Epic Seven F2P 30 Days to Endgame Guide

by munford

Montmorancy’s class change quest provides players with a powerful and accessible healer so keeping a selective summon without a strong healer like Angelica is no longer an issue. If you happen to be rerolling at a time with free handouts (5* tickets, extra bookmarks, etc.) the best unit to roll for would be Tamarinne, hands down the best non-limited unit in the game. If you get her, try to roll for Iseria in the selective summon to enable her overpowered idol form. Other strong heroes to lookout for (and are not available in the selective summon) include KrauBellona, and Luluca.

Also any mention of World Difficulty in this guide is referring to Unrecorded History which can be found under the Battle -> Side Story menu.


  • Reroll selective summon for either a strong 5* (Vildred, Ken, Sez, Ravi) OR Angelica
  • Work on Silk and Lorina connections
  • Build a full team of level 50 heroes
  • Spend all your skystone to summon 100 times and pray to god you get at least 1 Kiris, Taranor Guard, and Daydream Joker artifact
  • Promote primary damage dealer and Angelica to 6*
  • Level Kiris to 50 for Abyss floors 50+
  • Build budget wyvern team: 6* Angelica, 5* Taranor Guard, 5* Alexa, 5* Aither
  • Welcome to the grind endgame

Hello, I want to start off by saying Epic 7 is a very beautiful and fun RPG and I haven’t been this hooked by a game in a long time. After a month of playing 100% F2P I wanted to share my thoughts on how to progress through the game efficiently.

Most of this guide will be common knowledge to veterans but I felt that it would be helpful to outline some milestones for beginners, especially with the influx of new players joining for the Guilty Gear collab.

Disclaimer: It will probably take longer than 30 days to reach endgame unless you grind a lot like I did. I spent on average 700-800 energy daily, buying energy refills with skystones multiple times per day.Heroes

List of useful and relatively accessible heroes that I have leveled. Unfortunately I did not summon a single nat 5* hero out of roughly 150 pulls f2p btw.

There are many other accessible heroes that can be used as well, this is simply an overview of heroes that I personally have used in my teams.

Free/Connection Heroes

Angelica – Usefulness Tier: SSS

Yes, Angelica is a free hero.

If you’re rerolling, it is 100% worth it to keep a selective summon with Angelica and 9 pieces of trash, she is that good.

Low cooldowns and smart targeting on her s2 heal makes it easy for her to solo heal most content. Permanent debuff immunity for your whole party on s3 makes bosses sad.

Since Angelica’s healing skills scale with HP she is a natural tank and handles both the healer and tank role by herself. Also, as an Ice hero she is perfect for Wyvern Hunts, the most popular hunt because it drops the most desired gear sets.

Skillups – 0/3/5

Update: If you kept a roll without Angelica, you can replace her with a suitable soul weaver (Montmorancy, Achates, Destina, Tamarinne). Montmorancy is the most direct replacement having the same element as Angelica but she needs to be specialty changed to Angelic Montmorancy before being comparable in strength to Angelica.

Lorina – Usefulness Tier: S

Hands down the best free damage dealer. Lorina, being a moonlight hero, has no elemental disadvantage so she is very versatile and usable in any content. A pure damage dealer, she brings no buffs or debuffs to the table, but that’s fine because she hits like a truck.

Lorina is also flexible in regards to equipment, being effective with lifesteal, attack, speed, or destruction sets. Gear flexibility is often ignored but it’s a huge plus for early game progression when a hero can take advantage of unused items (Abyss lifesteal set comes to mind).

If you plan on using Lorina as your primary damage dealer, level her to 50 as soon as possible to start her specialty change quest (transforms her into Commander Lorina), it takes a VERY long time to complete.

Skillups – 0/0/3

Specialty Change Runes – +21, got all the combat readiness stuff and dual attack chance

Silk – Usefulness Tier: A

Easily the second best damage dealer you can get from connections. Speed buff on allies and speed down debuff on enemies is extremely useful. She is fragile but does surprisingly good damage due to her s2 and high speed.

I used Silk in my party for a very long time, she is good for most content but doesn’t contribute much in Abyss or wyvern/golem hunts. I kind of regret the mola investment for her s3 since I only use her in my arena team now but I can’t deny that she was a very useful unit for progressing through the early game.

