Epic Seven Progression and General Tips

by interlight

Table of Contents

The Basics
Guaranteed gear
Secret Shop
Early Gear Progression


Raid Labyrinth

Characters and Team Composition
Rerolling in a nutshell

Progression Roadmap
Quick tips
Escaping the Midgame Rut

What do I do with ___?

Miscellaneous Tips


The Basics:

  • In general, the guaranteed gear is really good and will carry you hard. Prioritize getting and investing in them!
  • Right side equips are more important/consistent due to %main stat. 
  • Don’t be afraid to run broken sets!
    • Crit rate set bonus is only 12% and atk is only 35%, whereas a single good acc can get you 50% of either 
    • Only set bonus you should always force is speed because it only exists outside of substats as a flat mainstat on boots (on this note your boots should usually be spd main)
  • Of course, if you roll correct main stats or multiple upgrades into a correct sub on a piece that completes a set, it’s worth running
  • Main stats you’re looking for on right side gear:
    • Necklace: Crit Rate, %Atk (dps), %hp (everyone else)
    • Ring: %Atk (dps), %hp (everyone else)
    • Boots: Speed (everyone), %atk(slower dps if you have a CR pusher), %hp(slow tanks)
  • Substats you’re looking for by role:
    • DPS: %Atk, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Speed, %HP
    • Tank/Supports: %HP, %Def, Speed
    • Debuffer: %Effectiveness (55% is the universal target), Speed
    • As an addendum, check if your healer scales off hp, atk, or target hp and build accordingly. You’ll probably still want spd/tank stats on healers like hazel, but %atk becomes a lot more useful.
  • With left side gear I wouldn’t invest heavily into them unless they have ~3 correct substats

Guaranteed gear:

  • Abyss: lifesteal set, floors 32-38, 52-58, 72-78
  • Gold chests: important ones are laby 1-x (all), 2-x (all), adventure 10-3, 9.1-4, 9.2-7, 8S-4
    • From labyrinth, 1-2 and 1-4 are def set, 2-2 and 2-4 are hp, rest is dps gear. The dps stuff is generally higher priority. 3-x accs can be run as broken sets
    • There’s some nice stuff from 3-x as well, but it generally requires a lot more entries to get to. The critD necklace in 3-1 and hit ring in 3-2 are pretty worthwhile if you can’t do raid yet
    • locations w/ maps here (in korean, look for stage numbers under the maps)
    • chinese alternative for maps
  • Conquest point shop: helm is probably the best piece, ring is 50% atk for dps(use as broken set). Seems like the selection will rotate with arena season. Current season is ending on 20th Feb. 
  • Event/freebies: almost always really good


Wyvern 11 is the single most important piece of content that you will farm. Spd is the best set in the game, and crit and hit are both excellent. As accessories aren’t craftable, accessory drops from hunts are your only sources of them outside of guaranteed pieces and the secret shop. A wyvern team is typically the second comp you should work on after a general pve team. Golem is next in usefulness, and banshee you won’t touch until significantly later since the sets it drops are niche. Crafting is a massive gold sink, don’t bother until workshop is maxed and you’re crafting t5/6 unless you’re really desperate.

Wyvern 11 Team Composition

Wyvern 11 is actually easier to build for than wyvern 10 due to a couple quirks. For one,  wyvern will always hit your frontmost unit until they die. This allows you to run one very tanky frontliner and not worry about your other units being fast or tanky enough to survive wyvern’s attacks. He attacks 3 time each turn, and his hits will reduce your CR so be wary of tanking with your healer. Due to his large HP pool, daydream joker is incredibly efficient and far and away the best dps artifact for this fight. Lastly he gains 10% CR every time a non-water unit takes a turn, so ideally you want to run a mono-water team or team with at most one non-water unit. Typically the cheapest way to start farming wyvern 11 is to run a knight as your tank, a healer, and two dps. The goal is to make it to the barrier phase without losing your tank, giving you time to heal back up while having enough dps to eat through the barrier. Certain artifacts and consistent def break are very helpful for these reasons.

Baseline Stat Recommendations:

  • 16k hp/1.2k def on tank
  • 16k hp/1.2k def/160 speed if tanking with healer – will also likely require either a rod of amaryllis or secondary healer/source of mitigation (barriers, aurius, etc.)
  • DPS – varies greatly based on comp/character. 40k cp is good to aim for, but its doable with less. Also worth noting that speed builds with joker are generally more efficient here.

Character suggestions:


  • Tywin, Krau, Rose, Bask, Crozet, General Purrgis


  • Angelica, Aither, Montmorancy, Tamarinne


  • Alexa, Luna, Kise, Karin, Clarissa, Taranor Guard, Chloe

Utility/sub heal:

  • Diene (with rod), Tamarinne, Requiemroar (with celestine)

Artifact suggestions:


  • Sword of Ezera, Noble Oath, Water’s Origin, Idol Cheer, Candlestick, Egg of Delusion


  • Rod of Amaryllis, Magahara’s Tome


  • Daydream Joker

Sample Team Composition Formats:

Knight (tank)/Healer/DPS/DPS

Healer (tank)/Buffer or subhealer/DPS/DPS
Healer (tank)/Knight(aurius)/DPS/DPS

Healer (tank)/DPS/DPS/DPS

Example Compositions:

Crozet(tank)/Aither/Taranor Guard/Alexa



Angelica(tank)/Diene/Luna/Taranor Guard

Angelica(tank)/Tamarinne/Alexa/Taranor Guard

On solo tanking with your healer: your healer needs to be able to survive something like this – wyvern turn > healer turn > wyvern turn x2 > healer turn > wyvern turn > tail swing
Rod or water’s origin and skillups in your healing skills go a long way here. Alternatively, dying on the turn before tail swing is fine if you have enough DPS to race – idol cheer is pretty helpful for that.

At 3*, Alexa and Taranor Guard are particular standouts for this fight and will outclass most higher rarity units, even without skill investment.

