Destiny 2 Reckoner Seal Title Guide

by RegisterVexOffender

To get the Reckoner Title you have to do several things. You must complete several gambit prime and reckoning related tirumphs as well as complete the jokers wild badge which requires you to obtain a full notorious set for reaper, invader, sentry and collector as well as each of the 10 newly introduced weapons from gambit prime & The reckoning. There are also 5 emblems tied to the previously mentioned triumphs that need to be unlocked and a shader that is only obtainable through a gambit prime curated weapon.

Speaking of which, while all 10 weapons are available from drifter weekly powerfuls for prime they are also inside the reckoning on a rotation loot pool (I’ll get to that in a minute) 4 of these 10 weapons are available in gambit prime as “curated” versions and they are the hand cannon spare rations, the smg bug-out bag, the shotgun last man standing and the sniper sole survivor. There’s seemingly 3 ways to trigger a CHNACE at all of them. You’ll know you have activated the trigger by receiving a “synth” upon completion. Very important to note that you can only receive ONE “synth” per match not counting the post-game rewards. In other words, you get one shot at one gun per game so you have to be choosing which role and gun you want wisely. Ex: you cannot kill an HVT for a reaper synth and then bank 50 motes for a collector synth.

Bug-out Bag – By doing the following you will get a reaper synth and a CHANCE at the weapon.

1) Defeat an HVT. That’s it, you don’t even need the final blow, just damage it before it is killed.

2) Acquire a “Massacre” Medal by defeating 12 enemies within 3 seconds of each other in gambit prime. I will get back to this medal later on when talking about the tirumphs.

3) Defeat 50 enemies as a reaper without dying(?) not sure if the not dying part is accurate but if you amass a ton of kills as reaper you do get a synth for this and a chance at the SMG.

Last Man Standing – You can do the following for a Sentry synth and a CHANCE at the weapon

1) Defeat an enemy invader within 10 seconds of them invading before they kill any teammates

2) Defeat 5 blockers (MUST be final blows) before either team summons a primeeval. Blockers for whatever reason after primeevals do not count at all.

3) Defeat 3 blockers in very quick succession (I never timed this but i imagine its something like 3 seconds)

Sole Survivor – You can do the following for an Invader synth and a CHANCE at the weapon dropping

1) As an invader get a team wipe (4 kills when invading, it does not have to be 4 different players, as long as you get 4 within the timer you’re fine)

2) As an invader, deny 10-15 motes in one invasion. In other words if little jimmy and johnny are holding 8 motes each and you defeat both of them you will get a invader synth and a weapon chance

3) Drain X amount of motes from the enemy bank using your +15 invader set perk. Not sure on the exact number for this but if i had to guess it would probably be 10.

Spare Rations – You can do the following for a Collector synth and a CHANCE at the weapon

1) Bank 50 motes in a gambit prime match for a half banked medal. Don’t worry about your bank getting drained, as long as you bank 50 over the course of the match it will count.

2) Summon a giant blocker to the other side. (20 motes)

3) Acquire a “Fast fill” Medal. You get this by picking up 15 motes within a few seconds of each other.

I’ll get to the triumphs and medals shortly but before that i want to go over the armor & reckoning loot pool for weapons.

For the reckoning the loot pool is divided into two rotations. The first being ‘Swords” week and the featured weapons are Last man standing (shotty), Sole survivor (sniper), Lonesome (sidearm), Night Watch (Scout) and Just in Case (Sword)

The second week is the “Likeness of Oryx” and the weapons featured for that are Spare Rations (Hand cannon), Gnawing Hunger (Auto rifle), Outlast (Pulse rifle), Doomsday (Grenade Launcher) and Bug-out Bag (SMG)

Depending which weapons you want you have to for the rotated weekly.

Gambit Prime Illicit / Outlaw / Notorious armor

There are 2 main sources on how to unlock these armor pieces. The first is helmets (and synthesizer upgrades) via the Drifter and his bounty for each of the 4 roles. The other is doing different Tiers of the reckoning (there are 3)

Now normally to do a “full character” you would have to do 4 bounties perk week for 3 weeks to get all 12 helmets needed and more specifically to get to the 4 notorious helmets needed for the badge/seal. Now while that is an option it is not the ONLY way to go about it especially if you aren’t about playing gambit for extended amounts of time.

Instead as a time saver (IMO) you can choose ONE role to go after, lets say it’s the reaper role and then pick up the reaper helmet bounty from drifter and complete it. This will give you an Illicit reaper helm and your green synthesizer. Now next what you will want to do is ignore the rest of the bounties until weekly reset. In the meantime you can choose to farm the other 4 pieces or illicit armor from any role inside Tier 1 reckoning for the week. Once weekly reset comes around, once again pick up the reaper bounty from drifter. This time you’ll get an Outlaw helmet and a blue synthesizer. Because you have unlocked the outlaw helmet you have now made ALL illicit helmets available in the Reckoning. (this includes Imvader, sentry and collector not just reaper)

You can again repeat this process the following week and get a Notorious reaper helmet and a legendary symthesizer and by doing so you can now obtain ALL Outlaw helmets for all roles within the reckoning.