Skillups – 0/0/2

Yuna – Usefulness Tier: D

Cermia’s side story was perfect for completing Yuna’s connection missions, unfortunately she turned out to be less useful than I had anticipated. Without any mola investment, her buffs only had about 40% uptime which were still useful when playing manually but unreliable during auto battle.

Her long animations made her inefficient at farming and low single target damage made her inefficient at killing bosses. Definitely NOT worth the effort of farming for her connection especially since Lorina uses the same catalysts for awakening and skill enhancements. Regret 10/10

Alexa – Usefulness Tier: A

Very good for wyvern hunts with Daydream Joker, she also provides high morale with Angelica/Lorina in labyrinth runs.

Maya – Usefulness Tier: A

Best free tank unless you can get Crozet somehow, his connection quest is probably the hardest to complete.

Very underrated in Abyss, her stuns and provoke make it possible to grind through some of the tougher floors with Kiris by staggering enemy ultimates. With Aurius she brings a lot of utility without needing to be in the frontline.

Ras/Mercedes – Usefulness Tier: C

Combining these two because they fill pretty much the same role: fourth warm body for your team in the early game.

Worth leveling to to 40 if you decide to use them, I found Mercedes to be a bit more useful than Ras because she’s a decent farmer and makes clearing story stages faster.

Aither – Usefulness Tier: B

Good off healer for wyvern hunts. That’s about it.

Non-Free/Connection Heroes

Kiris – 3* – Usefulness Tier: S

Boss slayer extraordinaire and queen of the Abyss. She simply destroys any boss that doesn’t cleanse or otherwise punish debuffs. She is based around poison debuffs, which deal 5% of the enemy’s MAX hp per stack.

Not useful for progressing in normal or world difficulty story so I would recommend investing in her after you have built up your main team and are approaching floor 50 in the Abyss.

Skillups – 0/0/2

Taranor Guard – 3* – Usefulness Tier: A

Def breaker for wyvern hunts. Like Alexa, I leveled him primarily for wyvern hunts. He doesn’t require too much gear, just needs effectiveness, speed, and Daydream Joker to deal decent damage and provide def breaks.

Without mola investment, his def breaks are semi-reliable.

Taranor Royal Guard – 3* – Usefulness Tier: C

Originally leveled him to be a tank for wyvern but realized Angelica did the job better since she can tank and heal at the same time, allowing me to bring another support or damage dealer. He can tank wyvern 11 but needs a hefty gear investment.

Karin – 4* – Usefulness Tier: A

Primary damage dealer for wyvern. Not much to say here, provides damage and 1 turn def breaks. She took taranor guard’s place in my wyvern team because she brings more damage even though her def break uptime is lower.

Guider Aither – Usefulness Tier: B

My only useful hero from moonlight summons. He replaced Yuna in my team and I used him for most content. Does good damage and the regen is nice but felt extraneous since Angelica’s healing was enough.

I feel like he would be really good if I promoted him to 6* or gave him skill enhancements but ultimately I decided to replace him with Karin since she’s better for wyvern.Things I wish I knew before I started my adventure:

  • Failing battles does NOT consume energy. Unlike other gachas that I’ve played, you aren’t penalized for failing battles. The only thing you lose is time and your party will be at 1 hp after a failed battle. Don’t bother paying the healing fee though, just run an easy level and your healer will restore your party’s hp. This holds true even for Abyss and Labyrinth, you’re only penalized for failing in pvp.
  • Check labyrinth shop (Huche) every day. His shop refreshes daily and you can get to him quickly in Lab 1-4. If you Yield after checking his shop your lab entry will not be consumed so there’s no reason not to check his wares each day. I always buy every Ring/Necklace/Artifact charm that he offers. You can also check the Vagrant merchant in Normal 3-4 but I’ve never seen anything worth buying from his shop.
  • Join a guild ASAP! I didn’t join a guild until a couple weeks in and missed out on a TON of free stuff. Try to find a guild that participates in Guild Wars, you get a decent amount of mystic medals even for losing.

