Epic Seven 6 Stars Exp, Stamina and Fodder Guide

by untoldlegion

I just finished my first 6 star thanks to the copious awards from the adventurer’s path and was wondering how hard it will be to make my second 6 star now that I’m starting from scratch. Additionally, I wanted to know how I should be spending my resources when I had the option to try to get penguins, phantasmas, or leifs through side stories or reputation rewards. This guide summarizes my findings, including the math showing how I got there.

Minimum Requirements when starting from scratch

  1. Get 300 2 stars, level 100 of them to 20, use the other 200 to promote them all, leaving you with 100 3 stars.
  2. Level 25 of the 3 stars to 30, use the remaining 75 to make 25 4 stars
  3. Level 5 of the 4 stars to 40, use the remaining 20 4 stars to make 5 5 stars
  4. Level your 5 star unit to 50 and combine it with 5 5 stars

Getting the fodder ready

First the basics, when I say something like max3 I mean a 3 star with max exp. All the math is assuming you started with a 2 star and promoted your way up from there.

3 = max2 + 2 + 2

4 = max3 + 3 + 3 + 3

5 = max4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4

6 = max5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5

  • To make a max2 you need to level 1 2 star from 1-20 (total cost: 1 2 star and 15,465 exp)
  • To make a max3 you need to level 1 2 star from 1-20 and merge it with 2 other 2 stars, then level it from 20-30 (total cost: 3 2 stars and 62,415 exp)
  • To make a max4 you need to level 4 2 stars from 1-20 and merge them with 2 other 2 stars each, then level one of those 3 stars from 20-30 and combine it with the other 3 3 stars, then level it from 30-40 (total cost: 12 2 stars and 216,240 exp)


Most people aren’t starting from scratch. Every phantasma you get lets you skip some leveling and potentially some promotions, but how much do they actually save?

  • For every blue phantasma (max2) you need 1 less 2 star one less level 1-20 (15,465 less exp)
  • For every yellow phantasma (max3) you need 3 less 2 stars and one less 1-30 (62,415 less exp)
  • For every purple phantasma (max4) you need 12 less 2 stars and one less 1-40, three less 1-20 (278,655 less exp)

If you have enough phantasmas and 2 star fodder you can skip leveling altogether by doing the following:

  1. Start with 5 purples, 20 yellows, 60 blues, and 120 2 star fodder
  2. use 120 fodder to turn 60 2 star max blues into 3 star blues
  3. use 60 3 star blues to turn 20 3 star max yellows into 4 star yellows
  4. use 20 4 star yellows to turn 5 4 star max purples into 5 star purples
  5. use 5 5 star purples to turn your 5 star unit into a 6 star

Exp Required

Making a 6 star level 60 requires both getting the fodder ready and leveling one unit to 60. I separate those exps out incase you don’t view leveling your unit as part of the process.

Part 1: getting 5 5 star fodder ready

total exp spent getting 100 1-20s = 1,546,500

total exp spent getting 25 20-30s = 1,173,750 (note: if you only use blue phantasmas for this step it will go faster)

total exp spent getting 5 30-40s = 537,150 (note: if you only use yellow phantasmas for this step it will go faster)

total exp required = 3,257,400

Part 2: getting your unit ready

total exp getting a natural 5 star from 1-60 = 1,384,450

total exp getting a natural 4 star from 1-60 = 1,110,500

total exp getting a natural 3 star from 1-60 = 833,510

Natural 3 stars and 4 stars require some extra exp and fodder to get to 5 stars.

3 stars need to promote to 4 and 5 stars on their own, that requires an additional 697,875 exp + 72 2 stars to make the required 3 star and 4 star fodder

4 stars need to promote to 5 stars on their own, that requires an additional 481,635 exp + 60 2 stars to make the required 4 star fodder

Total Exp and Fodder Needed to get from 1-60 including promotions

Natural 3 stars: 4,788,785 exp + 372 2 stars

Natural 4 stars: 4,849,535 exp + 360 2 stars

Natural 5 stars: 4,641,850 exp + 300 2 stars

Converting this all to stamina

You should never go into a map just to get exp, always have a secondary goal (catalysts, drops, event currency). Because of this there is no “correct” exp to stamina ratio, I’m working with an average 8k exp per 8 stamina map in early world difficulty as my baseline. Also assuming no exp buffs of any kind to start. If you get more exp per stamina then all of the following numbers will go down. Using 8k exp per stamina, with 12.5% of that going to waste if you have a single max level carry, that gives you 875 exp per stamina spent.