It’s also very possible to 3man wyvern 11, you just need stronger gear. Typical comps look like:

Angelica/Luna/Taranor Guard
or Angelica/Tamarinne or Diene/Luna

Wyvern 9/10 Team Composition (left up for posterity, typically you go straight to 11):

There are three major requirements for Wyvern 9/10: one of speed or tankiness, debuffs, and damage. Wyvern will attack twice if he does not have two debuffs on him at the start of his turn. For that reason, you need enough speed to debuff him before he takes his turn, or enough tankiness on your entire team to survive the double hit. If you have a readiness pusher, only they need to hit the speed requirement of 170/220 for wyvern 9 and 10 respectively. Otherwise, if your debuffer can apply two debuffs at once, only they technically need to hit the speed requirement. This (and the non-schuri readiness pushers) can be inconvenient for auto however due to wave 1 and cooldowns. The damage requirement is to be able to burst through Wyvern’s barrier after he uses his ultimate; if he gets a turn with it still up you will likely wipe. If you’re sufficiently tanky maybe you can eat this, but it’s aoe and I wouldn’t really recommend it. As usual, def break is almost mandatory and atk buffs are very nice as well. Eventually, with enough damage and raw statstm you can brute force without debuffs and even bring a fodder.

Baseline Stat reqs:

  • 170/220 Speed on pusher or debuffers
  • Alternatively good hp + defense on everyone and heals
    • Aurius (4* artifact) helps a lot with this route
    • ~8.5k is a very ballpark estimate, easier with all water units (try for yourself, this will depend a lot on defense and the presence of aurius)
  • 55% effectiveness on debuffers
  • ~40k+ cp on dps

Some character ideas:


  • Haste, Araminthia, Mistychain, Baal&Sezan, Sigret, Surin, Serila, Requiemroar, Wanda, Chloe

CR Pushers:

  • Schuri, Rose, Sh.Rose, Requiemroar, C.Dom, Roozid

Def Break:

  • F.Kluri, Sh.Rose, Clarissa, Taranor Guard, Karin, Requiemroar, Axe God, A.Cartuja, Tenebria


  • Kise, Lorina, Karin, Alexa, etc.


  • Diene, Doris, Angelica, Achates, Rose, Sh.Rose, Hazel, Aither, etc.

Example Compositions:





Rose/Taranor Guard/Alexa/Aither



Achates/Requiemroar/Axe God/Wanda

Doris/Axe God/Schuri/Mistychain

Doris/Tenebria/Araminthia/ML Tenebria (heh)


If you can’t clear raid bosses and have gotten all the important gold chests, farm 2-5 for drops (ilvl45, same sets as wyvern). Route here


You want to be able to farm this ASAP, but entries are time gated due to compasses. Raid tokens can be exchanged for some nice pieces of gear in the shop. Raid bosses can also drop some amazing gear (look at the boss guide and see which drops you need the most); You’ll need to get lucky with substat rolls, but set and main stat type are fixed so that’s 2 sources of RNG eliminated. Normal mobs/minibosses can drop some nice things on occasion as well.

Also use the camp morale calc and team optimizer

When you’re strong enough, you need 46 morale to do 2 bosses on your first run of the week, otherwise you can do 1 boss/2 bosses/2 bosses with 32 morale (need to verify). Morale cost for every boss is the same so order doesn’t matter.

Secret Shop:

Don’t bother refreshing until you’re rank 50 to max it. The main thing you’ll look for are T6 (ilvl 85) accessories, and bookmarks (from my experience you’ll find around as many bookmarks in shop while refreshing as you would’ve by spending those crystals on them directly). Obviously if you find a high tier/rarity piece of other gear with correct substats (at least 3) then buy it, but the most realistic refresh targets for progression are low rarity t6 accessories. A t6 normal necklace or ring for instance will still max at 50% main stat, which is massive. This is your main non-guarenteed source of high level accessories (alongside raid to an extent) until you can farm hunt 11s.

Early Gear Progression:

  • Super early on, it won’t matter too much – use whatever you have and fill out set bonuses
  • Focus on getting the guaranteed gear and invest heavily into those
  • Labyrinth drops are probably your best bet for other gear/filler
  • Open accessory chests from ancient coin shop for those


  • Really really important – abyss gives ridiculously nice things.
  • %hp damage is the most efficient way to beat a lot of floors due to increasingly ridiculous hp pools.
    • For this reason joker is generally the best dps artifact here, and Kiris is commonly used on a number of floors. Arky can also contribute a lot of damage due to %hp scaling!
  • Immunity makes a lot of floors significantly easier
  • If you don’t have immunity or cleanse, a potion vial or two helps a lot

Roadblock Floors:


  • Bring dispel (Kluri, Carminerose, Hurado, etc.) and dps race Ludwig down.
  • Beware of buffing up because he’ll steal them


  • Provoke, stun, atk down, defense buffs, and invuln are incredibly useful for delaying and surviving shroom explosions
  • You can either try to burst down one shroom, delay an explosion with provoke, or just tank them and reset until you get good rng
  • Can also focus one mushroom without even killing it to make it explode first and give you time to heal before the other two
  • Water’s Origin is pretty good here, as is Aurius


  • Either focus Crystal > Purrgis > Coli, or Purrgis > Crystal > Coli
  • Unhealable debuff is nice if you’re doing Purrgis first.
  • Having some sort of AOE to hit Coli out of stealth is very important for surviving murder, just make sure you kill Purrgis first.
  • The -2 CD guardian can be good here to make sure you have your aoe/defensive cooldowns up in time


  • Floor 50 on crack, same advice applies
  • Use arky to kill the shrooms when he revives them
  • Phase 2 explosions are AOE so you probably just want to burst one down.
  • AuriusTM 


  • Bring debuffs or dispel for Cidd
  • Focus the adds on both phases so you don’t get dual attacked to hell
  • Is quite hard to tank, so the easiest method is to brute force and burst down the adds with damage (def break + attack buff + lorina, etc.)
  • If you don’t have enough damage, def buff and CR support will help a lot
  • Stacking souls on phase 1 and using def break guardian is a decent idea for phase 2 if you’re racing, alternatively you can try chaining arky casts
  • Alternatively, bring Krom (guardian that reduces your cooldowns), to reset your def break/burst damage skills


  • Bring characters without debuffs on s1 (Lorina, Silk, etc.)
  • If your healers/supports have debuffs on their s1, leave one add alive and have those characters hit the add instead of Sez.


  • Dispel and unhealable are your best friends here, you’re gonna want at least one of them
  • This boss immediately gets a turn after it gets hit 4 times but this counter resets if it gets a turn before that happens. This can be used to your advantage in some cases. 
  • Make sure you’re paying attention to when the boss is going to get a turn and prepare barriers and heals for the AoE ultimate when it’s up. 


