smoke left for a retake. If that is the case, you really have to plan it out. My personal favorite one-smoke retake is coming from CT/Halls to B. I will smoke just outside of the doorway, blocking off the cubby to my left, and cutting off Hookah’s vision of my push.
  • This smoke allows you a path or an opportunity to get onto site. Most fights will be in tight quarters here, so I hope your aim is snappy!

Tip 6: Retake by spreading out utility

  • When you retake a site as Brimstone, it can be just TOO easy to throw all your remaining smokes at once. But what if I told you that you can spread that out a bit. Once you’ve taken the time to clear angles, you can get a better idea of where the enemy may be.
  • Often times i’m able to conserve at least 1 smoke, and smoke off an enemy who is playing to kill the defuser from behind cover.
  • The trade-off here is that you are sacrificing initial advantages gained from instant utility use for the long-term advantage once you’ve gained additional info with utility use. You have to decide when it’s worth it, and when it’s not.

Thanks for reading/watching guys, it’s been a long week for myself working at a bank dealing with PPP stuff so I hope you all doing well! If you have any questions, suggestions, or even tips of your own please leave a comment down below and lets discuss!

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