Total stamina to get from 1-60 including promotion:

natural 3 star: 5472 stamina = 2736 skystone = 68 leifs

natural 4 star: 5542 stamina = 2771 skystone = 69 leifs

natural 5 star: 5304 stamina = 2652 skystone = 66 leifs

Time conversion

New players generally prefer to spend their skystone on summoning and storage instead of stamina.

At 288 energy per day if no energy is wasted, + 160 from friendship and arena you have 448 daily energy. Using no other resources you can farm enough exp for a 6 star in under 12 days.

Assuming an average of 2 blue phantasmas per day, that is worth 30,930 exp or 35 stamina bonus per day, making it possible in just under 11 days.

You also get about 1 stigma for every stamina spent. That gives you enough stigma per day to get a free blue phantasma and a penguin for your daily, which also opens you up to have 3 blue phantasmas growing at all times. Accounting for that, you generate an extra 7500 exp with a color matched penguin + 61,860 exp for the 4 blue phantasmas. In total that translates to 69360 bonus exp or 80 stamina saved per day. At that rate it is possible to finish in almost exactly 10 days worth of free daily stamina / stigma / forest of souls. If your guild maintains 10% bonus exp that improves your exp ratio to 963 exp per stamina spent, reducing your total stamina requirement to 4820 for a natural 5 star, making it possible in just over 9 days.

People are usually promoting someone who is already level 50, and don’t really view leveling from 50-60 as an annoying part of the 6 star process. If that is true your total exp requirement is reduced by 833,510 to 1,384,450 depending on if it was a natural 5 star or not. For a natural 5 star that means you now only need 3,257,400 exp, 3383 stamina, 1692 gems, 43 leifs, or 6.4 days (assuming guild exp buff and spending stigma).

If you are a more experienced player who can get even better exp per stamina spent this gets much easier.

How much easier do phantasmas and penguins make this?

Let’s assume you have your 5 star ready to go and all you care about is getting your fodder ready. You are eyeing a bunch of event rewards and want to know what to prioritize, how much closer does each kind of penguin or phantasma get you to your overall goal? How much stamina are they worth?

  • 1 star penguin: 0.23% closer ~= 7.78 stamina
  • 2 star penguin: 0.69% closer ~= 23.3 stamina
  • 3 star penguin: 2.07% closer ~= 70.0 stamina
  • blue phantasma: 0.47% closer ~= 15.9 (diminishing returns if you use more than 100)
  • yellow phantasma: 1.91% closer ~= 64.6 stamina (diminishing returns if you use more than 25)
  • purple phantasma: 9.55% closer ~= 323 stamina (diminishing returns if you use more than 5)


That means if you sit around for 1 month until you passively generate 100 blue phantasma you are already 47% done without spending a single stamina. If you also spent some stigma and a bit of time getting 8 3 star max blue phantasma for the weekly mission that rewards one yellow phantasma, you are already 70% done. If you additionally spend 34 stamina every day leveling you will be able to make enough fodder to 6 star someone every month!

I’ve only been playing for a week, so please point out anything obvious I missed, or any math I messed up. Also as a side note I’m looking for a guild!


It takes 3,257,400 exp and 300 2 star fodder to turn your favorite 5 star level 50 into a 6 star. For most people this can be done for free in under 7 days if you spend almost all of your exp leveling. If you hate grinding most people can get a new 6 star every month with almost no effort if they spend 34 stamina per day leveling, grow blue phantasmas + spend some stigma, and do the weekly quest for leveling 2 blue phantasmas to 30.

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