  • Burst down the mages from above 30%, or Armin will drop a huge barrier on everyone
  • Desyncing the mages helps
  • Dispels for the constant barriers are nice


  • Immunity/cleanse are incredibly important here – if silk hits someone with s3 or her 50% trigger without immunity up, they’re not getting another turn unless the silence is cleansed
  • Add kill order: nightmare in the back > yellow (heal) robot > buff robot


  • Bring Kiris and 2 or 3 healers
  • -CD guardian is nice here
  • Having 1 good single target dps makes the first stage easier
  • Unhealable debuff is nice to have but not necessary
  • If you’re bringing a single target dps and/or def breaker, have them focus the trees while kiris stacks poison on golem.
  • Your healers should hit trees or the crystal to avoid unnecessary counter procs from golem. 
  • If you don’t have Kiris for some reason, it’s still possible but much harder. Bring hit chance debuff, atk debuff and dispel and lots of heals. Still want to keep the crystal alive to manage golem counter. 
    • Tieria, nemunas, bellona as alternatives for %hp damage

Raid Labyrinth

  • Same format as regular labyrinth but requires 2 labyrinth tokens per entry
  • Raid has a fixed loot table per week, per player
  • Raid drops (aside from generic items like ancient coins) are hidden until you exit through the portal
  • Morale starts at 70 instead of 50
  • Raid bosses only respawn on weekly reset 

Why farm raid bosses?

  • The amount of RNG involved in getting good gear is a big concern and whenever possible you should aim to minimize the RNG. Raid bosses have a fixed drop table: each of the 4 area bosses will drop 1 raid shop token guaranteed and either 1 of 3 possible equipments, 1 galaxy bookmark or 1 extra raid token.
  • For the possible equipment drops, item level, rarity, main stats and set type are fixed, this is especially important for right side equipment. So if a necklace, ring or boots drop, you always know what kind of main stat it will have (can check in boss guide before entering raid).
  • Compared to farming hunts, each hunt boss can drop 1 of 4 possible equipment types or 1 of 2 possible crafting mats (higher or lower tier). And for equipment, they can be of varying item levels, rarity and can be 1 out of 3 (wyvern, golem) or 4 (banshee) different sets. So if boots drop, you have to hope it’s epic rarity, or at least heroic, is ilvl 85, has the right main stat and has good sub stats and is the correct set you’re looking for. 
  • While drops from normal difficulty raid bosses are not of the highest item level, they have quite a bit less RNG involved. Sub stats can still end up bad but removing some layers of RNG will still make it easier to obtain decent gear. Note that this does not mean you should ignore hunts completely.
  • Raid tokens can also be used to buy some catalysts, if you’re short on some, or equipment. Particularly the Azimanus Fighter’s Armor (ilvl 67, hp%, def%, speed, crit hit chance) is a very solid piece of equipment. It’s arguably very difficult to get completely screwed by sub stats on this armor piece and it’s a good filler piece for support/healer type characters.

General Raid tips:

  • After the change to make equipment drops hidden, it’s a huge gamble to try and get something good if you can’t clear a boss and i’d heavily advise not to spend entry tokens on raid if you can’t beat at least 1 boss. 
  • If you’re in need of gear for characters, try to clear all bosses every week, even if you might not need specific drops from a boss. The shop tokens may be useful even if you currently don’t need anything from the raid shop. New pieces of gear may be added in the future. 
  • You get 1 labyrinth entry token per day, plus one additional from the guild shop for a total of 8 per week, excluding any additional ones bought with skystones/leifs.This is enough to clear all 5 bosses if in at least 1 entry you manage to clear 2 bosses.
  • A double boss clear can be done even with average camping morale. Depending on how low your camping morale is, it might take 1 or 2 runs to setup for the double clear. Setting up is very simple: beat 1 boss, and then before exiting, start clearing one path to another boss. This way you reduce the morale loss on the way to that boss the next time. 
  • If you have time, always try to spend all your morale, at least until -30, more if you can manage. Prioritize clearing mini bosses if possible.
  • Most, if not all, bosses have some kind of infinite stacking mechanic that will snowball the fight if it drags out for too long. 

Azmakalis (Normal) Guide

Map credit goes to u/ImClumZ


  • 4 Area bosses (NW, SW, NE and SE), must defeat at least 2 in order to unlock the path to the Queen (N area)
  • All bosses are immune to poison
  • All bosses are vulnerable to -CR effects
  • Rough Stat thresholds to comfortably clear (based on personal experience):
    • 15k HP, 1k DEF for Main Tank.
    • 9-10k HP, 800 DEF on other party members: Having low CD barriers can lower this number.
    • 3k ATK for DPS, skill upgrades help a lot and can also compensate for lower ATK.

Devourer Arahakan (Dark, NW boss):

  • Stats:
    • Devourer Arahakan: 90267 HP
    • Azimanus Hunter: 11362 HP
  • Gimmicks:
    • High stun chance on basic attack
    • Starts with 2 adds (fire) out
    • Whenever ultimate is charged, boss gains Defense up (high) and Immunity Cannot be dispelled.
    • Ultimate spawns 2 adds, damages and debuffs party with -50% CR and speed down. Buffs boss with speed up and crit chance up. Buffs cannot be dispelled. 
    • Boss will only use ultimate when both adds are dead.
    • Whenever ultimate is charging, player party cannot be buffed.
    • Adds’ basic attack will inflict -30% CR. Ultimate (3t charge) will silence.
  • General fight flow:
    • Kill both adds
    • Buff and barrier before boss uses ultimate (either right before boss gets a turn or before killing last add)
    • Devourer uses ultimate, party can no longer be buffed. Boss can be damaged.
    • Debuff and attack Devourer until its ultimate is charged again and it gets defense up and immunity.
    • Kill adds again and repeat. 
    • 50% Trigger: Devourer will gain an extra turn and cast his ultimate.
  • Team Requirements/Recommendations:
    • AoE damage is nice, but strong single target dps can be enough if well geared. Adds don’t have that much HP.
    • Immunity is very nice to have but not a requirement. Will prevent -CR effects and stuns. If no immunity, cleanse is recommended to remove the speed debuff after Devourer’s ultimate.
  • Other Notes:
    • If using buffs, remember to watch out for when you can and can’t be buffed.
    • You can keep an add alive at low-ish HP and hit Devourer instead if you need some time to heal and buff before the next ultimate.
    • Watch out for the 50% trigger. If undergeared, this extra damage can snowball very easily. 

