Epic Seven Pet System Guide

by seizero

I know the system as a whole has some issues (battle pets only opening chests when in repeatable battles which is limited by a currency…) but that doesn’t mean we can’t maximize the system as a whole. Please forgive any formatting issues I wrote this in discord first.

Pet System Guide

This is going to be long and flow of consciousness but I’ll try to stay organized. In the long run you want to maximize this aspect of the game and do it properly. There are large benefits to be had here and it is fairly easy to get established to a decent degree after just a single session of working on them.

How to Obtain Pets

You can purchase Adoption tickets in the shop. 55 per week for 5.5 mil gold. You can also purchase them for 50 skystones each with no limit. You can also buy pet food and a toy each week.

You go into the Pet House to summon them using Adoption Tickets.

When you summon a pet it has a 5% of S rank skill (most important), a 10% chance of A rank skill (pretty okay) and a 20% chance of B rank skill (if you want to be just good enough). C and D are pure fodder.

There is also a 0.5% chance of summoning a special form. You can look these up in the journal. The icons have a crescent flair underneath of them to denote that they are special.

At rank 3 and eventually 5 a pet changes appearance and “evolves”.

My advice:

  • – Buy all the adoption tickets you can afford with gold. Ignore skystones unless you rich and don’t give a fuck
  • – Buy all pet food and toys each week but do not use them. I will explain later.

How to advance your pets.

– Experience: Pets are like equipment. You use pets to level pets as experience. You can also use food which increases affinity but don’t do this yet.

A pet’s skill is randomly rolled and can only change negatively by feeding a pet lower rank skills (cannot confirm this but I have heard it from multiple sources).

Once a pet is max level you can undergo synthesis

– Synthesis. You take two pets of the same rank. One must be max level. You get to pick the appearance of either pet and lock a number of skills dependent on rank. Then when you synthesize the new pet will be what you selected but have a chance to increase in rank.

At rank 1 and 2 you get to lock a single skill.

At rank 3 you get to lock 2 skills.

A synthesized pet remains at max level so if you fail you rank up you can try again with any fodder. You also keep all affinity.

– Affinity: Every day you can play with your pet with stigma once per day. You can play with a toy any number of times but you consume the toy. There are 5 ranks of affinity that increase the skill potency of the pet. To the extent I do now know. Affinity carries over through synthesis and each new synthesized pet counts as new so you can play with it again that same day.

Until you get a pet that you are likely never to get rid of it is not worth adding affinity to it with limited use items like food or toys. Take it slow while you’re building them up.

Okay but actually how do I do this properly?

  • – Summon pets until your pet house is full. It’s not much it’s only like 10 or 20? I never counted.
  • – Note any good skills you have found. Prioritize S > A and only if desperate accept a B rank skill.
  • – Take a D or C rank fodder and feed it 6 other fodders to max level it.
  • – As you use fodder you can keep summoning to keep the flow incoming and to see if you get any S ranks or special appearances.
  • – Synthesize it with a pet with desirable appearance and/or skill.
  • – Lock the good stuff.
  • – Synthesize and hope you rank up.
  • – If you fail just synth with fodder until you succeed.
  • – Now you have a rank 2 pet with your chosen skill and a randomly rolled skill. Don’t sweat bad RNG here it won’t matter.
  • – Get any other rank 2 pet. Doesn’t have to be a good skill. Do this purely with fodder.
  • – Max level your rank 2 fodder pet.
  • – Synth your 2 rank 2’s together and hope for rank up. If this fails you need a new fodder.
  • – If you succeed you will have a Rank 3 with your desired appearance, S rank skill, and a random skill.
  • – Repeat for Rank 3 but now you get to lock 2 skills so it’s important that you get another desired S rank skill to lock into your main synthesized pet.

**Don’t forget! This has to be done separately between lobby and battle pets. And I expect eventually you will want 2 different battle pets so expect to do this 3 times at baseline if you’re min/maxing.**

What are good and desirable skills?

You can view a full list in the in-game pet info tab at the Pet House. There are 10 battle skills and 6 lobby skills total.


  • – % Event Currency (Side Story)
  • – % chance to receive 1 additional Epic Rune (Spirit Altar)
  • – % Chance to receive 1 additional piece of equipment (Hunt)
  • – % Chance to receive 1 additional Rare catalyst (Adventure/Side Story)
  • – % Chance to receive double Crafting Materials (Hunt)

Lobby: (Basically Hero Enhance EXP sucks so anything else really)

  • – +% Equipment Enhance Great Success Chance
  • – +% Equipment Enhance EXP
  • – -% Equipment Enhance Gold Cost
  • – +%Gold from selling equipment (lower prio)
  • – +% Equipment Enhance Good Success Chance (lower prio)

So in summary at least personally I want the following pets.

Lobby Rank 4 with 2/3 of the following at S rank

  • +% Equipment Enhance Great Success Chance
  • +% Equipment Enhance EXP
  • -% Equipment Enhance Gold Cost

Battle Rank 4 with these two at S rank

  • % Event Currency (Side Story)
  • % Chance to receive 1 additional Rare catalyst (Adventure/Side Story)

Battle Rank 4 with 2/3 at S rank

  • % Chance to receive 1 additional piece of equipment (Hunt) **Main Prio**
  • % chance to receive 1 additional Epic Rune (Spirit Altar)
  • % Chance to receive double Crafting Materials (Hunt)

As an example of what I’ve accomplished in 1 session with no skystones spent:

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