Epic Seven Making 6 Star Units Guide

by AzinoVo22

Hello there! I just wanted to make this guide to make new player’s lives a little easier when it comes to making their six star units. I remembered as a beginner, I was totally confused on how to efficiently do this. As a long time player, I’ve gotten a routine going that works well for me, so I just wanted to share it with the community. I’m sure there’s better ways depending on each player, so just a disclaimer. The method below will be how I make six star heroes. Too Long To Read?

  • Use [Level 1] 2★ fodder creatures to promote MAX [Level 5] 2★ creatures and twenty 2★ Mega-Phantasm
  • Use 3★ Fodder creatures to promote MAX 3★ Mega-Phantasms and five Giga-Phantasms
  • Use 4★ Mega-Phantasms to promote MAX Giga-Phantasms
  • Use Five 5★ Giga-Phantasms to promote your unit of choice.

General Ingredients

5 Yellow 3★ Giga-PhantasmsWill be promoted to 5★ to feed to unit of choiceEvents/Urgent Missions
20 White 2★ Mega-PhantasmsWill be promoted to 4★ to feed to Giga-PhantasmsEvents/Urgent Missions/Forest of Souls (250 Stigma each) in Sanctuary
75 [2★ Level 5] FoddersWill be promoted to 3★ to feed to both Mega & Giga-Phantasms. If low on Friendship, use Level 1 Fodders.Friendship Summon
190 [Level 1] FoddersUsed to promote your 2★ Mega-Phantasms and FoddersDungeons
GoldRequired to promote unitsAll Modes Generally

Routine Step 1: Gather Giga-Phantasms

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Save up at least five Giga-Phantasms from events (I never run out of these).

Step 2: Gather Mega-Phantasms

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Summon some Mega-Phantasms from the Forest of Souls (You should be incubating these regularly so summon only if you need them).

Step 3: Gather Level 5 Fodders

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Summon some Level 5 Fodders from Friendship Summon using Friendship Points (You get Friendship Point from using your friend’s Heroes). If you’re short on Friendship points, just use Level 1 Fodders!

Step 4: Organizing Your Inventory

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Head to your Hero Menu and Sort the Heroes by Grade with the lower grades showing first. Set Hide Ingredients and Compact View. Lock everything except [2★ Level 1] Fodders. This will prevent any confusion when you are promoting in the future. If the 1★, 2★ Artifacts, and Penguins bother you, you can get rid of them in this step as well. Use the artifacts to promote higher level Artifacts and feed the penguins to Heroes of Choice or Sell Them.

Step 5: Promote Mega’s and Giga’s

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While you are there, promote some Mega-Phantasms to 3★ and a few Giga-Phantasms to 4★ if you can. It’s not a problem if you can’t level the Giga-Phantasms, but it’s recommended that you do since you need to level them as quickly as possible.

Step 6: Plan Your Team

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Open your Team Menu. Place your desired Farmer Hero in the back and pretty much anything else in the other three spots except Level 1 Fodders. I prefer the 1 Giga-Phantasm, 1 Mega-Phantasm, and 1 Level 5 Fodder setup. If you have the “One Year of Gratitude” artifact, equip that to your farmer hero if you can. If you can’t like me (I use Vivian with Time Matter as my Farmer), just equip it to your slowest growing fodder like the Giga-Phantasm and pass it around as needed.

Step 7: Find A Farm Map

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Find a map with a catalyst that you need or exchange shop that you like and start grinding there. I farm on Unrecorded History for chance at Epic Catalysts at various maps. Always bring helper hero to get Friendship points. Pay attention to how much experience you are getting. If one of your units is about to hit max but you are unsure, possibly remove your Farmer altogether momentarily and let your friend’s hero take care of it. Just make sure your friend’s hero can kill everything alone (Vildred, Sez, or any AOE cleaver usually does the trick. Just pay attention to Elemental Advantage).

Step 8: SWAP our MAX’ed units with Fresh Ones

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Swap out MAX’ed units with ones that still require leveling. You would want to balance your inventory space. If you have lots of Mega’s MAX’ed but not enough fodders, start leveling up more fodders and vice-versa.

Step 9: Further Promotion of Fodder and Phantasms

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As your Fodders start hitting MAX, enter the Hero Menu to start promoting them. Upgrade all MAX 2★ Fodders to 3★ and use those to promote MAX 3★ Mega-Phantasms to 4★. When you rack up enough 4★ Mega-Phantasms, use those to promote your MAX 4★ Giga-Phantasm to 5★. You can use Tera-Phantasms as well, but those are hard to get.

Step 10: Profit

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When you gathered five 5★ Giga-Phantasms, use those to promote your “Unit of Choice” to 6★.


This is my first time writing anything on reddit so I apologize in advance if it’s a little lengthy. If there’s mistakes or suggestions, let me know. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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