Epic Seven F2P Progression Tips

by hongws

The 10 tips below are targeted to end-game players, players who are able to do Hunt 11 and have some basic knowledge already. These tips are not viable for whales, obviously.

Hello. I am Hongio, the guy that cleared the Abyss 80 with Silk and pre-nerf Queen with Silk and no healers. I get made fun of for using broken sets back then. People call me a noob that can’t even gear properly. And maybe some if you know my name if you check the Arena and wonder what’s this guy doing with an A.Coli on defense? Like, wtf?

Usually, currently, I idle at Legend 1 mid-week and falloff on Sunday in the Arena rankings. I do not buy Arena flags unless I know for sure I can profit in Skystones from it. I consider myself a low spender as I purchase monthly subscriptions and sometimes Molagora packs. (I buy them a lot more often now.) I do not buy ML packs or Mystic packs (I lied, I bought ML packs once to spoil myself during Christmas. I got C.Merc, worth.)

Today, I want share my experience on how I progressed as a low spender, someone that managed to stay competitive among whales. I expect I’d probably fall off eventually in the future, but for now, I’m doing great. I have close to 20 fully geared characters, several powerhouses, but most of them are using leftover gears. Even when the free equip event came in, I barely swapped equips.

Here are some tips:

Tips are randomly ordered.

Tip #1 – Managing Skystones

Never, ever, buy bookmarks directly from the Cash Shop. Resist with all your might. Only buy bookmarks directly from Cash Shop if you’re desperate and have low playing hours.

Use all your Skystones on Stamina to do Hunt 11 and World Map Adventures.

Tip #2 – Convert Gold to Bookmarks (Secret Shop Max Level)

Check Secret Shop whenever you can. When you need to, refresh and buy bookmarks from the Secret Shop. Always buy them whenever they pop up.

A bookmark cost 184k. A pity pull, 605 bookmarks, cost a total 22m gold. You can get 22m gold by doing Hunt 11 661 times, which is about 220 refreshes (6.6k Skystones). The average Secret Shop refresh for for 1k Skystones is about 90 bookmarks. Personally, it takes me about 5k Skystones to purchase 605 bookmarks, but it depends on luck. So in total you’re looking to spend 12k Skystones in average for 605 bookmarks.

Please note, a lot of things weren’t taken into consideration, such as Tip #3 and Tip #4. It’s unlikely you’ll be spending as much as the numbers I’ve listed above as Hunt 11 refunds you in Skystone, Stamina, and Bookmarks. You’re likely to get over hundreds of Bookmarks and Mystic Bookmarks from spamming Hunt 11.

Edit: To avoid confusion, fishing for bookmarks from the Secret Shop all comes down to RNG. It’s possible that you may spend more than 7k Skystones if you have bad luck. The information I gave is based off of my personal experience as a day 1 player. Yes, it’s possible I’ve gotten lucky. Take it as a grain of salt.

Tip #3 – Sell All Useless Hunt Gears

Do not fodder them. Sell them. They worth a lot and you need the gold. Do World Adventure and fodder those gears when you have gears to upgrade.

Tip #4 – Convert Stigma to Gold

Convert all your Stigma to Penguins, then sell them all. Don’t take the fast way out and spam penguins on your characters. You’re throwing millions of gold away.

Tip #5 – Skip Banners

Resist the temptation to pull on every banner and only pull on banners that changes the meta, beats the meta, or something that you desperately want or need (Waifu, or whatever.) Control yourself and resist the temptation. In Gacha games, power creep is inevitable. You should always be prepared.

Fun Fact: I only ever pulled on 8 banners in this game. Destina, Diene, Bellona, Luna, Tama, Cermia, Iseria, and Baiken. I skipped the rest. I re-rolled once for Chloe in this game. I actually barely have any nat 5s, tbh.

Edit: To avoid confusion, you definitely should not skip limited banners.

