World of Warships Getting The Most Out of Your Money

by nhgrif

So first and foremost, let’s establish that there’s a hierarchy toward what you should be spending money on and what you shouldn’t. Let’s be clear, you shouldn’t be spending money on free xp, credits, or lootboxes. These things are for whales. We’re not whales–we’re couponers looking to rip off WarGaming. We’ll let the whales fund the servers and salaries. I’m skipping over the details of *why–*we can discuss that in a comment chain if someone wants.

Let me start at the top with the three best things to spend your money on:

  • Premium account time
  • Tier 10 permanent camos for tier 10 tech tree ships
  • Premium ships (and there are better and worse ways of getting these ships–this post won’t get into those details).

If you’re looking to spend money on this game for the very first time, let’s go ahead and eliminate tier 10 permanent camos. Most people who make posts in this subreddit looking for advice on how to spend money on the game for the first time don’t even have their first tier 10 ship yet. Even if you do have your first tier 10 ship, the tier 10 permanent camo will cost you the same as 60 days of premium time, and five tier 10 permanent camos cost you more than 360 days of premium time. Permanent camos (and premium ships) have the advantage of being a permanent addition to your account. However, you shouldn’t buy this and forego premium time unless you are actually genuinely going to be playing this ship more than grinding new ships. Most players are grinding lines. If that’s you, you need to have premium account time. It’s more valuable than the other two good value options as it gives a boost to everything you do in game. If that’s not you, the rest of this post is going to be of limited utility.

So, we know we want to get premium account time. But there’s a lot of different ways of getting it. So let’s do a breakdown of the most efficient way to get it. Before I get into the options in the web premium shop, I’m going to point out that within the game client, you can purchase premium time. Click on your name in the top left and click “Purchase Premium”. Here’s a chart that shows you your options:

DaysDoubloonsDubs Per Day
360 (During Xmas sale only)12,00033.3

There’s bulk discounts. The more you buy, the better value you’re getting. Of course, not everyone has the same budget. However, knowing this exists is very helpful. So, with the goal of maximizing our premium time, let’s take a look at a lot of different combinations of purchases and see what’s the best value of premium time to real money is. I’m going to look at four different price ranges instead of enumerating every single possible option. We’ll look at ~$100, ~$50, ~$20, ~$10. However, if you’ve got a specific budget in mind, ask in the comments and I’ll see if there’s something better for your budget than one of these options.

Budget: ~$100

The first most obvious options would be to buy the 360 days option directly from the web shop for $95.99. However, that’d only get you 360 days for $95.99. You’re paying about 27 cents per day. That’s not couponing.

Instead, we can purchase two Admiral’s Bounty for $95.98 total. This will give us a total of 60 days of premium time and 25,000 doubloons. We can turn around and buy 360 days premium time with 24,000 doubloons. We end up with 420 days of premium and 1,000 leftover doubloons for the price you wanted to pay for 360 days. If we spend the left over doubloons on premium time we could get 4 more days (and still have 100 left over doubloons), but I wouldn’t even recommend that. You’re paying about 23 cents per day. This is the second best way to get premium time in terms of $/day and the first best option is only available for about 1 week a year (and won’t be available again for another 10 months).

Budget: ~$50

Once again here, we might think that there can’t be a better deal than purchasing 180 days of premium time directly from the web shop for $53.99. That gets us a price of 30 cents per day. Not as great as the options available with a $100 budget, but that’s to be expected. There’s essentially bulk discounts for premium time.

But… we’re couponers. We can definitely do better. Let’s return to the Admiral’s Bounty, but this time we’re also going to pick up two Weekend Pass. In total, that’s going to cost us $53.97, and we’re going to get 34 days of premium plus 13,500 doubloons. What a convenient number. With 13,500 doubloons, we can purchase 180 days of premium in the game. That’s 214 days of premium for $53.97, clearly a better deal than directly purchasing the premium time. That’s a price of about 25 cents per day. Better than the default option on $100 budget and almost as good as the couponed option.

It’s worth noting here that for about a week after Christmas, 360 days premium time is half price. So you can buy a single Admiral’s Bounty, not need the Weekend Pass, and get 390 days premium for $47.99. This is the absolute best way to keep your premium time stocked up at a price of about 12 cents per day. Literally every other plan in this post should really only be used to help you get to Christmas, then get yourself in this cycle.

Budget: ~$20

By this point, the couponing isn’t as strong. We can simply purchase two of the 30 day premium time options for $19.98, giving us a price of about 33 cents per day.

However, the better option is to go with the Offer of the Month to get 30 days and 2,500 doubloons for $17.99. We can spend the 2,500 doubloons in game for another 30 days, saving us a couple bucks and bringing our per day price down to about 30 cents.

Budget: ~$10

At this point, there’s really not a good way to get any better of a deal on premium time than simply spending $9.99 to get a flat 30 days of premium time. That’s the same uncouponed price of 33 cents per day on the $20 budget. The only way to try improving on this is if we spend $15 to get 5 Weekend Passes. Spending the 2,500 total doubloons to get 30 days of premium would give us a total of 40 days of premium for $14.95… but this is actually a worse daily price (37 cents per day), and for just $3.04 we could be getting 60 days. I think the real advice at this level is that you are far better of spending $17.99 every 60 days than spending $9.99 every 30 days–both plans keep constant premium time.

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