Executioner Karkanis (Fire, NE boss):

  • Stats:
    • Executioner Karkanis: 108940 HP
    • Karax Scout: 71106 HP
  • Gimmicks:
    • Starts with 2 Earth adds that are effectively invulnerable. These have a 75% chance to inflict attack down and dispel 2 buffs on basic attacks and their ultimate (3 turn charge), will apply 1 random debuff on each party member for 2 turns.
    • Executioner has a high chance to dodge attacks from debuffed party members and will counterattack if it dodges an attack. Counterattack will always be a critical hit and will cleanse all debuff from Executioner.
    • Executioner’s basic attacks apply defense break for 2 turns.
    • Executioner will only use its ultimate under 40% HP. Ultimate will stun and if target is under 50% HP, they will be put to 1% HP. 
    • Under 70% HP: Executioner will stealth at the end of every 2 turns. If stealthed at the start of its turn, it will heal a large amount of HP and gain a stacking attack buff. 
    • Under 40% HP: Executioner will gain an extra turn and use its ultimate (unless silenced). Stops going into stealth.
  • General fight flow:
    • Do not attack boss with allies that are debuffed, unless you’re very sure of what you’re doing (or going for the kill). This can snowball the fight very quickly.
    • Debuffed party members should hit the adds or use support skills.
    • Nothing special when the fight starts, just reduce boss to under 70% HP. Save your AoE skills.
    • Time immunity according to when adds cast their ultimate to prevent getting stacked with debuffs.
    • Under 70%: Executioner starts to stealth. Bring him out of stealth ASAP.
    • When approaching 40% HP, start saving your offensive buffs and big damage cooldowns. Make sure character in leader spot is topped off for incoming ultimate.
    • Under 40%: Executioner will gain a turn immediately and use his ultimate.
    • Try to burst boss down ASAP.
  • Team Requirements/Recommendations:
    • Immunity is basically mandatory for this fight. It may be possible to get by with Wonderous Potion Vials (preferably 2) and low cooldown cleanses. 
    • Even with Immunity, you probably still want some cleanse(s). 
    • AoE is mandatory to bring boss out of stealth.
    • Silence can be very helpful, but it’s not very accessible.
  • Other Notes:
    • Summoning a Guardian does not remove stealth.
    • Adds have roughly 70k HP, full heal every turn and are immune to unhealable debuff. Technically possible to burst them down if you have the gear and right characters, but at that point the boss should be a cakewalk anyway.
    • If you’re only bringing 1 AoE skill, bring Krom instead of the other guardians to help ensure your AoE damage skill is up to remove stealth.
    • If your AoE skill is on an earth character there’s a chance it will miss and cause a counterattack, but this will still remove stealth.
    • Fight can get very messy once the boss is under 40% HP.
    • Saving souls to chain arky casts for a phase you’re struggling with is a good idea – either 70%-40% if you lack aoe, or sub-40% if he’s killing you there.
    • Fire characters and effect resistance are pretty nice for avoiding debuffs
    • First ultimate always targets party leader, after that it follows the usual target RNG.
    • Can drop speed set boots with speed main stat.

Secretary Vera (Earth, SW boss):

  • Stats:
    • Secretary Vera: 105336 HP
    • Azimanus Watcher (Eggs): 6920 HP
    • Azimanus Scout (Spiders): ??? HP
    • Secretary Vera (Cocoon): 62474 HP
    • Karax Charger (Bodyguards): 30932 HP
  • Gimmicks:
    • This fight has 3 phases
    • During phase 1, everytime an egg is attacked, the boss will gain CR
    • When eggs hatch, a spider add will spawn and apply a random debuff on all allies for 3 turns. Additionally, the boss also gains increased attack and speed for the rest of the fight, everytime an egg hatches during phase 1. 
    • During phase 1, boss ultimate will spawn any missing eggs and hatch all eggs that are present. 
    • Phase 2 starts at 40%: All adds/eggs will be destroyed and the boss becomes a cocoon. Spawns 2 bodyguards that will inflict -100% CR on normal attacks and provoke on their ultimates. These 2 adds will stay alive for phase 3 if you don’t kill them.
    • Cocoon will hatch when it uses its ultimate (4 turn charge) or when its HP reaches 0. Phase 3 will start when it hatches and if you didn’t kill it, the boss will gain a big buff. 
    • Phase 3 is a simple DPS race. Boss will gain power each turn.
  • General fight flow:
    • Phase 1: Fight starts with the boss spawning 4 eggs
    • If your party has high single target damage, just ignore the eggs and bring the boss down to under 40% to transition to phase 2 immediately. Else try not to let the eggs hatch and damage the boss whenever possible. Letting eggs hatch will make phase 3 much harder.
    • Boss will get an extra turn and use an AoE attack with a chance to stun when its HP drops below 40% and phase 2 will start. 
    • Phase 2: 2 bodyguards spawn. Boss switches to cocoon form and changes element to light.
    • If you have high uptime on immunity, have speed buffs or CR boosts or have high damage output, it’s possible to ignore the adds and just kill the cocoon and move on to phase 3. The CR reset (can be resisted) on the bodyguards’ basic attack and their provoke can be hard to deal with if they are left alive. 
    • The cocoon will hatch on its 5th turn or if its HP reaches 0. It will regenerate some health each turn. 
    • Phase 3: Starts after cocoon hatches. Simple DPS race. Buff up, defense break and burst the boss down. Boss ultimate deals quite a bit of damage even if it didn’t get any buffs from other phases and can also stun. If the adds were left alive, the fight can go wrong really easily. 
  • Team Requirements/Recommendations:
    • Not a requirement but Immunity is very nice to have. Getting stunned in phase 3 can end a run very easily. Highly recommended. 
    • Cleanse is nice to have for stun/provoke if no access to immunity.
    • AoE damage dealer is useful for phase 1 and 2.
    • Defense Break makes this fight much easier as most of it boils down to a damage race before things go wrong.
    • CR reduction or CD increase can be very helpful during phase 2. Gives more time to kill adds if choosing to go that route.
  • Other Notes:
    • Secretary seems to have fairly low defense.
    • During phase 1, it’s possible to nuke the boss before it can trigger phase 2, effectively skipping the rest of the fight. 
    • The cocoon being light element means Kise has an easier time landing her CD increase with S3. Useful to buy more time as mentioned above. 