Early Game – Rank 1 to Rank 50

Progress through the story while working on Connection quests, especially Silk/Lorina

  • When doing exploration stages, try to get all of the gold chests. They are always in the section of the map that sticks out a bit. The heroic and epic gear from these chests have semi-fixed stats and are quite strong for their level. These pieces are worth upgrading to +15 if they have good substats.
  • If you get stuck in normal difficulty, you probably just need to promote your heroes or upgrade their gear. Farming sidestory events is a good way to get more equipment fodder and level up fodder units for promotion. Always farm Normal difficulty in sidestories (12 energy) for maximum exp per energy spent.

I used Ras, Mercedes, Angelica, Adlay until I unlocked Lorina and Silk. Didn’t really have any trouble until I ran into the brick wall that is Krau in 9-2. Took a break from story mode and farmed the Cermia sidestory event until I bought out her entire shop. By this point my team was strong enough to steamroll through the rest of normal difficulty.

Build a full team of level 50 heroes and progress through world difficulty story

  • Level 50 is many times easier to reach than level 60 so it’s best to reach that benchmark for all of your primary heroes first before going for a 6* promotion.
  • 5* awakenings are costly but worth it for your primary heroes. Once you complete 10-10 normal you can start farming for catalysts in world difficulty through the AP exchange shop.

My initial team of level 50 heroes was Angelica, Silk, Lorina, and Yuna. After completing 10-10 normal, I progressed through world difficulty and got stuck around world 5-6.

Upgrade Equipment

  • Equipment upgrades scale linearly until +12 and then gains a massive boost going from +12 to +15. Because of this, you generally want to +15 your best pieces and leave the rest at +6/+9. Enhancing past +9 gets quite expensive.
  • Look for speed and % substats (Atk%, HP%, Crit%, Effectiveness%, etc). Flat substats do not scale and are basically wasted substat rolls (aside from speed, which is valuable as a flat substat).
  • If you don’t have anything worth upgrading, don’t feel bad about selling equipment fodder for gold. Gold, not fodder, is often the gatekeeper when enhancing endgame equipment.

Work towards your first 6* units

  • To promote a hero to 6* you will need 5 5* fodder units, 20 4* fodder units, and 60 3* fodder units. Oh and you also need 1.35 million gold and a ton of patience to promote all of the fodder units.
  • Phantasma units gain more exp than normal so if you like to min-max, it’s best to promote Giga Phantasmas (gold dogs) to 5* and Mega Phantasmas (blue dogs) to 4* before using them as fodder.
  • Because of the large amount of fodder required for a single 6* hero, you want to level up fodders anywhere you can for maximum efficiency. Always bring at least 1 fodder when farming world, you can tag the fodder out for a friend unit and have a fully functional team while letting a unit soak up exp.

6* promotion is brutal in this game, I didn’t get my first 6* hero until I was well past rank 45. After a month of grinding I have only promoted 3 units to 6* and not even close to having enough fodder for my 4th.

In my experience, a 6* unit gains roughly 10k CP after bring promoted from 5* and leveled up to 60. It’s a significant power spike but many heroes are perfectly usable at level 50. You want your primary damage dealer and tank to be level 60 for the raw stat increases.

Angelica and Lorina are good candidates for first 6* heroes.Mid Game – Rank 50+

Max out the secret shop

  • The secret shop can be upgraded to level 10 (max) once you reach rank 50
  • Right side gear (necklace, ring, boots) are massive power spikes when enhanced to +15 and the secret shop is the best way to quickly get accessories with optimal main stats. You want normal quality (grey) items because they are super cheap compared to green/blue/purple/red items and they provide the same main stat bonus.
  • Refresh the shop for accessories, 3 skystone is a small price to pay for a chance at level 70/85 items with good main stats.

I’ve spent close to 2000 skystones refreshing the shop and I don’t regret it one bit, the power boost is well worth it. In addition to high level accessories, covenant bookmarks also appear quite frequently in the shop for 184k gold. I was able to purchase roughly 100 bookmarks after spending 1000 skystones refreshing the shop.

Here are the main stats that I was looking for:

Necklace: %Crit Chance for damage dealers, %HP for supports

Ring: %Attack for damage dealers, %HP for supports

Boots: Speed

I didn’t worry about set bonuses too much. Obviously I favored the Speed set but I took what I could get. It’s worth it to break a set for good accessories, and you should still be able to complete a 4-piece set with the other slots.

