Epic Seven F2P SS 4th Generation Pets Guide

by hongws

Hello everyone,

It’s me, Hongio! Feel free to check out my F2P/Low Spender Progression Tips, although a lot of things have changed, I still follow many of my own tips to this day. I’m currently at an excellent surpass of both Mystics and BMs, and my gear has vastly improved. I can no longer hold top 30 Legend without buying flags, but can still easily end up top 100 by buying 1 set of flag a week.

As usual, my methods are not optimal to whales and is aimed towards F2P/Low spenders. If you want to whale, then the optimal way would be to acquire the Hunt pet ASAP, which will involve in a lot of Skystones or luck. However, if you’re unsure of the most optimal way to get a SS 4th Gen Pet, you can still use the guide below.

Now let’s begin!What is Synthesizing?

It’s basically the same as raising dogs/fodders to promote our characters, but with a chance to fail and a chance to receive a random skill. The only way for pets to gain EXP is by enhancing with other pets or Pet Food.Early Investment

Invest 5.5m in Adoption Tickets and try to get the following pets below to start. The pet doesn’t have to be S grade. Just make sure to have them so you can use them. You can use the pets at 1st gen and slowly replace each pet to S grade. Once you land on a pet with S grade of your desired skill, you can raise the pet to 3rd gen.

If you’ve managed to roll a 2nd related skill on 2nd gen, you will want to stay at 2nd gen until you’re ready to proceed to 4th gen.

11/7/2019 Patch Update

Since you are now allowed to inherit 2 skills on 2nd gen, it may be wise to make a SA 3rd gen pet and proceed to 4th gen when you are ready to SS 4th gen. It is quite difficult to obtain 2 S grade of your desired skill.

Starter Pets:

  1. IMPORTANT – [Hunt] Chance to receive extra Hunt gear (ASAP)
  2. IMPORTANT – [Lobby] Gold earned from selling Equipment (assuming you sell your trash hunt gears, this will yield you a lot of gold in the long run, allowing you to slowly recover all the gold you’ve spent adopting pets and allow you to keep investing into Adoption Tickets)
  3. [Side Story] Extra Event Currency
  4. [Adventure] Extra Catalyst or Double AP. (Double AP means you can buy cata from shop faster instead of relying on low extra catalyst rate) I have not tested which yields better results.
  5. [Altar] Extra Epic Rune
  6. [Altar] Extra Greater Rune
  7. [Altar] Extra Common Rune

Swap pet depending on what you’re doing, but you cannot swap Lobby pet as it resets the gift timer. If you want to be optimal, you may swap Lobby pets right after you claim your daily Gift, do your massive equip enhancing (Equip enhancing pet), then switch the Lobby pet back to your usual gold generating pet.

Combination of the two important pets above will increase your gold income by a lot, which you may use to invest into more pets or other areas of the game.

Warning: I didn’t list a bunch of viable pet skills, so don’t assume they are bad. I just listed pets that you’d want to use as 1st gen (1 skill.) Example, additional charm is good, but you wouldn’t want to use that over extra hunt gear.

All Pet Skills and their values can be found here: https://guidescroll.com/2019/11/epic-seven-all-pet-skills-and-values-list/

How to Obtain a SS 4th Gen Pet

  1. Adopt 2 pets of your desired S grade skill. For example, you may want [Chance for extra Equip (Hunt)] and [Chance for charm (Hunt)].
  2. Raise each of these 2 pets SEPARATELY to 3rd gen by synthesizing useless pets (or skin of your choice to transfer the skin over to your main pet)
  3. Combine the two raised 3rd gen pets and inherit both S skills.
  4. Pray to rng gods that it don’t fail. If it does fail, your pet stays 3rd Gen, but you will still have the 2 skills. At this point, you can raise any useless pet to 3rd Gen and try again (Make sure it’s the same type, e.g, lobby and lobby or battle and battle. You cannot mix the two).

Note: There’s a small chance of your 3rd gen pet getting SS and both your desired skills without needing the other pet raised. If you did, congrats! You saved a lot of gold.The RNG Process

  1. Adoption. 100k per pet and obtaining your desired S grade skill.
  2. Synthesizing. Chance of fail, losing millions of gold at higher gen synthesizing.
  3. Skills. When raising fodder pets, they have a chance of obtaining S grade skill. If you do not select any skills to inherit, the synthesized pet’s skill(s) can randomize into S grade. (Thanks for reminder, straumwar)

Spending the Least Amount of Gold as Possible

  1. Buy pet food weekly. This let’s you save almost about 600k gold worth of Adoption Tickets.
  2. If your pet fails to promote to 4th gen, please resist the urge to rush to 4th gen. You already got your 2 desired skills, it’s not worth spending millions of gold rushing to 4th gen. Maybe you can consider it if you max your 3rd gen Affinity. Use Pet Food to raise the fodder pet to 3rd gen and fodder that instead (saves you millions of gold.)

[Time-Gated] Affinity

  1. Increases the skill effects (making them better) at 251, 501, 751, and 1000.
  2. You can transfer Affinity from pet to pet via synthesizing.
  3. You can invest an additional 20 Affinity via Stigma every time you synthesize (even if it fails, since it’s technically a new pet)
  4. Ideally, you’d want to invest Affinity into a Lobby and Hunt pet first. If you have a lot of Stigma, you can begin investing into your Lobby, Hunt, Altar, and several Adventure/Side story pets that you plan to raise in the future.

End-Game SS Pet Combinations

11/7/2019 Patch Update

This new patch update removes the need to RNG re-roll 3rd skill on 4th Gen due to the ability to inherit 3 skills. It is entirely up to you to decide whether or not you want to combine two 4th gen together for a SSS 4th gen pet. It is a very expensive procedure and it will take quite some time to recover the expenses.


  1. [Gold Earned from Selling Equip] + [+% Enhance EXP] (Enhance EXP is worthless if you do not use Penguins)
  2. [Good Success %] + [Great Success %] OR [-% Equipment Enhance Cost] + [+% Equipment Enhance EXP] if you dislike RNG
  3. [Gold Earned from Selling Equip] + [Good/Great Success%] if you don’t want to swap Lobby pets

Usually you have a lot of dead days with no equip to enhance, thus having a Lobby pet with all equip enhance is a waste. Optimally, you’d want to swap Lobby pets, but only after you receive your daily gift. If you’re lazy, then the combination is ultimately up to you.

The value of [-% Equipment Enhance Cost] is not good as you only save 60k for every 1 million gold spent. You’d most likely save more gold procing Good/Great success. But if you absolutely hate RNG, then by all means.


  1. [Greater Rune] + [Epic Rune]
  2. [Common Rune]


  1. [Double AP] + [Catalyst]

Side Story

  1. [Event Currency] + [Catalyst]


  1. [Extra Equip] + [Charm]
  2. [Extra Equip] + [Extra Hunt Material] (If you value Hunt Materials over Charms)

And that’s that! Have fun and take it slow. No need to rush, but be sure to invest early to ensure you have income towards SS 4th Gen pets and future 5th Gen pets!

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