Juleeve Council (Light, SE boss):

  • Stats:
    • Juleeve Council: 157353 HP
    • Juleeve Council (split): 25680 HP
  • Gimmicks:
    • Council’s basic attacks inflict poison for 2 turns. Council will always use 2 basic attacks in a row. Gains increased attack and speed at the end of every turn.
    • Poisoned allies will spread poison at the start of their turn. This effect only applies when fighting the main body. Disabled when council is split up. 
    • If council is attacked while debuffed, it will dispel all debuffs and give itself random buffs for 2 turns equal to the number of debuffs dispelled, up to 3. This effect is disabled when council is split.
    • Council’s ultimate will damage and dispel all buffs on party members and extend the duration of debuffs by 2 turns.Damage dealt increases based on number of debuffs each target has.
    • Council will split into 3 parts at 70% and 40%. Defeat the real one to get it to reform. 
    • When council is split, every time a party member takes a turn, all party members will take damage equal to a % of their max HP and lose 1 buff.
  • General fight flow:
    • Damage boss until it reaches 70% and splits, find and kill the core and the boss will reform.
    • Damage boss until 40%, boss will split again. Find and kill core again.
    • No other additional gimmicks after the boss reforms at 40%.
  • Team Requirements/Recommendations:
    • Immunity or Wonderous potion vial (preferably 2) + cleanse is highly recommended. 
    • Barriers will help absorb passive damage from taking turns during add phases. 
    • Try not to bring characters with debuffs on their S1. Debuffs that the boss is immune to are okay (stun, silence, poison, sleep).
    • AoE damage is useful for when the boss splits up. 
  • Other Notes:
    • This boss is quite fast and gains speed the longer the fight goes on.
    • Summon guardian during add phase to help kill adds faster. Krom or Arky is recommended because they won’t debuff the boss. 
    • When all adds are low on HP, the core will have a visual indicator. (needs confirmation, may have been removed)

Characters and Team Composition:


  • Healing
    • With enough gear/damage can use very little to no healing for certain content (looking at you, diene and c.dom)
  • Tank (leader position)
  • Damage
  • Defense Break

Very nice to have:

  • Atk buff
  • CR support

Extra Survivability:

  • Def buff
  • Atk/hit rate down
  • Barrier/Damage reduction (aurius, pyllis, c.armin, diene, etc.)

For specific fights:

  • Cleanse
  • Immunity
  • Dispel
  • Provoke
  • Poison/%hp damage
  • Unhealable

Team composition is everything in this game – how good or useful a character is depends on both party composition and fight. You’ll run a “general” PvE team for most things, but for higher difficulty content you will probably have to tailor your team to the fight. Be creative! Lower rarity characters are very good in this game, and most heroes have some niche that can be explored. If you have a waifu/husbando that you particularly like, make them work! 

For progression however, you will want to first focus on and invest heavily in a few heroes that form a coherent team composition. Here are some common options/safe investments. 

Full writeups for a few characters


  • Free from connection quest. If you plan to use her, grab and max her ASAP to start her specialty change
  • Specialty change takes a very long time due to urgent mission procs, the only way to accelerate this is to refresh stamina like a madman and farm world/event
  • Brings incredible single target DPS but very little utility otherwise. Still, she’s extremely good at that and has been used to clear basically all PvE content in existence
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd (+3)
  • Atk/crit, also a reasonable user of the abyss lifesteal sets, although the %eff is wasted


  • 3*, nerfed as of 3/27/19 – still decent in pve but not core anymore. PvP function still good
  • Prepare the phantasmas for her specialty change ahead of time by leveling them to 39
  • Swiss army knife utility tank with good self sustain, brings dispel, provoke, def break, and minor CR support + party sustain
  • With her nerfed s3 cooldown I’d recommend running an extra source of def break alongside her
  • Her s2 may seem bad but because of how often she gets turns, the heal really adds up
  • Her s3 isn’t attached to an attack so it can’t miss, meaning she can be used as a primary debuffer even for fire enemies. 
  • Max s3 is mandatory
  • Takes a lot of turns, so beware of buffs and barriers falling off
  • Spd/hit, if you have 55% eff from substats then go spd/hp or spd/def


  • Limited 5* :(
  • Really fast and generates a ton of souls, takes a lot of turns
  • Very versatile support, can tank and brings a low CD barrier+cleanse, atk buff, and unique crit def buff
  • Can act as a sub healer with Rod or Celestine
  • Skill enhance s2 and s3 for -cd
  • Spd/HP or spd/def
  • Important Note: Yes she is very good, but a lot of content currently in the game has been cleared without her, both before and after the release of global server. You can argue that the tieria/rikoris/elson trinity dominated then, but content has also been made easier. You will see Diene in a lot of videos because she is good, people invested in her and resources are limited in this game. Content creators don’t magically have more resources than you. It sucks to see her everywhere, but as time passes and people have resources to try different things, this will slowly change.


  • 5* PvE support queen
  • Brings solid sustain, and upon activating her idol form, incredibly potent support abilities in the form of atk buff + 50% CR push and guaranteed dual attacks
  • Highly versatile, is a standout unit in raid, abyss, and 3/4 hunt 11s
  • Enhance s3 asap for -cd, then s2
  • Spd/hp


  • 5* limited dps
  • A big stat ball with a high avg ratio on her s1, making her one of the best consistent dps options in the game and fairly tanky for her role
  • Easy to gear thanks to s2
  • Brings a def break on s3 that ignores element, although the uptime is low
  • Great user of abyss sets, spd/crit, atk/crit, etc.