Complete as many World difficulty regions as possible

  • Lots of gold, skystones, and most importantly, Molagora seeds from region rewards.
  • Enemies in side missions have a new mechanic called Erosion. As far as I can tell, it’s a stacking Attack and Speed buff that builds up over time.
  • After completing the main story in a region, you’ll unlock the epic catalyst in that region’s AP exchange shop. Epic catalysts are much easier to obtain through the shop than from random drops.

Do Covenant Summons

  • Unless you’re hoarding for an upcoming banner, spend your bookmarks as you get them. Summoning on a fresh account is very worthwhile because you’re unlikely to get dupes and there are many key units/items that could significantly improve your party.
  • Summon Kiris (3* hero)
  • Summon Daydream Joker (3* artifact), preferably more than 1 copy

I understand that you can’t just pull whichever unit you want but these are both 3* so they should be relatively easy to obtain.

According to the in-game rates, you have a 1.64% chance of pulling a specific 3* hero and a 2.05% chance of pulling a specific 3* artifact.

This means that you have an 1 – (1 – 0.0164)^100 = 81% chance of pulling Kiris in 100 summons (500 bookmarks) .

Applying the same logic to artifacts, you have an 1 – (1 – 0.0205)^100 = 87% chance of pulling a Daydream Joker in 100 summons.

I did roughly 150 summons to get both Kiris and Daydream Joker.

Prepare for Abyss

  • Level Kiris to 50 and gear her for 55% Effectiveness > Speed > HP > Def
  • Finish Maya’s Connection if you haven’t already done so.
  • Level Maya to 50 and gear her for HP > Def > Effectiveness

Kiris is absolutely amazing for Abyss, at least until floor 80. The poison damage makes quick work of bosses, allowing you to get by with low CP teams.

I used Maya with Aurius for most of the difficult floors. Her stuns are reliable and can make certain floors trivial with a few good stuns. Obviously if you have better heroes you can use them instead. Maya gets the job done but doesn’t bring much aside from stuns and a def buff.

Prepare for Wyvern

  • Hunts are the primary way to get endgame gear and Wyvern drops the most commonly used sets. Thus, being able to farm Wyvern 11 is a good goal to work towards.
  • Build a budget wyvern team. There are many videos of budget wyvern 11 clears and they’re generally comprised of some combination of: Alexa, Taranor Guard, Aither, Mistychain, Crozet, Rose, Karin, Clarissa, Angelica
  • Most of these heroes can be used at level 50. However, it is recommended to get the tank and primary damage dealer to level 60.
  • In Wyvern 11, the boss ONLY targets the frontline so your other heroes just need to be tanky enough to survive the first wave reliably.

At this point, I had leveled Lorina and Angelica to 60 and my main team’s CP was around 160k. I decided to focus on clearing the abyss and building a wyvern team instead of farming promotion fodder for my other heroes.Abyss 1-80

Abyss floors give out fantastic rewards for new players. Tons of gold, skystones, bookmarks, molas, and gear (lifesteal set) can be obtained from floors 1-80, not to mention 25 gold transmit stones for moonlight summons.

Healers, tanks, and support heroes are really useful in the Abyss. Bosses have high hp but it’s easy to grind them down once the minions are dead.

Kiris is easily MVP for most of these floors, she should be built with 55% effectiveness (soft cap I believe), high speed, and as much HP/DEF as you can get.

Her “cheese” combo is s3 -> s1 -> Kromcruz -> s3 -> s1 for 12 ticks of poison or s3 -> s1 -> s2 -> Kromcruz -> s3 -> s1 -> s2 for a much larger amount of poison stacks if your Kiris is speedy. I would recommend getting the -1 cooldown skill enhance on her s3 but you can get by without it.

Angelica’s debuff immunity is insanely good for many of these floors. With soul burn you can effectively ignore mechanics that debuff your party. Other soul weavers like Tamarinne, Diene, Achates and Destina could possibly replace her but since I don’t have them myself I can’t say for certain.

