Teamfight Tactics Creep Rounds Guide

by Drybear

There’s so much going on in Teamfight Tactics that it can be easy to forget about the Creep Rounds and how to overcome them. So let’s talk about how to do just that!

Creep Round 1 & 2 – Melee Minons & Ranged Minions

The Melee and Ranged Minions are incredibly easy. In normal play it’s not likely you will ever lose to these rounds. I’ve even won both rounds with 1 unit since I was AFK. That said, if you really want to optimize stack your units on either the left or the right side so you can focus fire one down at a time AND you force the Minions that are further away from you to walk a bit before hitting you.

Creep Round 3 – Gromps

The Gromps are a bit tanky and may have a buff on them (Dragon’s Tooth, Guardian Angel, etc.). Same strategy works here where you want to stack on one side to focus fire one of them down fast. Until 9.14 these will still be 2 Melee Minions and 2 Ranged Minions, which again are silly weaklings that should be laughed at.

Creep Round 9 – Krugs

The Krugs are the first true challenging Creep Round in Teamfight Tactics. It is quite possible to lose this round if you aren’t prepare or Lady Luck hasn’t called you back after that nice seafood dinner last night.

The Krugs are unique in that when one Krug dies, the remaining Krugs will heal to full. You can counter this if you have anti-Healing like Red Buff, but if you don’t you will want to focus fire each Krug down individually. The way I like to do this is by stack all my units on the right side of the board on the Krug that is isolated. I recommend layering your units on all 3 rows, so when the first Krug dies and the other two collapse on your team they turn and form a new frontline that protects your damage dealers. This forms a capital “I” and can be seen HERE.

Creep Round 15 – Murk Wolves

The Wolves are another challenging round and require good positioning to overcome. The Murk Wolves are all considered Assassins which means they will go stealth and jump towards the furthest & back-most units on your side of the board. Which means if you have your damage dealers exposed in the back they will get surrounded and killed. So how do we beat this?

There’s two main strategies that I think work great for the Wolves round. The first is the “Box” strategy which you will see used in PVP rounds against a team you know has a lot of Assassins. You want to move all your units to the far right side of the board and then use 4 of your highest HP units to “box” your squishy units in; leaving NO exposed cell where they can be attacked from. This can be seen HERE.

The second strategy I recommend using if you only have 0-1 tanky units to use and you know all your units will die easily. I call this the “Arrow” strategy but really you are just intelligently exposing each unit to 1-2 adjacent cells so that no single unit gets overly damaged at once. This can be seen HERE. The idea is to take your tankiest units (in my example it’s my Warwick) and give them 2-3 adjacent cells but leave every other unit to have only 1-2 at most. In this fashion, every unit dies at a similar rate until the small Murk Wolves start dying off.

Area of Effect abilities work great on this round as the small Murk Wolves don’t have a lot of HP.

Creep Round 21 – Raptors

Raptors are quite straight-forward. Their “shtick” is that they bolster themselves and get stronger each time on of them dies. In this Creep Round, you want to try and get all the Raptors to die around the same time in order to limit the amount of time they are enraged & attacking your units. Honestly, this round doesn’t require a lot of fancy placement.

I recommend simply filling the row right in front of the raptors with 3-5 tanky units, and then placing your damage units in the row right behind them. Since you are taking a wide spread your units will naturally all take different targets, and thereby “spearheading” into the middle of the Raptors during the fight. This can be seen HERE.

Again, Area of Effect abilities work great here.

Creep Round 27 – Dragon

Dragon time! This is the first “Boss” fight of the game and can be a bit tricky if you’re not rocking a baller composition by Round 27. The two main dangers with the Dragon are that (A) he is resistant to Magic and (B) he deals area damage on attacks just like the Titanic Hydra.

So! That means you want to spread your units out so that he can never deal damage to more than 1-2 targets at a time.

I like to play 1-3 tank units on the left side of the board with 1 close to him in melee range, then I stack my damage dealers on the other side. When the fight starts, the Dragon will turn towards the unit that it’s in melee range and will NEVER look straight forward. So don’t place a melee unit in front of your ranged units and turn the Dragon towards them like this HERE.

Creep Round 33 – Rift Herald

Rift Herald doesn’t deal Area damage but he does have high HP and strong single target damage. Additionally, he will charge the closest units to him at the beginning of the round.

The two strategies that work best for me here is either the Dragon strategy where you stack tanks close to him on one side of your board and place your damage dealers on the opposite side so he gets turned away.

However, my favorite strategy is to abuse his charge mechanic like in this FORMATION HERE. I place half my damage dealers on the far left and the other half on the far right. Then, in the middle I place 2 tanks with a gap between them in the middle of the board. At the start of the round, the Rift Herald will charge in between the two tanks and HUZZAH! He is surrounded by your entire squad.

Creep Round 39 – Elder Dragon

This is the Dragon but on steroids. The same MMO “turn the boss away from the squishies” strategy works fine here. Again, he deals Area of Effect damage on attacks and is resistant to Magic. So, if you have a Sorcerer or Elementalist see if you can swap in 1 extra tank or a damage dealer that is strong with single-target Attack Damage.

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