  • Best dedicated CR support in the game
  • Requires some gear – 100% crit is mandatory
    • A t6 crit rate necklace from the secret shop gives 50% alone, broken set is incredibly worthwhile for this
  • Max his s2 ASAP
  • Skill use off on auto
  • Spd/crit, spd/unity


  • 4*, the best overall healer in the game due to the power of immunity and her ability to tank wyvern
  • Brings immunity with high uptime and a lot of overall sustain, making her incredible for abyss and raid where debuffs are rampant
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd
  • Spd/HP, triple HP is fine early on


  • 5*, brings the most raw healing in one character with a heal on every skill
  • Super thicc tank, with a powerful full cleanse into heal + readiness push.
  • Long cooldowns, you’ll want to time them well. Candlestick is recommended if she’s tanking
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd
  • Spd/HP or triple HP with speed boots


  • 4* healer
  • Brings full cleanse into heal on low CD, and a single target invuln + heal
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd
  • Atk down on s1 is amazing for a healer
  • Spd/HP or triple HP with speed boots


  • 3* ML healer with a party defense buff
  • Amazing overall sustain and mitigation between party def buff, hit rate down on s1, and heals. Therefore, really good for hard fights like abyss, raid, and hunt 9/10
  • Skill enhance s2 for -cd
  • Spd/Hp or triple HP with speed boots


  • 3* healer with a party atk buff, free from connection quest
  • Heals scale off atk, making her more awkward to gear
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd
  • Mostly on here because she’s getting a spec change, making her a safe investment
  • Spd/whatever, basically every stat under the sun is useful for her in some way


  • 5* DPS that sub heals, stacks bleed, and brings unhealable
  • Bleed and vampiric touch being a debuff make him amazing for wyvern
  • Unheal is fantastic for any fights where the boss heals or has adds that heal them (golem, forest altar, a number of abyss floors)
  • Skill upgrades aren’t super important, but 3 points into s3 and 2 points into s2 are nice
  • Atk/Crit, abyss set is good on him too. Look for 55% effectiveness and speed boots.


  • 5* DPS with AOE, debuffs, and a party attack buff
  • Unheal is a little more work to proc, but she’s great everywhere haste is
  • Skill enhance s2 and s3 for -cd
  • Atk/Crit, burn scales off attack. Abyss set is also good, look for 55% effectiveness


  • 5* DPS, stacks bleed and unhealable. Similar to the two characters above, but water and with more single target dps/less utility
  • Skill enhance s2 for increased effect chance and s3 for -cd
  • Atk/Crit, Abyss set is very good here. Look for 55% effectiveness


  • 4* DPS that requires good gear and heavy investment
  • Brings heavy single target damage and def break
  • 100% crit is mandatory, R&L is particularly godlike on her. DD is very good as well
  • Beware that buffs on her will fall off quickly because she takes so many turns
  • Skill ups aren’t especially important, but points in s1 are nice due to how often she uses it
  • Atk/Crit, CritD/Crit, abyss set is good as usual


  • 5* DPS with unique utility in the form of s3 delaying boss ultimates
  • Ratio on s2 sucks, generally don’t use it, especially not without stealth
  • Good at wyvern, abyss, and raid with the caveat that your team comp needs to fulfill all the usual needs in only 3 slots
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd
  • Atk/Crit or Life steal/crit, makes good use of abyss set. Effectiveness for s3 is nice but not mandatory


  • 4* DPS with def break that goes zoom
  • 100% crit is highly recommended but less mandatory, especially if you run a speed buffer with him
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd
  • Atk/Crit with speed boots, speed scaling on skills is not that great, atk set will give you more damage. Run spd/crit set if you want to guarantee first turn in pvp


  • 3* debuffer/CR+speed support
  • Stats are pretty bad outside of speed, but he packs a strong support kit with atk/speed debuffs, CR manipulation, and party speed buff
  • Requires a spec change and pretty heavy molagora investment
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd, s1, s2 for +effect chance
  • Speed/Anything, look for some effectiveness


  • 4* CR manipulator/sub dps, free from connection quest
  • Lowers enemy CR on s1, brings party spd buff and aoe speed debuff
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd
  • Takes a ton of turns, beware buffs falling off
  • Spd/whatever


  • 3* poison bot
  • Queen of golem and specific abyss floors, basically everyone resorts to her at some point due to poison being the best way to burn through enormous hp pools
  • Very low investment gear wise, just needs to be able to survive.
  • Extending debuffs is actually super cool, also works well with the -cd guardian
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd is really nice but not mandatory. 
  • Spd/hit, if you can get enough effectiveness from sub stats than spd/hp or spd/def sets for better survivability.


  • 5* sub dps with consistent def break, dispel, and the rare unable to be buffed debuff
  • S2 cooldown reset is super unique and powerful
  • Amazing at specific abyss floors and raid fights
  • Skill enhance s2 and s3 for -cd, 4 points into s1 for max effect chance
  • Atk/Crit, look for 55% effectiveness


  • The other 5* wind ranger dps with consistent def break, aoe edition
  • Bops Banshee, golem, and 4-9 world
  • Does a whopping 4% enemy max hp on s1, making her an incredible bosser
  • Synergizes fantastically with crit damage and dual attacks, which multiply the %hp damage and stack focus for her respectively
  • If she’s at 4 focus and uses s1, it will proc the s3 cast – this works off dual attacks and counterattacks!
  • Skill enhance s3 for -cd, more important if you plan to soul burn s3 a lot
  • Very flexible gearing wise – Speed, attack, crit, critD, unity are all good. Look for 55% effectiveness


  • 3* ML support/jack of all trades
  • Very squishy, but brings a loaded support kit
  • Consistent def break, readiness pushing, atk down on s1, small partywide lifesteal
  • Skill enhance s1 and s3 for max effect chance, max s2 is really nice to have (free 10% life steal total) with other minor sustain options like kluri s2
  • Can subheal with celestine. Shimadra’s Staff could also work paired with lifesteal set(s) on other units.
  • Also flexible gearing wise – can be built full support or dps. Some tank stats and 55% effectiveness are essential

Axe God

  • 3* ML lifesteal dps with consistent def break
  • Look at the size of the lad
  • Skill enhance s3 for max effect chance
  • Atk/Crit, Lifesteal/Crit, look for some effectiveness. According to datamine, S3 gains 5% of his max hp as damage, roughly 750 damage at 15k hp. Gearing for HP is okay if you need him to tank, otherwise atk is better for damage. 

Some underrated 3-4* options I didn’t cover, probably because their usage is a bit specific or I’m just lazy:

  • DPS: Clarissa, Surin, Alexa, Mistychain, Carmainerose, Taranor Guard, Celeste
  • Healers: Jecht, Rin, Lots, Montmorancy (a lot of these struggle as main healers but can sub heal and bring a lot of utility)
  • Utility: Armin, Rose, Pyllis, Elson, Dominiel, Mucacha, Tieria, Bask

There are way more good characters (including 4-5* ml that I skipped bc rarity) but my wrists hurt so – Read skill descriptions, look at stats/skill ratios and think for yourself!

