CS:GO What To Look For In A Post Plant Position

by Lomiei

Post plant positions are a crucial part of every round on the Terrorist side, given that you’ve managed to plant the bomb. The perfect post-plant position has a balance of security, unpredictability, and exit potential.

Where to plant the bomb

Before you plant the bomb, you need to consider the consequences of the bomb being open and closed off to certain surrounding angles. For example on Dust 2, you will often hear the bomb planter saying “Planting for long”; this means that the bomb can be seen clearly from that position (Long A). Of course this type of gameplay needs coordination; In the Dust 2 example if you have the bomb you’ll need to tell whoever has the longest ranged weapon to wait in the long pit, when he’s in position, you can plant and the bomb is secured without having to be close to it. Just so long as you have a direct line of sight. Other examples of this are the middle of A Site on inferno, where you can see it from library. On the middle of B site on cache, you can see it from checkers. And on Mirage, if the bomb is planted between triple stack and double stack, you can see it from short B/Catwalk.

There are instances however, where your enemies expect this and counter it by either using utility or clearing that position before attempting to defuse. In this case, you’ll want to wait in a position where you are not in direct eyesight of the bomb, but can still peek out or throw utility on the bomb. Such as inferno, where if the bomb is planted for pit or quad side, you can wait in the apartments and peek out and kill them if they haven’t cleared you beforehand: and if they smoke the bomb so you can’t see them, it would be easy to toss an HE grenade out of apartments onto the bomb, if that doesn’t kill them, then some bullet spam through the smoke should finish them off.

Common positions v.s. Off angles

Once you’ve planted the bomb, you need to pick a position to wait in and defend from.

At this point it’s a reversal of offence and defense, as CTs are trying to get into the site and Terrorists are defending the site. But at what position should you defend from? There are 2 types of defense positions you can take: Common angles, and Off angles.

The first of which are places where you expect a defender to be. These positions are most often pre-aimed, pre-fired, and nullified with utility by the enemy. But keep in mind that these angles are popular for a reason, they are often points at which the defender can see most or all of the attacker player model, but is only showing the defender’s head or a small portion of their side. Examples of these positions are as follows: On B site cache, the ‘headshot’ position is the epitome of this. As well on Inferno’s B site, Spools/Coils is another one of these headshot angles.

On the other hand there are plenty of off angles from which you can defend. These are angles that are not always commonly checked, and therefore give you a slight advantage when defending as you can often surprise the attacking CTs. But there are downsides to these positions, namely, they don’t provide much cover and/or don’t have positions where you can fall back onto when you’re being pressured. The best example of this under Palace on mirage as you’re hidden and can get some kills, but once they know where you are, you cannot fallback to another position or hide again.

Work out where you can escape the blast

Now of course, once the bomb is past the point of defusal, you need to leave the site so you don’t get caught in the blast and have to rebuy your gear and weapons in the next round. It is a very simple topic that even the shiniest silver could understand; before the bomb explodes, leave the area. However, now slightly more complex, you must keep in mind that the CTs could be going for exit kills. After the CT side decides not to retake the site, some CTs will take a position to kill a Terrorist as he is exiting the site. So when exiting a site, you should consider what position is the best exit point.

For example if your team has taken the B site on Mirage, and killed the 2 B players and the Mid player, the CTs that were on A Site will likely wait in CT and connector to kill Terrorists that are trying to exit through kitchen and catwalk respectively. Therefore in this situation, when the bomb is past the point of defusal and you must exit, the best place to go would be through the B apartments, as CTs will likely be waiting for you at the other 2 positions.

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