Primary Abyss team

Angelica: https://i.imgur.com/XHQctIC.png – Skillups: 0/3/5 – Artifact: Water’s Origin +15

Lorina: https://i.imgur.com/poQnjsD.png – Skillups: 0/0/3 – Artifact: Daydream Joker +15

Kiris: https://i.imgur.com/lJMyCOa.png – Skillups: 0/0/2 – Artifact: Oath Key +15

Maya: https://i.imgur.com/kgelOPY.png – Skillups: 0/0/0 – Artifact: Aurius +15

Album: https://imgur.com/a/cwBB0Uc

Notable Floors:

I used a hodgepodge of teams until floor 50, which was the first floor that I couldn’t beat with my general purpose team.

Floor 50 – Mushrooms: Angelica, Maya, Lorina, Kiris

Started using Kiris here, makes bosses keel over in a few turns. The trick with the mushrooms is to stagger their explosions by stunning or provoking them.

Floor 58 – AoE Mushrooms: Angelica, Maya, Lorina, Silk

Another mushroom floor, this time with AoE explosions. Pretty much the same deal as floor 50, Maya’s s3 is very useful for handling the mushrooms. Use Arky when Elson revives adds. I used Silk here instead of Kiris to kill the tree faster, I’m pretty sure Kiris would work here as well but I didn’t want to risk having the revived mushrooms be healed before I could use Arky.

Floor 62 – Sez: Angelica, Maya, Lorina, Silk

Sez punishes debuffs so Kiris has to sit on the bench. Bring a team that does’t use debuffs and just grind him down.

Floor 73 – Bronze Rubeta: Angelica, Maya, Lorina, Kiris – https://i.imgur.com/udFEwoh.png

Try to stun the trees before they heal. Kiris will melt the Golem in a few turns so I had Lorina attack the trees instead of triggering counterattacks on the golem. Unhealable debuff could be good here.

Floor 76 – Ruby Wyvern: Angelica, Lorina, Kiris, Silk – https://i.imgur.com/0kynzAH.png

The first wave of monsters gave me a lot of trouble with all the healing so I had to bring in Silk for extra damage. The boss is fire element so landing poisons requires some luck. Oath Key helps here, reducing chance to miss by 15%. Basically just pray for god rng, you only have to get lucky once.

Floor 79 – Tenebria: Angelica, Maya, Lorina, Kiris – https://i.imgur.com/azkv8tt.png

Similar to 76, fire boss so pray for good rng. This floor was much easier than floor 76, the first wave of monsters are much easier and Tenebria’s minions don’t hit very hard.

Floor 80 – Shadow Rose & Mercedes: Angelica, Maya, Lorina, Kiris – https://i.imgur.com/zhmMXRv.png

Shadow Rose ended up being tougher than Mercedes. Her 50% threshold hits hard so have def buff and barrier up to mitigate damage.

For Mercedes, kill the gold crystal, then the black crystal, and then finally Mercedes.

Currently hardstuck at abyss 81 because Kiris cheese doesn’t work. Will revisit later when my party is stronger.Wyvern Hunt 11

Auto @ 139k CP: https://streamable.com/tuk0p

Karin: https://i.imgur.com/YcGqhZF.png – Skillups: 0/0/0 – Artifact: Daydream Joker +15

Angelica: https://i.imgur.com/BNmtLD3.png – Skillups: 0/3/5 – Artifact: Water’s Origin +15

Alexa: https://i.imgur.com/WVVBDBT.png – Skillups: 0/0/0 – Artifact: Daydream Joker +15

Aither: https://i.imgur.com/op1lFfy.png – Skillups: 0/0/0 – Artifact: Goblin’s Lamp

Album: https://imgur.com/a/5rdJHBt

Success rate low with auto, somewhere around 30-40%, because Angelica dies if she takes 6 hits without any healing or Water’s Origin procs. Damage is usually good enough, as long as wyvern gets def broken or poisoned the shield is easily broken.

Manual is pretty much 100% since I can make sure Aither and Angelica don’t waste their heals on wave 1 and use the soul gauge for extra damage.

Lots of upgrades to be made to both Karin and Alexa, should be easy to consistently break barrier once their cp improves. I had originally used Taranor Guard in Karin’s place but I was not able to auto with any consistency. Manual was fine if the gods were generous with def break procs. The main reason I decided to use Karin was because she has a 100% def break with 0 mola investment. I didn’t want to invest molas into a hero that I would only use for wyvern 11.