On Sez, Ravi, and Vildred: They’re good for farming and carry earlygame hard, but aren’t especially versatile otherwise without heavy investment. Still, they’re strong options for a DPS slot as long as you have basic comp/content specific needs filled with the other 3 spots. 

Basic structure of a team comp looks like:

Healer tank(lead)/utility/utility/DPS

Utility tank(lead)/healer/utility/DPS

Where utility slots are very flexible, usually buffers/debuffers that fill content-specific needs. Characters like F.Kluri, Diene, Kiris, Schuri, def breakers, dps with consistent debuffs all fit here. Don’t make the mistake of chadding out and trying to stack a ton of damage unless your gear is great (and you have diene/RR/c.dom).

Example comps:



Achates/Axe God/Araminthia/Silk




Destina/Taranor Guard/Bellona/Schuri

C.Armin/Achates/Axe God/C.Lorina


Destina/Diene/Sez/Axe God




Angelica/Schuri/Axe God/Carmainerose



Example tailoring for content:

Abyss 80: Diene/Angelica/F.Kluri/C.Lorina -> Diene/Angelica/F.Kluri/Kiris

Wyvern: Diene/Angelica/F.Kluri/C.Lorina -> Diene/Mistychain/F.Kluri/C.Lorina

Golem: Diene/Angelica/F.Kluri/C.Lorina -> F.Kluri/Angelica/Haste/Kiris

If you noticed a pattern, it’s probably because pretty much everyone should build Lorina and Kluri, and one of the big 4 healers (destina/angelica/achates/doris).

Rerolling in a nutshell: 

Healer(angelica/destina/achates) + DPS is usually the goal. If you want to be super optimal, go for angelica + strong PvE dps (Araminthia, Iseria, Ken). Schuri is another notable pull due to being fairly unique. Note that some of the characters up there aren’t in the selective summon pool – click the icon at the bottom of the selective summons screen to see who’s in the pool. Stuff like non-listed 5* dps, clarissa, rin, lots are worth taking as well. Don’t worry about earlygame carries for story – that’s what friend supports are for (ask discord or streamer yt/twitch chat). Also no need to worry about 3*s in reroll since you should get them all within ~200 pulls pretty comfortably, which won’t take that long.

Note that the rough order of content you’ll challenge will be adventure mode + labs > raid & abyss 50+ > clear hunt 10 > farm hunt 11, so prioritize accordingly.

Progression Roadmap:

  1. Unlock the useful connection quest characters
  2. Work through adventure mode, grabbing breath of orbis’ and clearing 10-10 normal to unlock ML gacha
  3. Do laby/abyss every day, focusing on grabbing the important gold chest equipment from labyrinth
  4. Do PvP because it costs nothing and is free skystones
  5. Reach rank 50 ASAP to refresh the secret shop for equipment – Spend your gold carefully since you’ll need it for this!
  6. Gear up by maxing out the guaranteed gear and accessories from the shop.
  7. Invest in team(s) for raid and higher abyss floors
  8. Invest in a team for Wyvern 11

Quick tips:

  • Don’t invest in too many characters – it slows down your 6*s, skillups, and you’ll waste gold and won’t have gear for them.
  • Don’t invest heavily in subpar gear, especially left side which is substat focused. Gold is a valuable commodity later on! 
  • Be cautious about equipping filler gear, especially if it’s high tier/rarity. Unequip costs are significant!
  • Essentially, don’t spread your resources too thin! Invest heavily into a core team and one or two situational units that can slot in for hunts/specific bosses, etc.

Escaping the Midgame Rut:

“I’m hardstuck gold on abyss floor _, can’t clear raid bosses, or farm wyvern 9!”

  • Check/rethink your team comp – for all of the above content you need answers to specific boss mechanics.
  • +12/15 your guaranteed gear, especially the accessories.
  • If there’s guaranteed gear you’re not using, consider slotting them in as broken set pieces
  • Make sure you have the important skillups done (-cd and +effect chance)
  • 6* your units – it just takes some time and focused usage of your stamina and offers a lot of stats. Focus on this instead of building other units that aren’t in your main squad!
    • Order: Primary DPS > Healer if you have trouble surviving > Second DPS > Utility chars

What do I do with ___?:


  • gacha
  • refreshing shop
  • stamina refills
  • expanding storage

Pull until essential team comp needs are fulfilled. Unless you’re whaling, you most likely won’t have the resources to build a lot of characters in the short term. Save for Luna potential waifu if you want but too many waifu will ruin your E7 laifu. After rank 50, if you have gold then refresh secret shop for gear. Refilling energy with crystals is up to you, but it’s basically mandatory if you want to progress fast. Storage space is also up to you, but it’s not too expensive and generally a safe investment.

Friendship Points:

Buy the energy and flags every day. Spend liberally on friendship summons when you need fodder. Feeding the 1-2* artifacts into each other can be done for the silver transmit stone quest (probably only repeatable up to 30 times).

Conquest Points:

Buy the energy every day and make sure to buy the Molagora every week. Buy out the gear because it will rotate out. Currently Helm > Ring > rest. After getting the equipment you want, spend the rest on equipment charms to upgrade gear. 

Transmit Stones:

Gold transmits: galaxy bookmarks

Silver transmits: molagora and phantasma weekly, skip the rest

Ancient Coins:

Early on, open accessory chests since those are your primary source of accessories. I’d open enough to fill out sets, and maybe a %hp neck and ring for your healer. %atk or crit neck + ring for your dps if you can’t get the labyrinth chests (1-5 and 2-1) or clear abyss 36-38. Once you have bare essentials, buy charms to max the labyrinth and abyss accessories.

Breath of Orbis: 

Locations: 1-9, 2-S6, 3-S3, 4-S6, 4-S12, 5-S6, 6-S6, 7-S6, 8-S3, 9-S3, 9-S6, 10S-3

Usage Priority (in order):

  • forest of souls 0/3/0
  • high command 1/1/1, later 2/1/2
  • heart of orbis 2/3/3 or max
  • workshop max

Dispatch Mission Slots:

Prioritize ancient coins and PVP points. Level fodder/3/4* units that might be useful. 2hr/1 energy missions are best assuming 2/1/2 high command.

