Epic Seven Fighter Maya Guide

by E7-Camera

I’d like to take some of your time to discuss one of my favorite units, Fighter Maya. Why, you ask? If her Mark McGwire during peak roiding MLB homer season S3 doesn’t inspire you maybe her insanely loaded Passive will. In my honest opinion she’s a top tier Guild War unit, and definitely meta for arena in certain applications. She is also incredible in PVE applications as well, which I’ll get into further down.

Let’s get right to it, starting with her skills, and recommended build.

Her S1 is a single target attack with a 50% chance to provoke for 1 turn. Of all Knights with a provoke on S1, she sadly has maybe the least reliable with the exception of Taranor Royal Guard who has 35% base, 50% with molagora upgrades. She also has no health or defense scaling damage added like Krau, F.Ceci, Carmin, TRG, and Pyllis. As bad as this sounds I think it’s a decent tradeoff for how her skill upgrades actually work. Her S1 DOES Scale with Defense! Instead of adding %effect chance for 2 of her upgrades she gets raw damage boosts at all 5 upgrades making her S1 scale 5/5/5/10/15% for a 40% damage boost in total. Every other knight with a provoke S1 gets 30% damage fully upgraded. Also worth noting that my recommended build for her will be Counter/defense, which I’ll get into later, so She will be using her basic attack a lot, as well as any counter, or Elbris proc, which I will discuss below as well.


Conclusion: I recommend maxing her S1 (+5) out to fully utilize her as a damage dealer with incredible defensive capabilities, but you can also leave it at +0 and still get plenty of work done with her just by building her as I will recommend.

Her S2 is really the star of her kit. 80% chance to dispel one debuff and be granted inceased Defense for 2 turns when attacked(Can only be triggered once per turn.) <<< Awakening removes! This is when she truly starts to shine! Even at +0 skill upgrades you are pretty damn likely to get Defense buffed for 2 turns, and shed a debuff every.single.turn. She should always have defense buff essentially. will most likely proc Defense buff and shed a debuff because it’s pretty likely that after being hit 3-4 times between her taking a turn she will proc that 80% passive. (Edited for better clarity) I think this is probably the single best passive of any Knight, with the exception of Carmin. It’s extremely useful against Debuff heavy teams like Dizzy, because you will shed those 3 debuffs (if they all land) exceptionally fast, and because Dizzy has AOE on her S1, you are extremely likely to counter attack any time she takes a turn because of Elbris. Landing a provoke on Dizzy between her S3/S2 combo is really really helpful. That’s just one example though, her passive also makes her a great choice for Raid, allowing you to front line without having to worry (as much) about being CC’d. Because of her nearly permanent uptime on Defense buff, I recommend defense set as her offset. You don’t really need immunity or resist as you’ll be cleansing automatically, and you get more defense as a stat out of it for her passive, as well as damage scaling on her homerun S3.

Conclusion: I recommend +5 on her S2 to give nearly permanent defense buffs, and the easiest cleanse available. However even at +0 it’s an 80% chance, which is still extremely good/somewhat reliable. (however we all know 80%=0%)

Her S3 is where the fun sets in. Home. Run. Into. Orbit. Damage increases by 300% when enemy’s health is below 30%. Damage dealt is proportional to the caster’s Defense. The tank killer. I want to say it’s 100% successful if you S3 (Soulburn if you want to get really spicy for just 10 souls) any tank below 30% health it’s going to die, even on a non crit. I’ve never run into it not finishing off Kraus, F.Ceci, Thicc Kens, etc. Always gets the kill w/ or w/o crit. Where it can get tricky is if you’re not paying attention to roughly how much HP the enemy in question has (I recommend observing their actual HP on their most recent turn, and tracking how much damage you’ve dealt, so that you know the threshold for execution), and whether it’s going to provide that additional 300% damage boost. Not only is this skill good in Arena/GW, but it’s also been very useful for me time and time again in Raids, Abyss floors, pre nerf AT, etc. Bosses are affected by the execute as well (you may not finish them off though, but still will provide a large boost)

Conclusion: I recommend +3 on her S3 to get the -1 turn cooldown, +5 if you love her as much as I do. IMO she’s worth +15, she’s that good if you’re serious about guild war/arena.

Recommended Build:

Counter Set- Main

Defense Set- Off

%Defense, %Hp %Defense, %Hp for right side equipment. (Edited!)

Substat Priority: %Hp, %Defense, Speed, %Effect (for the provokes), Crit chance, Crit Damage, %resist.