Tip #6 – Gamble on Stats

If the item have at least 2 high roll valuable stats, it may be worthwhile to gamble to +3 at the very least.

A lot of my gears have flat stats on them. They’re not perfect. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Think of how you want to gear your character and balance the stats around it. I have a weird mix of gears, such as 3 Spd, 30% Atk, flat hp, flat def or more balanced stats such as 16% Def, 24% HP, 5% eff res, flat atk.

You don’t need Speed on everything. What you want are high rolls on targeted stats, then mix and match the gears together to create an amazing character. You can then slowly replace the gear and pass the old gear to your other characters.

Perfect gears will slowly come to you overtime and you can replace them whenever. Then just pass the old gears to your other characters and they will still be viable.

Tip #7 – Limit How Much You Craft

Crafting is expensive. You can craft if you’re desperate, but you’ll find a lot of good gears spamming Hunt 11 and Secret Shop refresh. I personally have 5 digit crafting mats and I’m probably never going to use them unless they put in Accessory crafting.

Edit: To avoid confusion, you should definitely craft, but limit yourself. I personally crafted a lot, but I tend to only do so when I overflow in gold and feel like gambling. I only do a few crafts, I don’t go all out.

Tip #8 – Spend All Your Raid Currency on the Queen’s Gift

You’ll get ML pulls and Molagora out of it. It’s worth it and it’s actually how I lucksacked my Ruele.

Edit: Speed Armor can help you progress and it’s recommended if you need really need it. But you’d most likely find similar substats from spamming W11 a lot. Choice is up to you.

Edit 2: Epic Artifact Charms are also worth buying and valued highly now that Mystic Pity is a thing.

Tip #9 – Arena

Arena is an important source of Skystone income and charms. Do it. If no time, just spam all your attacks on one person for Conquest Points at minimum.

Tip #10 – Resist Swapping Gears

Unequipping and re-equipping gears is expensive. It’s not worth it. You can probably +15 a new set of gear with the amount of times you keep swapping gears. Only swap gears if you absolutely need to, but seriously, try your best to not to. You need the gold. Convince yourself you’re throwing away bookmarks or a new piece of +15 gear when you swap gears.

Random Arena Fun Fact

I’m a turn 2 player. I manipulate the AI, eat everyone’s nuke, then kill them. I barely have any speed on my gears, so I couldn’t out speed whales, but now I can thanks to the new gear enchanting system, abusing AI manipulation with Idol’s Cheer, and I’ve gotten lucky. I still prefer turn 2 over turn 1 cause it’s just more safe. You’ll need a Knight with Aurius and bruisers that have high HP and can deal damage.

In the current ML Aramintha/ML Baal meta, you need a lot of Resist on a cleanser (Such as Kitty Clarissa or Destina) for turn 2 comps. Thankfully, I already had ridiculously high resist characters before ML Aramintha became a thing (I was prepping for Hell Queen and Hell Kark,) so I still wreck this meta with over 90% arena win rate at Legend.

I can beat every current Legend player’s defense team and go as high as 50+ Consecutive Wins before I lose from RNG, such as infinite Abyssal Crown Stuns, Sira-Ren silence/sleep, Kayrons, or when I do stupid stuff or when the game decides to crash on me.

Of course, I also lucksacked Ruele and C.Armin, so take my info as a grain of salt if you wish. Without these 2 characters, I obviously wouldn’t have been able to maintain a high defense arena success rate.

Random PvE Fun Fact

You resist practically every debuff in PvE at around 160% Eff Resist.

Random Equipment Fun Fact

Effectiveness and Eff Resistance are the two most important stats at Legend PvP. Eff Resistance is actually also very good for PvE. I personally use a 170% Eff Resistance Luna for Hell Kark Raid. Yep. He can’t even debuff my Luna.


I hope these tips helped some some of you guys out. But the above tips is pretty much how I progressed and how I’m still progressing as a low spender. This is how I remain competitive and how I can keep up. Tip #1 – Tip #5 are the most important tips.

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