Water’s Origin helps my undergeared Angelica tank wyvern but it doesn’t feel very consistent even after spending tons of gold trying out different mixes of HP/DEF to get the right balance of tankiness and Origin procs. Once I can gear her to 15k hp + 1300 def I’ll swap out Water’s Origin for Egg of Delusion which should significantly improve success rates. Getting the last two skill enhances for her s2 should help as well.

For those of you without Angelica, she can be replaced by a sufficiently tanky Crozet or Rose or even Taranor Royal Guard if you have enough stats on him.End Game

Now that you have a wyvern 11 team, you have a way to farm for high level equipment to tackle endgame content. I was focused on having teams ready for Abyss and Wyvern 11 but there are other things to plan for as well.

Normal/Hell Raids

I’m currently working on killing the queen on Normal, got the rest of the bosses down with little trouble. Will attempt Hell raid after clearing normal.

Golem 11

Currently have Golem 10 on farm with manual. Planning on building a golem team once I finish Hazel’s specialty change.

Banshee 11

Banshee 10 is a challenge even on manual, haven’t really gotten started on a banshee team yet. The set bonuses here seem less useful than Wyvern/Golem set bonuses.

Azimanak 11

Have not even finished Azimanak Hunt 10 yet. Like Banshee, I feel like the sets are more niche compared to Wyvern/Golem.

Abyss 81-90

Stuck at Abyss 81, will attempt this later.

PvP Arena

Casually spending about 10 flags a day has got me to Master V after 30 days. I use Silk, Angelica, Lorina, Guider Aither as both my offense and defense team. My PvE team seems to be holding up decently at this rank but the competition is noticeably stiffer than Gold rank with many teams having 3-4 level 60s.Random Tips

Breath of Orbis

  • These are obtained from story stages with a little breath of orbis icon next to the stage.
  • Priority upgrades to the Sanctuary are: 1/1/1 High Command, 2/2/0 Heart of Orbis, 0/3/0 Forest of Souls
  • 1/1/1 High Command unlocks the two best Dispatch Missions. Do the 1 energy mission for Ancient Coins and the 1 energy mission for Conquest Points.
  • After that, it’s personal preference but eventually you want to max out the Heart and Steel Workshop
  • Alchemist’s Steeple can be left at 0/1/0 during early game. Once you reach mid game and have need for Epic catalysts, upgrade the steeple to 0/3/0.
  • You get breath of orbis from World difficulty stages too, look for the breath of orbis icon like in normal difficulty


  • Always buy molagoras and mola seeds. As far as I know, there are 3 shops that you can buy molas from weekly: Guild Shop, Transmit Stone Shop, and Conquest Shop
  • Don’t purchase MolaGoraGo (red molas) until you exhaust your supply from the Abyss. They cost 4 molagoras to make and you can’t convert red molas back to normal ones.
  • This is by far the most time gated resource in the game. Decide carefully before spending them, it takes a VERY long time to max out a single hero.

Silver Transmit Stones

  • Obtained from Transmitting 3* units and reputation rewards
  • You can transmit 3* penguins for 1 of these and 36k gold
  • The best way to get these is to do the reputation quest for enhancing Artifact Skills. To get credit for this quest you simply need to enhance an artifact to +3. Enhance the 1*/2* artifacts you get from friendship summons into each other to do this quickly. For example, if you have a +3 artifact, use it as fodder to enhance a fresh artifact, this should instantly level it to +3 for another artifact skill enhance.
  • You can only do the reputation quest 30 times for approximately 300 stones total

Useful Links

Tier list and Labyrinth morale calculator – https://epic7x.com/tier-list/

High quality Raid guide –  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hFz8lTVCNdv8wUE1qbUYKd42iQMCesLpeFgNxmJ3zfc/

Catalyst farming map and guide –  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UMIduFBIVc9OAoI-BeQ-LjPeihcziqXEzXw8n58bEd0/

Equipment substat upgrade chart – https://www.reddit.com/r/EpicSeven/comments/aktph1/equipment_substat_enhancement_ranges/

Hopefully this guide has been at least somewhat helpful in setting goals on your journey towards endgame. By no means am I claiming that this is the best way to progress through the game, I’m simply sharing my experiences and the things that worked for me.

Thanks for reading and good luck on the collab banner!

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