(First and foremost get that beefyness to the max. 2k+ defense, 15k+ health, as much speed as you can get. Everything past that is going to be great for her, maybe with resist being the least useful since you will be cleansing frequently)

Elbris.Ritual.Sword. There are no substitutions here.

Detailed Substat Priority By Equip:

Weapon: %Health, %Defense, Speed, Crit %, % Effect or %Resist (Edited!)

Helmet: %Health, %Defense, Speed, Crit % or % Effect

Chest: %Health, %Defense, Speed, Crit % or %Effect

Necklace: Main-%Defense, Subs: %Health, Speed, Crit %, % Effect or Crit Damage

Ring: Main- %Health %Defense, Subs: %Defense %Health, Speed, Crit %, % Effect or Crit Damage (Edited!)

Boots: Main- %Health, Subs: %Defense, Speed, Crit %, % Effect or Crit Damage.

Depending on your rolls I would stop adding % Effect if you can get it to ~50%, Provoke is helpful, but not so useful that you want to sacrifice a lot of substat slots for it. If you do achieve ~50% effect I recommend moving on to getting some Crit Chance, and Crit Damage. %Resist IMO is the least useful stat for her given her S2. Try to avoid it, Good luck :( %Resist is useful for resisting CR reduction, which is not a debuff, placing slightly more importance on it as a substat option for her, balance out %effect and %resist as best you can as a 4th/5th priority substat, maybe aiming for ~50%+ on each if you can!

This is what I would recommend for her as an end game build. She will do serious work in a speed/defense set until you can craft a nice counter set, but she REALLY comes online with the counter set.


1: 3% Health

2: 3% Defense

3: Removes “once per turn” activation from her S2 aka making her a cleansing machine and nearly permanent uptime on Defense Buff

4: 12% Effect Resistance (Wish this was %Health or %Defense but it’s not entirely useless

5: 6% Health

6: 6% Defense

Conclusion: Her awakenings are really beneficial for her overall, especially her 3rd awakening.


I think Fighter Maya works in any comp as a frontline as long as you have some form of healing that is reliable. She can take a lot of punishment but still will need to be healed up in longer fights like GW can be.

Angelica, A.Momo, Rin, Destina, SSAchates come to mind, and personally I find Rin to be a lot of fun to pair with F.Maya because she brings Defense Break, dispel, and Gacha buffs to add some more power to her (It’s really nice when she gets Crit buff and Evasion buff ;).

She’s great on a stall team for Arena as well if you pair her with 2 SW and another Knight holding Aurius (Carmin/Krau/F.Ceci)

She doesn’t have the best morale at a median 2.00 value, but there are good options for her that net 29 morale (needed to 3 run raid for the week).

Example Arena Defense Team: F.Maya/Angelica/Carmin/Assassin Cartuja

Example Raid Team: F.Maya/Angelica/C.Lorina and a fourth that gets you 29 morale (There are quite a few options, check them out https://epicseven.gamepress.gg/camping-simulator )

Fun GW Offense Tactic: Fighter Maya, Assassin Coli, Spectre Tenebria. Essentially works the same way as the D.Corvus/A.Coli/Spec Tene team, but F.Maya won’t have the self sustain that D.Corvus does. It’s what I’ve been running lately and it’s a LOT of fun.

Conclusion: Fighter Maya is an excellent unit for Guild War and Arena, as well as perfectly viable for PVE content. I think she’s a great candidate for 5/5/5, 0/5/3, or 0/5/0 if you want to go extremely budget with molagora. She is incredibly fun to use, and her S3 is probably the single most satisfying S3 in game. If you’ve got her benched, untouched, etc, consider giving her a shot. Take her to 6 stars, get those 6 awakenings done, and try out a speed/def setup next free equipment removal event, or even counter/def if you have one already. I think you’ll be really satisfied with her, and likely realize her amazing potential.

Posting my Fighter Maya below, not saying she’s the best or that she has every substat on every piece like I listed above, but I am working towards it slowly.


I really hope you enjoy the guide, and that you try her out if you haven’t! Feel free to leave feedback or recommendations/make corrections if I’ve made a mistake etc.

Edit: It has been pointed out that her S1 DOES scale with Defense! My bad! Updating above, also spaced on her right side setup a bit, editing above.

Edit 2: Clearing up some confusing verbiage on her S2

Edit 3: Weapon substats were incorrectly listed, %Defense is not possible! Editing above! Also worth noting that %resist can help with resisting CR reduction, so maybe balance out your %effect and %resist subs.

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