Valorant Angle Clearing When Alone Guide

by MxChamp24

Hey guys it’s Dragonmar again, and I have a wonderful little post here for you today with the 3 key principles to help you take sites in Valorant. As always, these posts are reflective of the content of the video, but I do make these points very clearly, and with footage in the video as well.

The Video

Principle 1: Minimize Angles(risk)

  • When you inevitably go to clear a bombsite, you are first tasked with the daunting proposition of which angle to clear first. Once you’ve decided that, you can begin your assault. HOWEVER, you cannot expose yourself to other, uncleared angles or else you risk the chance of being an easy kill.
  • Whenever you are clearing an angle, you should always be keeping in mind where else on the bombsite an enemy could be, and where you’ll need to step to clear that position.
  • If you have to step into a spot where an enemy can see you easily from another commonly played position, you should immediately reconsider your clear and instead try to find another way to clear. Either with using utility, or checking a different angle first.
  • Often times you’ll be able to back yourself up against a wall when clearing, this greatly eliminates rear angles that enemies could have.
  • When you clear an angle from a close position, so going around a corner very close to that corner of the wall, you are often leaving yourself exposed to other positions. You should always weigh that threat.
  • Part of minimizing the amount of angles that have vision of you is knowing where to look first, by understanding the bombsite layout. This is a skill you’ll have to develop, and something which you can easily do in custom games

Principle 2: Pre-Aim Corners at Headshot Level

  • Enemies will only be aiming at one thing, the empty spot next to the corner they are holding where your head will appear
  • You are paying attention to:
    • Other angles enemies will be coming from
    • Your next position
    • Crosshair Placement
    • Time
  • You will lose 90% of these battles if you are not practicing perfect crosshair placement when clearing corners and positions.
  • What key is that you are also aiming at common spots as you GET INTO position to clear as well. Your cross should ALWAYS be fixed on a position where an enemy will or could be!

Principle 3: Move Quickly, but Methodically

  • Speed is important, but so is accuracy
  • There is always a balance between the two but there are some important parts here you need to understand:
    • First, the literal time limit in a round. You always should be wary of the time, specifically in late round situations
    • Second, information you already know changes what you need to clear, thus speeding things up. If two enemies are on B, you know there may be a 1 on A if only three remain total. The second you hear, see, or kill that A player(if they are there) it completely changes what you can/cannot do. You could plant in a spot they can’t see, you could flush them out with utility, etc.
    • Third, you always need to weigh the literal volume of your movements. When you start moving too fast, you get sloppy and predictable.
  • The big key is to make sure to walk. If you aren’t comfortable with being able to silently strafe with perfect accuracy and no noise, just walk into sites.
  • Try to either choose a fast clear or a slow clear. When you try a bit of both in one attempt, you generally end up giving up valuable information with the speed, and then allowing for easily predicted movement when you go slow since they knew your exact position previously.
  • When I go fast, I go fast. Full swings, still following my other principles, but i’m going guns blazing.
  • Pre-Planned routes will speed up your clears tremendously. You’ll get a rhythm going after a while too. You’ll no longer ask yourself WHERE to aim, because you’ll have it so well memorized.


If you are looking for examples, I think the video does a great job highlighting those. These 3 principles really are universal. They essentially boil down to having a plan of attack, executing it based on information provided, and doing so with as much speed as possible. Thanks so much for reading/watching, stay safe, and hope you learned something!


Any questions? Please leave them down below!

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