Epic Seven New Player’s Selective Summon Guide

by Rasheediscool

  1. Who are the 5 star and 4 star characters available in the Selective Summon

First i’ll start with 5 stars.

Keep in mind you can only get 1 5 star hero OR artifact. So lets say you’re re rolling and get Ken, you cant get any more 5 stars. If you’re rerolling and get a 5 star artifact, you cant get any more 5 stars.

SezBaal & SezanRavi
SigretBasarCharlotte (Either bruiser or DPS)

Now for the 4 star characters


Ok so we have all these characters. Which ones do we actually care about

Well for the 5 stars the 2 most desired characters are Vildred and Ken

Vildred is the 2nd best farmer in the game. What does this mean? This means that he can kill monsters really quick, which allows you to level up your characters and fodder quick so you can promote your characters quickly. He’s also super useful in Banshee, A11, Automaton Tower, some Abyss floors, and early ranks of arena.

Ken is one of the best characters in the game. He can be built super tanky and still dish out respectable damage. He is useful in every part of the game except Banshee and is usable in early and late game content. You can’t go wrong getting a Ken.

Now lets say you have shitty luck and can’t seem to reroll a Vildred or Ken, who should you grab? Who should you avoid? Who is situational?

If you cant get Ken or Vildred, consider:

Sez – Really great farmer, good for early arena. His utility has fallen off though as he use to be the MUST HAVE reroll character. Now he’s usually benched late game. Still super valuable early and mid game.

Ravi – The buffs to Ravi make her pretty strong. She plays the bruiser role really well and can be used in some Guild Wars comps in the mid to later game. Build her high HP and she most likely wont die.

Aramintha – Recent buffs made her stronger, she can be used as a farmer, albeit not the best, but shes still very strong. Her stun on her 3rd skill increases her viability in early PVP. She’s also a good Golem teammate. Same as Sez though. Great early to mid game, benched late game.

Who to avoid?

Tywin – Tywin is a great character. Just not good enough to be your selective summon character. You want damage, he’s a support unit or a tank depending on how you build him.

Baal & Sezan – He’s more PVP focused and hits like a wet noodle. Not worth keeping as your selective character.

Basar & Iseria – Ok so i grouped Basar and Iseria together for one reason. They’re two of the best characters in the game. Basar is a God right now in PVP and Iseria has one of the best kits in the game along with being an amazing partner for Tama and Dark Corvus. The reason i say avoid them is because they don’t help new players at all. These are characters who fit the late game players much more. Players who finished most if not all PVE content and who’s main focus is PVP. By the time a new player gets the that end game, the meta can change and maybe they suck now. I’d avoid and hope that you pull in the future.

Who is situational

Destina – The reason Destina is situational is because there are 3 other healers in the selective summon that are better than her. I say grab Destina if you have a very good 4 star hero (Clarissa, Cidd) and are sick and tired of rerolling. I heavily recommend going for the other healers though.

Ludwig – Out of everyone on this list Ludwig does the most damage and its not even close. (Ok kind of close with chloe). The thing is, he requires some set up to bring the best out of him. You need to grant him invincibility, the only person on this list that can do that is Achates. Blaze Dingo, Crimson Armin are also good options but there is no guarentee you”ll get them.

What about the other 5 stars?

Chloe, Sigret, Charlotte, are definetly good characters. But they’re not better than Ken or Vildred. So why bother taking them when you can get Ken or Vildred? The only time i would is if you pull Angelica as well, then i’d 100% keep them.

Which 4 star units are worth it?

Angelica – Angelica is as important as Ken and Vildred. For you new players, understand this. There are hunts in this game, the most important one is Wyvern. Angelica is a fundamental piece to having a good Wyvern team. Secondly, she makes all PVE content much much easier. Dont kill yourself too much because Montmorancy who is a 3 star unit can replace her now, i’ll get into detail about this later. But if you see Angelica, consider keeping the roll depending on how good the other characters are.

Clarissa – Good farmer, can be used as a defense breaker in Wyvern, thats about it.

Cidd – 1 shot god and a speed demon. I get scared when i see a Cidd in Guild Wars. Very strong unit. Weak early game but picks up in mid game. Can be used in PVP, Guild Wars, Banshee, and Golem.

Achates – If you cant seem to get Angelica, Achates is a good option. She cleanses often, provides skill down and immunity on skill 2. She falls off and isn’t used late game, but is reliable early and mid game. The reason she falls off isn’t because shes bad, its more so because Water units are strong right now and fire is weak to water. If she were an Ice or Earth unit she’d be used more. I started my game with her.

Karin – So if you’re starting now you’ve obviously missed out on Luna ( i did too). Basically Karin is a budget Luna. She is a single target unit with defense break and grants a additional turns for herself. She actually can output more damage than Luna because her Skill 3 increases critical damage by 50%. Very very very useful in Wyvern.

Lets talk about Montmorancy

Montmorancy is a 3 star unit that is as strong or at times stronger than Angelica. The reason being is that when certain 3 star units hit level 50 they unlock a Specialty Change, i’ll be saying SC for short. When you get to level 50 with this unit, a quest line appears that once completed, improves the units 3rd skill, changes their design, and unlocks a skill tree. You use runes to upgrade the skill tree and this can drastically improve the units viability. Long story short, a max or near max out SC Montmorancy (Angelica Montmorancy) is ridiculously strong. I use mine everywhere, just keep in mind new players. Its a bit of a grind to get her there, you dont just SC her and shes super strong. You need to invest heavily in them runes. Its worth it, but takes time.

If you cannot get Angelica, 100% get Montmorancy. Heres the thing though, you dont even need to get her in selective summons. Shes a 3 star unit. Theres a good chance that 1 month into the game you’ll pull like 6 of her through covenant summons.

So if i were to rank the characters i talked on most important to least important, i’d go

  1. Vildred
  2. Ken
  3. Angelica
  4. Sez
  5. Ravi
  6. Karin
  7. Aramintha
  8. Achates
  9. Cidd
  10. Clarissa

If i were to rank the possible stars from best to least best

  1. Vildred + Angelica
  2. Ken + Angelcia
  3. Either Ken or Vildred + Any Healer (Angelica,Achates, Montmorancy)
  4. Ken or Vildred with no other recommended character
  5. Angelica + recommended 4 star hero
  6. Angelica with no other recommended hero
  7. Destina + 4 star recommended hero (This should be the lowest you go, anything below this is highly NOT recommended)
  8. 4 star recommended hero + Achates
  9. 4 star recommended hero + nothing else
  10. Montmorancy with nothing else (dont do this please)

I didn’t talk about artifacts because i feel for newer players its more important to get the characters first.

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