In other words after completing only 3 bounties you can have access in getting all Illicit and outlaw helmets for your character with only a limited amount of time spent in gambit prime.

To get the other 3 notorious helmets you can now complete the other 3 drifter helmet bounties to get their upgrades. If you have already acquired the Illicit and Outlaw helmets for those roles then the bounty will immediately give you a Notorious upgrade.

Doing this method will give you a grand total of 6 completed bounties from drifter instead of a whopping 12 and a massive amount of gambit games if you had done it “normally”


1) Get your first illicit helmet, At this point wait until next reset or farm the other armor in Tier 1 reckoning

2) After reset upgrade your illicit helmet to an outlaw helmet, because you did this you can now obtain ALL illicit helmets in the reckoning including the other 3 roles

3) After the 3rd reset upgrade your Outlaw helmet to a Notorious and now you can farm all Outlaw helmets in the reckoning including the other 3 roles.

4) If you have farmed all illicit and outlaw helmets up until this point, you can now do the other 3 drifter bounties for the 3 roles you did not choose and it will grant you Notorious helmets.**

Again, you can do the armor either way, whichever you prefer but IMO farming out reckoning for helmets while also having chances at random rolled guns is much faster and relaxed than doing 4 helmet bounties weekly.

Finally lets get to the Triumphs

1) the 4 “Call me (insert role here)” Triumphs – All super simple, just have a full notorious armor set on for each role and win the match.

2) Swift Reckoning – Complete a T3 of the reckoning with (I believe) 3 minutes remaining. Again nothing crazy, just have to be optimized. Use Prism and/or heavyweight to your advantage.

3) One skip Ahead – this one is a 2-week triumph as it requires you to kill the “Swords” and “Likeness of Oryx” in the reckoning. These bosses rotate weekly so you cannot do both in one week.

4) Get wrecked – This one requires a ton of shadow thrall kills, precision kills and powerful enemy kills. For precision and powerful enemy kills just stick to farming T1 there are plenty of yellow bars and majors (and the boss) for shadow thrall kills just do T2 and the bridge encounter will have endless waves of them coming at you.

5) The hated Path – Acquire the Thorn exotic hand cannon. That’s an entire thing on it’s own if you need a guide for that it’s in the description of the video.

6) Triumphant Collector – Win 10 games, deposit 1000 motes, summon 100 small blockers, summon 40 giant blockers and get 15 “Half banked” medals. This one is pretty straight forward. To get half baked medals you have to bank 50 motes during a gambit prime match. Just play carefully and don’t die with a bunch of motes.

7) Triumphant Invader – win 10 matches, get 25 sniper or linear fusion rifle kills, get 25 shotgun or regular fusion rifle kills, get 25 “other kills” aka abuse hammerhead or thunderlord like everyone else and finally drain 100 motes from the enemy bank. Again most of these are straight forward but for draining motes i would highly suggest using either a Titan or a Warlock. Why? Well titans can pop a ward of dawn on the enemy bank for guaranteed protection. Warlocks can pop a well of radiance on the bank for e beefy shield and coupled with lets say, Hammerhead, you are likely to drain plenty of motes.

8) Triumphant Reaper – Win 20 matches, defeat 1000 enemies, defeat 100 blockers or envoys, defeat 50 High Value targets (yes HVTs, regular yellow bars don’t count so this is minimum 50 games) and finally get 10 Massacre medals. To get a Massacre Medal you must kill 12 enemies within 3 seconds of each kill. The This is pretty much doable on all prime maps except the titan one because the enemy spawns are just awful in terms of positioning. For New arcadia any of the sides work for this, for Legion’s folly either the base or drill spawn doors work for this and for emerald coast tree or ruins work best for this. As far the “how” goes i would highly recommend you use one of the following supers. Nightstalker with orpheus rig, dawnblade, top tree nova bomb, bottom tree striker, arcstrider or top tree golden gun. Things like blade barrage are inconsistent so i’d stick to the above ones. If you want an example i do have clips in the video showing this off in Legion’s folly using tether very effectively. The idea is for you to IMMEDIATELY spawn kill enemies as they drop or come out of doors with your super (preferably a long duration one) If you do this right you’ll have 12+ enemies down easily.

9) Triumphant sentry – win 20 matches, mark 40 invader, defeat 200 blockers, defeat 150 taken and get 20 locksmith medals. So defeating blockers and taken is pretty basic, to mark invaders you simply have to shoot them while having the +10 aura and they can be defeated either by you or a teammate. For lock smith medals this can get a little tricky. Despite the triumph saying to basically kill the last 3 blockers before primeeval in a single round, it doesn’t follow that at all. What i found that worked for me is to kill 5 blockers within a round of gambit prime BEFORE a primeeval is summoned and all the kills must be final blows. Sadly if you aren’t in a full fireteam you can’t really control your teammates to not be detrimental to this so i would highly recommend using damage heavy guns like shotguns or even wardcliff to immediately deal with blockers as soon as they are summoned.

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