Forest of Souls Slots:

seeds > dogs > penguins (do once a day for daily)


You usually want to transmit them for gold. Feed them if you’re desperate for exp or want to level something fast. 


Promotion fodder, they gain 10% bonus exp. Relatively cheap to summon megas as needed with stigma. Generally, you’ll be leveling and promoting 2* fodder to 3*, and using/leveling doggos for anything higher than that.


You get it from almost everything, so spend them aggressively – they do nothing if you let them sit there! Usually spend stigma on dogs, unless you have all the upgrades and are desperate for gold/exp. Note: If you get the reduced time upgrade for the forest of souls, the stigma cost to summon penguins/phantasma will go down as well. 

Extra 2* fodder:

Hopefully you shouldn’t run into this issue if you’re promoting/leveling fodder regularly, but if you’re desperate for box space and have stigma, I would summon a bunch of dogs and promote them. 

3* Hero dupes:

For potentially useful characters, I would keep 3 dupes and use them to promote them (since you’ll eventually max these random 3*s through dispatch). If they’re very good/you’re likely to use them at some point then keep feeding dupes in until their imprint is maxed. If you have box space, you can keep 3*s around until you max their memory imprint (SSS); there’s a reputation quest that gives bookmarks for doing this (~20 bookmarks for each milestone). Otherwise it’s fine to use spare useless 3*s as promotion fodder.
Level to 30 -> use 3 dupes to promote to 4* -> max imprint -> use as 4* fodder. 

Extra/useless artifacts:

Sell them for powder of knowledge!

Powder of knowledge:

Depends on what’s in the current shop rotation. In general I’d spend carefully unless you whale and pull a lot. 

Useless equipment:

Around 75% more expensive per point of exp than charms, but you’ll never have enough exp from charms alone so feeding them is fine. All gear of the same item level will feed for the same amount of exp, but higher rarity equipment will sell for more gold. Therefore it’s better to feed brown/green equipment and sell the others, but obviously go ahead and sell everything when you’re short on gold.


Invest very carefully! See the full section on them under misc.

Hunt Materials:

Boots are the best thing to craft because of speed and % main stats. Lower item level crafting isn’t really worth it, but do it if you really need better set filler or slightly more stats to progress.

Miscellaneous Tips:


  • Abyss
  • Labyrinth/Raid
  • Adventure Mode
  • Hunts
  • Events
  • PVP
  • Challenges

Stam sinks:

  • Catalysts
  • Events
  • Runes
  • Challenges

Time Gated

  • Laby/Raid
  • Abyss
  • Molagora


Join a guild ASAP because of 10% exp/gold buffs and the shop which notably contains a weekly molagora seed and labyrinth compass. Guild members should request t2 runes according to the daily altar so everyone can trade runes and easily accumulate crests. T5 wyvern materials are also a good request target for stronger guilds, and the aid system can be used to trade catalysts. If they don’t keep buffs up and do this your guild sucks and you should join a new one

Remember to donate 50k every day and collect the daily reward!GW inc monkaS



  • guild shop
  • transmit stones
  • conquest points (pvp)


  • Abyss
  • banner events (arky, dice, etc.)
  • event shops
  • clear bonuses
  • world difficulty area rewards

These are a very valuable and limited resource, and getting them is largely time gated – invest wisely! A lot of characters suck without skill investment, so trying to build too many characters at once will screw you over since you’ll never have enough of these.

In general:

  • -CD upgrades are always first priority, especially on on heals/buffs/debuffs!
  • +effect chance upgrades for important debuffs are usually next, especially if that skill is your only source
  • After those, +healing% can have good value

Notable/Essential non-5* Artifacts

4*: aurius, wonderous potion vial (consider keeping 2 copies), magahara’s tome, rosa hargana, dust devil

3*: candlestick, joker, tonfa

If any of these 4* artifacts show up in the artifact shop and you don’t own them, consider buying them. Waiting is reasonable if you don’t have urgent need for them, since you’ll usually pull them all eventually and saving powders for specific 5* artifacts can be more beneficial.

Equipment EXP

Trade pvp points and ancient coins for charms. Charms are the cheapest exp source, followed by feeding regular equipment. Charms purchased from the labyrinth merchant are the most expensive per point of exp, but are fast exp if you need that last upgrade asap.

Source for math

How do I farm exp/gold/fodder?

There’s no dedicated stages for exp or gold or fodder – you get them while farming for something else, usually events, catalysts, runes, or quest kills. Essentially you’re always looking to multitask – bring fodders along to level whenever possible.

If you’re in dire need of extra 2* fodder, you can summon some from the friendship gacha.

Team/Hero/Equip Slots

First two extra team slots only cost gold! Buy them!
Extra hero/equipment storage capacity is usually a solid investment, but it’s up to you how often you’re willing to manage your storage.

Connection Quests/Specialty Changes

Refer to this chart for monster kills: (credits to e7 discord)

For new players, grab Lorina and Silk right away. Lorina in particular needs to be leveled to 50 ASAP to begin her specialty change. 

World Difficulty Monster spots (because catalysts/exp):

  • Machines: look over the stages in chapter 2 world, and pick one with catalysts that you need. I recommend 2-5 for path power loops, or 2-9 for reingar student ID’s
  • Plants: 4-S2
  • Test Subjects: 2-1, 9-6

Rune costs for skill trees & advice

Banner Events

These exist and are in the top right corner, don’t miss em.

Transmit Stones

Silver: Summon artifacts from the friendship gacha and feed them to each other to increase their skill levels. This progresses a repeatable quest that rewards 8 silver transmit stones. Reputation quests from events also give these. Otherwise you can send away 3* units if you’re incredibly desperate.

Gold: 10-10 clear reward, login rewards, abyss rewards, all achievements clear reward (some events & event challenges). Rose training ground hell clear reputation quest also rewards one.


Catalyst Locations
AP shop contents

In general, look at your characters and which skillups they need, and prioritize the catalysts for those. Do your best buy out catalysts from event shops. Any time you’re farming an event or kills for a quest, look for a stage that also drops a catalyst you can use. Additionally, using characters of different zodiac signs can be nice since they won’t require the same catalysts. With the advent of the AP shop and increased catalyst stock in events it’s become far easier to guarantee the catalysts you need. Buy out the catalysts you need from the AP shop every week.

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