Art of Conquest Efficient Spending Guide

You do not have to spend much in the game to be competitive.

Learn to have targeted spending and you will get the most bang for your buck!​

Patron $4.99/mo – This is a vitally important purchase. Additional army cap, and building/troop rush will help you compete with a larger army, recover from losses faster, and grow faster in both building and research. Also, you get 100 linari/day, for a total of 3,000 linari for $4.99. That equals 30 extra runestones of your choosing per month (more on spending linari below).

Subscriber $1.99/mo – This is not as vitally important of a purchase, but is beneficial. It further increases building and research queue limits and gives an extra 10 minutes of free rush for training troops and research/build upgrades.

First Hero Purchase from Shop $9.99 – If you have not already, the first hero purchase in the shop is a much lower price than consecutive heroes. It is very important that you buy Jacques at this price. Jacques does not appear in the hero chests, and cannot be obtained for free. If you do not buy Jacques, and you buy another hero, it will cost you $59.99 or $99.99 to buy him.

Daily Bargain Bundle $0.99/day – This bargain bundle has enormous value. You can get either hero attributes, runestones, hero XP cards, and crystals for leveling your dragon. Most valuable of these is the hero attribute cards.

How to spend the Ghost Tokens you obtain – You can obtain 4 ghost tokens per day as a Free to Play (FTP) player. All of these tokens should go toward hero chests, for as long as your heroes are not maxed. Maxing heroes will take a long time, so basically you should always spend them on hero chests. Do not waste them on Mithril chests, Gold Chests, etc…

How to spend the linari you obtain

This section is VERY IMPORTANT! Linari is precious, and is a way to become a stronger player. Do not waste it! Listed next are ways of wasting linari:

  • Removing white flags: Unless we are under heavy attack and absolutely need you to keep routing and dueling
  • Extending shield time: If you are worried about losing resources, get a strong defender, or just spend them. Garrisons can always be stronger!
  • Resetting hero abilities: Just wait the 48 hours to do it free :)
  • Buying unnecessary things in shop: Never buy troops or build rush in shop. You will run out of buildings to build and will then wish you had spend your linari otherwise.

Listed next are how to spend your linari IN ORDER:

1) Hero chests – It is very important to get all of the heroes as quickly as possible. Refer to your army race’s section on the Hero Leveling Guide to prioritize which heroes to obtain first. Once you have all heroes, you may move to number 2.

2) Runestones – Once you have all heroes, begin buying select runestones from the shop. Only buy army health (oblong green stone) and army attack (dark blue stone) runestones. At the highest level, temple boosts for army become very important. Minimal spending combined with optimized gameplay will allow you to best some of the top spenders.

Which sets should you buy – The sets are not an absolutely vital purchase you need to make. However, they are helpful for making your account stronger. If you want to spend the money, here is how to spend wisely.

ONLY BUY SETS THAT TARGET LONG TERM GROWTH: This is a common theme you will see. Do not buy resource sets or transmutation sets, you can just go farm more honor =).

The best sets are runestone sets. This will help boost your temple, and therefore your PvP, Seiging, and defensive power. Next best are hero attribute sets and hero ability sets. These will greatly boost your hero stats, and allow you to make some heroes very strong. After that, if you still want to spend more money, you may buy the dragon sets and hero xp sets. Although, with the recent boost to hero trials, you do not need the hero xp sets to level your heroes at an adequate rate.

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